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Addmotor Electric Bikes Review

Addmotor unboxing M-560 P7 Electric Bike

The M-560 P7 class commuter eBike is a powerful transportation solution for urbanites and commuters alike that will enable them to get around town on their own terms. The bike is focused on an easy to ride functionality that is supported by a 750W motor that will push riders to speeds up to 23mph, while the 48V 17.5Ah battery pack will offer a range of up to 55-65 miles. The battery takes just 4-5 hours to be recharged, which would enable commuters to power it up during the workday to have it ready for riding when it's time to head home.
Riding outdoors would be good for health and soul, Moving by electric bicycle is safer. Be avoiding the confined spaces of trains, buses, taxis, and ride-hail in this difficult time.

AddMotor M-66 R7 FAST & FUN Moped-Style, High-Speed Electric Bike Review | BikeRide.com

"Hello and welcome back to another bike review from BikeRide.com. I'm your host, Scott. And today we are all about speed. Because fast and fun seem to be the key attributes of the Addmotor M66 R7 e-bike. It's operated by a powerful Bafang motor and able to accelerate very quickly with a high top speed of 25mph. The powerful motor and high speed limit mean that this bike is a lot of fun to ride, and despite its fast and fun attitude, the M66 is far from a conventional bike..."

Building Unlimited Power Electric Bike for eBike Camping! End of Living in a Truck Camp?

Building an unlimited power electric bike to offset high gas prices! Is this the end of living and traveling in a truck camping person? Gas has been extremely high lately, like - unaffordable high! I've decided maybe eBike camping is the better option for a while - not forever but for some select trips at least! Better yet, what about an unlimited power eBike? I'm building an unlimited solar power, never ending eBike!

AddMotoR M-560 P7 Review: Upgraded 17.5 Battery All-Terrain Electric Bike

The 48v 17.5ah battery has decent power available, and great longevity. The battery is secured onto the bike with a key and is easily removable for both convenience and security. And The rear rack is sturdy for various cargo needs, both side panniers and for strapping on top. Powering this bike is a 750w rear hub motor. Using a hub motor, the rider can more easily change gears without adding too much stress on the drive train, which helps in the longevity of the components.

AddMotor M-430 Review: Fat Tire Cruiser E-bike!

The M-430 did great on light trails and grassy fields – not just smooth bike lanes. It was responsive and handled much better than expected. It’s a well-made rack that looks like it can carry a serious load. And you don’t even have to pay extra for it!

Addmotor M-560 P7 All Terrain Electric Fat Tire bike review

Cool looking electric bike M-560 P7 comes with great hill climbing ability and a long-lasting 17.5Ah battery. It's outdoor must-have item. Riding a better life with Addmotor electric bike M-560 P7.

Addmotor Wildtan M-5600 Review - Best Off-Road E-Bike?

The Addmotor Wildtan M-5600 is an off-road, fat tire, hunting electric bike that is made for going off of the beaten path but also performs well on the road. With a 1000 watt mid-drive motor, hydraulic disc brakes and enough battery to take you up to 60 miles, this $3000 e-bike packs a punch.

AddMotoR MOTAN M-66 R7 Review - Step-Thru Moped Style Ebike For Two People

The Motan M-66 R7 is a long range, powerful, fun moped-style electric bike powerful enough to carry a second person and still comfortable with its banana seat. Equipped with good accessories and still light and well manurable step-thru electric bike.

AddMotoR M-66 R7 review: MOPED CRUISER Electric Bike with Style

The AddMotoR M-66 is a super fun ride that stands out from other moped style electric bikes not just because of the extra torquey motor, but also because of the included footpegs and extra large banana seat. If you’re looking for a no hassle cruiser electric bike that you can comfortably carry your friend as well, the M-66 is worth a look.

Addmotor Motan M-66 R7 Electric Moped Bike Review

Electric bicycles in the rugged moped style are all over the place these days, and for good reason. Unlike fitness e-bikes that are often used for a combination of exercise and leisure riding, electric mopeds are built mostly for good old fashioned getting around. And the Addmotor M-66 R7 moped fully embodies that design ethos. It’s a transportation e-bike that will have you zipping around your city faster than a car and cheaper than a public transport season ticket.

MOTAN M-340 All-In-One Fat Tire E-trike

The 2022 latest electric trike M-340 combines the benefits of all Addmotor tricycles to provide you with the most impressive experience. The MOTAN M-340 is the best electric trike for food deliveries or if you're just someone without a license who needs to get around and needs cargo capacity. The only transportation for the elderly or disabled.

MOTAN M-5600 Wildtan Mid-Drive E-Bike

The MOTAN M-5600 is built to be taken up hills, down log roads, and through wooded areas where regular city electric bikes would not be equipped to handle.
A 1000W Bafang mid-drive motor hidden in the frame, the mid-drive motor provides strong power constantly enough in continuous steepest hills. Sit encased in the frame between the pedals and offer a more balanced, the mid-drive motor has a variable speed cutoff sensor that makes the shift smoother.
Ultra-large capacity 17.5Ah Panasonic battery allows this mid-drive electric bike to go deep into the wood, and you won’t worry about running out of juice while on a 65 miles long-distance adventure.
Unlike other Addmotor bikes, the WILDTAN mid-drive electric bike features SHIMANO ALIVIO 9 Speed that provides responsive rear shifting for bike drivetrains. Technology keeps the derailleur safe from trail obstacles.

MOTAN M-340: 750 Watt, Comfy, Stable Electric Trike

The MOTAN M-340 is offered in three different colors -- Pearl White, Starry Blue, Neptune Blue. The trike has a 750 nominal watt Bafang hub motor with 80 Newton meters of torque. The battery on the M-340 is going to be a 48 volt, 16amp hour system with Panasonic cells and a max estimated range of around 50 miles in perfect conditions. To accelerate you can use the half-grip twist throttle on the right-hand side of the handlebars, or you can use the cadence sensing pedal assist. The step-thru frame on the M-340 makes it getting on and off incredibly easy. The single tube design also has gussets near the hand tube and bottom bracket to increase the frame's rigidity and strength, and with a 350-pound load capacity, that's going to come in handy. And right above the bottom bracket, there's a wooden footrest, which is a really comfortable place to put your feet up and just chill if you're not in the mood to pedal. We've also got an integrated headlight and taillight, and they do a good job of increasing visibility, and therefore increasing safety. The saddle height and backrest height are all adjustable, so you can really dial in your ride nicely.

MOTAN M-430: Beautiful Fat Tire Step-Thru Electric Cruiser Bike

The M-340 is equipped with an Addmotor branded 48 volts, 750 nominal watt hub motor. For the battery on the M-430, we've got a 48 volt, 16amp hour system with a max estimated range of 55 miles. Max ranges are normally estimated, or tasted, using absolutely conditions -- like no headwinds, flat ground, low pedal assist setting and fully inflated tire. The battery is of course locking and removable, so it can be charged and stored separately from the bike, and quickly swapped out if you have more than one. There's also a battery level indicator on the top of the battery which serves as a great way to quickly check how much juice is left when the battery isn't actually connected to the M-430's electrical system. The derailleur on the M-430 is going to be a Shimano Altus 7-speed, which is a nice little upgrade from the tourney. It also has a double-sided aluminum bash guard, and paired with the Altus it should help all but eliminate derailments. To help bring the M-430 to a stop, we've got Tektro mechanical disc brakes with 180 mm rotors in the front and rear. The front spring suspension with approximately 80 mm of travel, and this suspension does have preload adjust and lockout so you can customize them a bit to best suit your ride style. The M-430 also has an integrated headlight and taillight that can be turned on and off with the bottom pad. The M-430 makes a lot of sense for anyone looking for an approachable, easy-to-ride electric bike.

MOTAN M-70 Electric Bike Cruiser: Super High Speed and Powerful Electric Bike

The MOTAN M-70 fat tire electric bike is a fast, powerful and comfortable fat tire retro cruiser that will get you from point A to point B in style. It is a fun moped-style fat tire electric bike that's fun to cruise through the streets or on some trails. It has a 750w nominal motor with 80 Newton meters of torque, a 48 volt 14.5Ah battery for an estimated max range of 55 miles with pedal assist, 5 inch LCD display, 7-speed gears, mechanical disc brakes with 180 F/R rotors, integrated headlight, and taillight and a comfortable banana seat. The M-70 feels like a good choice for riders who want a powerful retro cruiser electric bike. The bike has the power to spare, and a larger-than-average frame for a retro bike, making this is a good bike for taller riders. Because of the 4'' fat tires, the M-70 also lends itself well to light trails and would be particularly effective on the sand, snow, gravel, and other loose terrains.

How to assemble the BAFANG integrated front wheel

It becomes common for an e-bike to use integrated wheels, which are tougher, can handle higher amounts of horsepower and torque with relative ease, performance more stable. Simple lines make the whole bike look more beautiful and stylish. How to assemble the Addmotor integrated front wheel? Check out the video and you’ll get the hang of it.

How to assemble the M-350 handlebar/wheels?

Our bikes are delivered with 80% assembled at least. There are only a few things you’ll need to assemble, but can be different depending on which electric bike you purchase from us. For the electric trike, you’ll need to assemble the handlebar, front wheel, seat, and pedals. It is crucial that the pedals are installed properly. Check out the video for electric trike assemble details.

MOTAN M-66 R7 Review by ElectricBikeReview

The MOTAN M-66 R7 is a powerful, fast, and fun moped-style electric bike complete with passenger footpegs and an adjustable stem that make it a breeze to adjust for riding with two people, lights, and fenders are included with optional upgrades such as a rear rack or a backrest. Fat tires, an Addshox suspension fork, and a soft banana-style seat make for a comfortable ride, high-speed riding feels exceptionally stable thanks to the low center of gravity and sturdy cast-alloy wheel, Kenda Krusade Sport tires can tackle any terrain. Tremendous amounts of power from the Bafang motor which is integrated into the wheel and thus surprisingly quiet, 750 watts of power and 80 newton-meters of torque can handle steep hills and carry two riders.

M-60 R7 Review by ElectricBikeReview

The M-60 R7is a 750-watt hub-drive fat tire bike with a stretched seating position so we call it an all-purpose beach cruiser. The banana seat is eye-catching, very plush, and comfortable. With this longer saddle, you can either fit a passenger or slide yourself back to change the pedal angle, giving you more of a full extension. In addition to the seat position, the bike also has a feel-free adjustable stem. This means you can adjust your riding position on the fly any time you choose. This also works well with the mid-rise bars that sweep back. Also, you get the suspension fork and 20’’ x 4’’ fat tires, which make the bike is great for loamy or soft terrains as well as sand and snow. This bike is loaded with features, it is something I am really impressed with!

Addmotor M-60 Fat Tire Bike Review By Electrified Reviews
Electric Bike Hill Climb Adventure with Addmotor

Riding the M-60 is definitely a unique experience and unlike most electric bikes you’ve tried so far. The banana seat is extremely long compared to a traditional saddle, and the ability to scoot forward or back changes the riding posture quite a bit. With the battery on the down tube and the motor in the rear wheel, this electric bike is nearly perfectly balanced and rides smoothly. It is a great e-bike for cruising along a beach or just through down.

AddMotoR M-560 Review By ElectricBikeReview
Stealthy Hardtail Fat Tire E-Bike with Urban Style

The MOTAN M-560 is a powerful fat tire electric bike that feels well suited for the city, but can also tackle some moderate trails thanks to the adjustable spring suspension fork and extra-large tires. Downtube mounted removable battery pack keeps the center of gravity low, making for a well-balanced bike that doesn't feel too front heavy or back heavy, the battery also has a full-size USB Type-A port to charge accessories while riding or on the go. The Control center can angle slightly to help eliminate glare on an extra bright day. The derailleur guard helps protect components, double-sided plastic chainring helps keep the chain locked in place, the adjustable kickstand is placed in the rear to avoid pedal lock, punched out rims to shave off some weight, aesthetics are interesting and unique. Now the M-560 is upgraded to 750 watts motor marked as MOTAN M-560 P7.

MOTAN M-330 P7 Review By ElectricBikeReview

The Addmotor MOTAN M-330 P7 is a heavy-duty and feature-rich cargo electric trike, capable of transporting up to 350lbs of rider and cargo in the included front and rear baskets. Heavy loads are a breeze with an extra-sturdy 7075 alloy frame and a 750-watt hub motor from Bafang, Shimano Tourney derailleur, and the Tektro mechanical disc brakes are basic but perform well, integrated lights from Spanninga and Blazelite are bright and easy to activate. Approachable thanks to the step-thru frame with a low standover height, Kenda fat tires provide great traction and comfort along with a MOZO spring suspension fork, the upright riding position is comfortable and adjustable for a wide range of rider sizes.

AddMotoR M-350 Trike Overview Review By Electrified Reviews

Are you looking for a traditional electric bike? The MOTAN M-350 series is your ideal choice. It feels like a fun electric trike that would work well for those who want stability at lower speeds and the confidence that comes along with being able to stay in the saddle at a dead standstill. This trike also would be awesome for those with smaller animals who could ride in the back. Since the load capacity is 350 pounds, it can also easily handle a heavy load of groceries or whatever else you can think of that can fit in the rear rack space. For practicality in power and endurance, an upgraded 750-watt motor and 16Ah capacity battery is used in the model M-350 P7, that frame design is the same as the M-350.

Addmotor MOTAN M-360 Electric Trike Review
Comfy, stable cruiser e-trike with TONS OF TORQUE AND STORAGE!

The MOTAN M-360 three-wheel semi-recumbent bike is a comfortable and stable trike that's perfect for cruising around town for errands, heading to the beach with a cooler full of drinks and food in the massive storage basket. It feels like a good choice for those who want to keep on riding or having fun but want a stable platform that's fun and easy to ride. This is also good for those who need a high carrying capacity and ample power and range to get them to and from where they are going. The fat tires and cruiser style handlebar make it a good choice for riders who want to commute through the city, but still want to have the option to hit the beaches as well.

Addmotor M-150 P7 Folding Electric Bike Review By Adam Huber
E-BIKE TOURING | Bike Tour with The Addmotor

The director and filmmaker Adam Huber traveled the Katy Trail, the longest rails to a trail bicycle path in the USA on a folding electric bike. Head to the video to join the journey as he gave the M-150 P7 folding e-bike a ride, bike packing, and pushing it to its limits.

MOTAN M-450 fat tire, suspension Review By Electrified Reviews
This step-thru electric bike is fun, powerful, and easy to ride

The MOTAN M-450 feels like a good choice for those who want to be able to hit the trails but also want an electric bike that’s easy to get on and off of. The step-thru frame eliminates the need for swinging a leg all the way over the saddle, and instead, riders can simply step through the frame. The fat tires help it glide through soggy terrain like sand, snow, mud, and gravel and the suspension helps soaks up the bumps and jumps and smooths out the ride, while the rear rack offers flexibility for stowing gear on the extended rides. The bike would also work well for city rides where the fat tires and suspension would really smooth out rough roads.

HITHOT H1 P Review by ElectricBikeReview

The H1 platinum has an interesting loadout of features that make it a good mixed-use bike, it’s a capable mountain bike for the value price, comfort, and convenience features that are geared more towards city riding or commuting. This makes it a great e-bike for riders who want to have one bike to use on the trail and around town. Click the video to see how ElectricBikeReview recommends the H1 Platinum electric bike.

MOTAN Wildtan M-5600 1000W Mid-Drive Electric Bike

The Wildtan electric bike is a capable trail warrior that can easily tackle all but the most extreme terrain and especially excels at loose terrains like mud, snow, gravel, and sand. This would be a good fit for a hunter or backwoods explorer who might need the extra power and torque to get through the slushy trails or to tow additional gear. If you’re looking for a good balance powerful off-road fat tire electric bike, the MOTAN Wildtan is a good one to consider.
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