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Addmotor LCD Display Features and Operation
When not riding the bike, you can turn off the meter by holding down the power button (M button) for several seconds.
The LCD meter on your Addmotor can be programmed to change various functions.
Hold “UP” & “Down” for 3 seconds to enter the setup interface. Single press “Mode” to cycle through
the following modes:
“SET 1” - Set the Wheel size.
“SET 2” - Set the Max speed.
“SET 3” - Set the Display light.
“SET 4” - Set the Bike in either MPH or KPH
Each LCD Meter comes with a USB port attached to the bottom of the meter to charge your
mobile devices.
After 5 minutes of inactivity, the LCD Meter will automatically turn off to conserve power. 
1. ON / OFF: Press MODE for 1.5 seconds to switch the display on. Long-press it to switch the display off. When the Display is OFF, the display and controller no longer consume power from the battery.
2. Night Mode& Headlight: Hold both UP and MODE for 3 seconds to turn on the LCD background light and headlight. Hold 3 seconds again to turn it off.
Note: The automatic backlight is available only if the controller (or built-in controller) offers this function. If the controller has a light sensor inside of it, the backlight & front light will switch on automatically according to the level of darkness.
3. Back Light Brightness: The third setting parameter regulates the backlight brightness. Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) to modify the brightness of the back light and confirm by pressing MODE.
4. Max Speed: The second setting parameter regulates the Maximum Speed. Please note that the speed settings should be in accordance with local speed regulations. Outside these regulations the bike may only be used in private areas or off-road. Default max speed is 32 KMH and can be freely set between 12 and 40 KMH by using UP (+) or DOWN (-), confirm by pressing MODE.
5. Measuring Unit: The fourth setting parameter regulates the choice of the display’s measuring unit. Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) to choose between MPH and KMH. Press MODE to confirm the settings.
6. Save Setting Mode: Press Mode for 3 seconds to save all inputs and exit. The setting mode can be exited from any point.
7. LCD housing material: PC. Working temperature scope: -10 to +60, the shell material ensures normal. use and good mechanical performance of the product.
8. Battery Capacity: The battery capacity status is shown in the upper left corner. When battery gets low, the last bar starts flashing at 1 Hz. This indicates a severely low battery voltage and immediate recharged is required.
9. Speed Display (Current Speed/Average Speed/Max Speed): When the bike starts moving, the display will automatically show the current speed. Press UP and to display the maximum speed during this ride. Press UP again to display the average speed during this ride. Press UP again to return to the current speed display.
10. Power Assist Level: Press UP or DOWN to adjust the power output of the motor. The power levels 1 to 5 belong to the PAS. Level 1 is the minimum power. Level 5 is the maximum power. Different power levels enable the rider to be on different top speeds. The default level is Level1
11. Distance Display: Press MODE to switch between riding distance and total distance. This function is convenient for users to check the riding distance (TRIP) and the total distance (ODO). Press the mode and down buttons together to reset the trip meter to zero.
12. Cruise Control: Press DOWN for 3.5 seconds to get into constant speed mode. In this mode, the bike will automatically travel at a constant speed of 6Km/h.
13. Wheel Diameter: The first setting parameter regulates the wheel diameter. Press UP (+) or DOWN (-) to choose the right diameter18-28inchfor the bike. The default setting is 24 inches. After confirmation of the wheel size, press MODE to save it.
14. Attention: Ride your bike in a safe and responsible way. Don’t hit or knock the display. Do not use the bike in bad weather conditions such as downpours, large snowflakes and strong sun. Avoid using in under-voltage conditions. The screen will get dark along with the temperature reduction when temperatures fall below -10. The screen will return to normal when the temperature gets back to normal.
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