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Motor Fails to Engage Reslove Instruction

There are many factors that might cause the motor to fail to engage. In order to locate the problem, please first have a battery output voltage.

Here is the instruction on how to test the battery, attachments are the video that explains how to test the battery:
1. Please make sure the battery is fully charged. We recommend you charge it at least for 6 hours. And turn it on by switching the press.
P.S. For M-140 M-150 M-330 M-340 M-350 M-5500 bike, please turn on the battery by key

2. Then long-press the button on the top of the battery. A good one should show full battery bars.
3. Turn on the multimeter and choose volt DC. Please make sure you place the red pen to the positive pole and the black pen to the negative pole.
(please check the attachment to know the battery discharge port).

A fully charged battery will typically display a voltmeter reading of about 48 to 54 volt.

And then, please also have a motor test, this is an important step to help us locate the problem correctly. Please follow the steps below to do a simple motor test. Attached is a video that explains how to do a motor test.
First, find something to lift and support the wheel where the motor is for preparation.
1. Turn on the display and turn PAS to 0. Then long-press the DOWN button (cruise control) and see if the motor is engaged.
2. Switch the throttle ON then twist the throttle.
3. Turn PAS to level 1 then spin the pedal.

Motor Fails to Engage Resolve Test
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