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Credit Card Declined FAQ

To protect your account, many banks or credit unions, or HSA/MSA use the complex and safe process for using credit cards as payments. This may help your account prevent lost or stolen cards from being used for unauthorized transactions. Have you wondered why does your card gets declined at the first checkout? In these following situations, you might wanna pay attention. We also state a few solutions to fix the problem.

A Credit Card Will Be Denied When:

*DO NOT use credit card with P.O. Box billing address. It will be declined as P.O. Box address is not verifiable.
*Your credit card has expired.
*Over the credit limit.
*Detecting the suspicious activity.

What Should You Do If Your Credit Card Was Declined?
*Don’t use the PO box as your shipping address.
*Contact the customer service number for the bank or credit union that gave you the card when you got the first declined. (Do not retry the second time in case your credit card got flag as fraud.)
*Contact the customer service for the HSA/MSA that gave you the deposit card before you use it as a payment method.

Here’s what HSA says: https://www.hsabank.com/hsabank/members/how-to-use-hsa
Here’s what MSA says: https://www.msa.bank/certificate-of-deposit/

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