Black Friday,

Black Friday

Black Friday Deals

Big savings with Early Black Friday Deals, till to the end of November. 
We offer huge discounts for the products listed below, up to $300 off per item. Besides, you will get free gifts value $70.97 when you purchase all other bikes, including a phone holder bag, a translucent fluorescent bag and an extender holder. Please refer to the product details page for more details. Very limited quantity, first comes first served.


2020 New Model

MOTAN M-550 P7

All-Terrain Electric Fat Bike 


$1649 ($250 off)

The M-550 P7 is the best electric fat bike to explore your world. Features a sturdy-built frame and extra 4'' wide tires, the fat e-bike is ready for the forests, the deep sand, beaches, snow, and everything in between, offering great handling and performance well on the go.


2020 New Model


Step-Thru Electric Bike Cruiser


$1649 ($250 off)

The MOTAN m-430 is our newest approachable fat bike thanks to the step-thru design and 24" wheels and tires that make getting on and off this fat tire electric bike quick and easy.
Available color: black, pearl white, cyan


2020 New Model


Cruiser Electric Bike


$1599 ($200 off)

The compact step-thru M-50 is the most approachable and comfortable fat bike cruiser that you are looking for.
Available color: black, pearl white


MOTAN M-150 R7

Folding Electric Bike


$1444 ($255 off)

The 2020 new MOTAN M-150 R7 folding electric bike will give you a chance to taste a more interesting riding experience.
Available color: orange, estate blue, black


MOTAN M-150 P7

Folding Electric Bike


$1359 ($240 off)

The MOTAN M-150 P7 is a space-saver and an affordable folding e-bike that you are looking for. 
Available color: green, blue, black, orange


MOTAN M-140 P7

Step-Thru Folding E-Bike


$1529 ($170 off)

Upgraded to a 16Ah battery, integrated headlight and taillight, the M-140 P7 combined the power with ease, compactness and durability. 
Available color: green, blue, haze green


2020 New Model

MOTAN M-5500

1250W Electric Hunting Bike


$2599 ($300 off)

Features a impressive logo frame design, the m-5500 electric hunting bike is built with a 1250W and 16Ah has a great capacity and performance perfectly in many terrains like mountain, wasteland, trails, snow, etc.
Available color: black, blackish green


MOTAN M-450 P7

All Terrain Electric Bike Step-Thru


$1699 ($200 off)

· 750W motor and 12.8Ah battery
· Step-thru frame for easy get on or off the bike
· 26'' fat tire for all terrains
· Comes with fenders and rear rack
Available color: RED/BLK, ORG/BLK


6 Pieces Cleaning Tools Kit



$14.24 (25% off)

· Apply to all kinds of bikes
· Can do bike basic cleaning maintenance work and daily household cleaning
· Different brush fits for different parts of the bike


Reflective Tape Stripes

20'' Rim


$7.20 (55% off)

The reflective tape stripes reflect all lights source, as well as make you and your bike visible and safe. It's cool and attractive.
Apply to MOTAN 20'' wheel bikes


Reflective Tape Stripes

26'' Rim


$10.80 (55% off)

The reflective tape stripes reflect all lights source, as well as make you and your bike visible and safe. It's cool and attractive.
Apply to MOTAN 26'' wheel bikes


Suspension Seatpost

 with Flip Up


$34.49 (25% off)

· Compatibility: MOTAN M-140P7, M-140R7, M-150P7, M-150R7, M-330P7, M-350P7, M-5500
· Suspension with 30mm travel
· Seatpost quick release 30cm
· With quick release flip-up the saddle


Suspension Seatpost



$22.49 (25% off)

· Compatibility: MOTAN M-50, M-430, M-450P7, M-560P7, M-5600
· Suspension with 30mm travel
· Seatpost quick release 30cm


Cycling Storage Bag



$18.00 (55% off)

· Provides a convenient place for storing your belongings while cycling
· Universal Compatibility for many bikes
· Easy install with the velcro


Reflector Pad Cover


From $11.99

$5.40 (55% off)

· Fit for MOTAN fat bikes
· Protect the bikes from scratch and damage
· Reflective stripes help to make it visible