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Car-free Day


M-5500 All-Terrain E-Bike
The M-5500 all-terrain e-bike has a strong durable frame that can easily support up to 350 lbs with its powerful motor.


M-5600 Mid-Drive Hunting E-Bike
The Wildtan M-5600 mid-drive 1000W electric bike is designed to be ridden on different types of terrains such as log roads, wooded areas, and hills.


M-150 R7 Folding E-Bike
The M-150 R7 is composed of a folding top-tube, foldable mainframe, and folding pedals which allows owners to fold the bike easily within 10 seconds.


M-60 R7 Vintage Cruiser E-Bike
The M-60 R7 is an all-purpose electric beach cruiser bike that is ideal for anybody looking for exciting, adventure-ready transportation.
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Up to 160+ Miles
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