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Battery Use for Addmotor Electric Bikes
The keys are used to lock the battery into place. Always make sure that the key position is in the “open” setting when removing or inserting the battery. Move the key to the “lock” position to secure the battery before operating the bike. Riding the bike with the key in the “open” position risks allowing the battery to slide out and damage the battery when dropped. Always remove the battery from the bike when transporting on a bike rack.
After receiving the E-bike, please keep the keys separately. In case of losing both keys, Addmotor is not able to deliver replacements.

Battery Fuse
The fuse is designed to protect the battery. If the fuse blows, there will be no power to any of the electrical components powered by the battery. You can contact Addmotor customer service at support@addmotor.com.

Recharging the Battery
The Addmotor battery may be charged while on the bike or removed and charged at a location away from the E-bike. The battery is easily removed by turning the key lock to the open/unlock position, grasping the underside of the battery, and sliding the battery out of the down tube by using the bottom side as a hinge.
To charge the battery, plug the charger into an AC outlet. The LED indicator light should be green and red showing the charger is working normally. Then plug the charger into the charging port located on the bottom or side of the battery by sliding open the charger cover.
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