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Logistics Supervisor

Due to the rapid growth of the company, Addmotor electric bikes, We are now recruiting maintenance technicians. Looking forward to your joining!

Job Responsibilities:
1. Coordinate with logistics service providers to comprehensively compare the price, service and timeliness of various logistics and select the suitable carrier for the different destinations;
2. Solve logistics-related problems, and be responsible for logistics coordination and management, including logistics information verification, container tracking, loss claims, etc.;
3. Check each order shipment to ensure that the products are in good condition and the delivery address is accurate;
4. Strictly check all data to ensure that the outgoing shipment are consistent with the outgoing documents;
5. Systematize and standardize the batches, storage positions and plate positions of finished products in the warehouse, and implement the first-in-first-out principle;
6. Reasonably arrange the loading sequence, supervise the loading quantity and quality, and ensure that the products are not damaged during the loading process; according to the delivery demand, reasonably apply the vehicle demand to the logistics provider.
7. Maintain close communication and cooperation with other departments of the company, accurately and timely prepare monthly bills and prepare weekly or monthly or annual reports or other reports to superiors

1. College degree or above; majors in international trade, logistics, supply chain management, etc;
2. Over 1-year working experience in logistics or warehouse;
3. Fluent in English, understand Mandarin or Cantonese;
4. Familiar with ERP software, proficient in computer operation;
5. Bear hardships and stand hard work, adapt to certain pressures, accept overtime, and actively follow the work arrangements of superiors.

Contact us via email at pr@addmotor.com if you are interested or fill in your information below.

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