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What Factors Affect The Battery Range?
The three factors that affect the battery life range are riding style, riding conditions, and load.
Riding style:
The effect of riding style on range depends on how much effort you want to provide and how much help you require from the drive system. In short, using a higher level of assistance will reduce a greater battery range than a lower level of assistance. Speed ​​also affects battery life. Compared to higher speeds, lower riding speeds require less battery energy.
Riding conditions:
Riding conditions such as climbing, wind, and temperature will affect the battery range. It is no secret that riding uphill requires more energy from the drive system than riding on flat ground. Headwinds also require more energy to overcome and have an impact on battery life. Cold weather is another culprit for reduced cruising range because the battery pack performs best when it is warm. In cold weather, you can store the battery indoors (between 59 degrees and 77 degrees Fahrenheit) before use to increase the cruising range.
The weight of the bicycle, the rider, and all the cargo carried will affect the battery range. And don't forget the rolling resistance. A properly inflated tire will greatly increase the battery's range.

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