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Pedal Assist System (PAS) of Addmotor Electric Bikes
Each e-bike of Addmotor is equipped with the pedal assist system (PAS). Addmotor Customer Service Team will explain what is PAS and how it works during the riding. We've combined the feedbacks we've received from our AddRiders about hoping to get more working modes of the E-bikes, we've upgraded the working modes.
Here're the current working modes of the E-bikes since June 2020.
1. Bicycle mode:
Turn on the display and set it as PAS 0 level, you can ride the e-bike as a normal bicycle. The display can show speed, mileage, etc.
2. Throttle only:
In PAS 0 level, the pedal assist is disabled. You can activate the throttle by pressing its switch.
3. PAS mode:
Please ride the bike in PAS 1~5 level. If you don't want to use the throttle, you can easily disable it by its switch.
4. Use both throttle and PAS:
Set at PAS 1-5 level and turn the throttle on. You can ride the bike for exercise or just twist and go.

Compare to the before mode, there're more advantages now. For example, it's much easier to restart when you stop the e-bike for a traffic light; It can speed up when you're going uphill or making a turn. We also provide more choices to activate the throttle by pressing its switch.
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