Comprehensive Electric Bike Buying Guide: How to Select an Electric Bike

By Addmotor | 16 March 2023 | 1 Comments
E-bikes have made lives easier for many people by helping them meet their different goals in life, be it fitness and maintaining health, daily commuting, leisure activities, or running errands. That is why there remain no questions about the popularity of e-bikes in recent years. The adult electric bike is so convenient to ride while putting in minimum effort and enjoying a smooth and comfortable ride. But with so many options in the market, it might be difficult to decide which electric bike would be best according to your needs and budget.
To help you decide here’s a comprehensive guide on how to choose an adult electric bike that caters to your needs without compromising on the quality and the features.

Before we hop on to discover the right adult electric bike for you, it is important to know that there are different classes of e-bikes, and each state has its own rules and regulations regarding each category of adult electric bike. Choosing which class of electric bike would be best for you depends upon how you plan on using your e-bike.  
Class 1 electric bike: Electric bike that only provides pedal assistance, and the motor cuts off as the speed reaches above 20 mph.   
Class 2 electric bike: Electric bike with an electric motor that can exclusively propel the adult electric bike via throttle control and also provides pedaling assistance both up to 20 mph.
Class 3 electric bike: Electric bike with an electric motor that cuts off power as the adult electric bike reaches 28 mph speed.

Which adult electric bike is best for you?

There are different types of e-bikes available in the market, such as electric cruiser bikes, electric cargo bikes, foldable electric bikes, and commuter electric bikes. So let's find out how each of them is distinct from the others, and which one would be best for you according to your needs and lifestyle.    

1. Adult electric bike for daily commuting

Many people buy e-bikes as a practical alternative to cars for their daily commute. Electric bike has been helping people reach their workplaces by avoiding traffic jams and saving fuel costs. It is also a great alternative to manual bicycles as the pedal assist system requires minimum effort in pedaling, and you don’t show up soaked in sweat at your workplace. So for daily commuting, there are commuter e-bikes available in the market, and here we have some of the recommendations for commuter e-bikes.
Citypro E-43 electric cmmuter bike Cyan Green

► Addmotor Citypro series electric commuter

City Pro series e-bikes are the best electric commuters you’ll find in the market and also the best ones among other Addmotor electric bikes. Addmotor CityPro e-bikes have an upgraded EB 2.0 system with a large battery capacity of 20Ah and offer a long range of 125+ miles on a single charge. So whether you have a workplace that requires traveling for long distances or you have to visit a friend who lives far away from your house, Addmotor city pro is a long-range electric bike that can cover the long distance easily without requiring recharge on the way. The 500-watt Addmotor brushless rear motor provides smooth acceleration even if you have to climb up a hill for a mini getaway. It has a stronger and aesthetically pleasing polygon frame design made with aluminum and comes with a seat tube. The durable anti-slip Kenda tires are fully covered with large convex glue tread patterns making them suitable for any surface. The head and taillights of city Pro e-bikes provide a safe and smooth riding experience even at night. The hydraulic brakes also add to the safety of the Citypro electric bike as they increase the breaking force and immediately stop the electric bike with minimum pressing force applied to the brakes. 

The Addmotor Citypro series electric bike has two models:
•  Citypro E-43 electric bike
•  Citypro E-53 electric bike
CityPro E-Bike E-53 Citypro Electric Bike Blue
Addmotor Citypro Series Electric Bike: Your best option for daily commuters, Up to 125 miles riding range

All the features of both the models of Citypro e-bikes are the same. The only difference between the two e-bikes is the frame design. The Citypro E-43 has a step-through frame design, while the Citypro E-53 has a step-over design. So the adults or anyone who struggles with getting on and off the standard bike with a step-over design, then Citypro E-43 can be your choice as its step-through design makes it convenient for everyone to easily get on and get off the adult electric bike.

2. Adult electric bike for transportation and delivery

Many people are skeptical before purchasing if they can continue their side hustle of delivery on e-bikes or if they can use it for transportation of heavy objects or groceries. The answer is a big YES. The electric cargo bike is specifically made for transportation and delivery. They are designed with extra space, such as rear racks to carry the stuff or even make your kids sit behind you. Electric cargo bike has more payload capacity and powerful electric motor to bear that extra weight and move smoothly. So here’s our recommendation for the best electric cargo bike you can find in the market.

► Addmotor Garootan M-81 electric cargo bike

Addmotor electric cargo bike is made to perfection to carry that extra weight without causing any hindrances during the ride. It is equipped with a powerful 750-watt rear-gear electric motor that gives top performance along with all that heavy load. It has an updated EB 2.0 system with a high 20 Ah capacity Samsung battery that gives a phenomenal 105+ miles range on a single charge. So no matter how far you have to go to deliver the food or other packages, you can do that on Addmotor M-81 fat tire ebike.
M-81 Step-thru Fat Tire Cargo Electric Bike carrying your kids RideIt has a large rear rack providing you sufficient carrying capacity to keep your delivery bag or even travel along with your kid. You can add a child seat on the rear rack as it is compatible with the child bike-seat models such as the Thule Nexxt maxi and Thule Yepp maxi EF. Also, there is no need to worry about the weight as the Addmotor Garootan M-81 electric cargo bike has a maximum payload capacity of 350 lbs.

It has a strong durable aluminum alloy polygon frame with a step-through design. The durable and stab-resistant tires with large tread glue tread patterns prevent sudden flat tires and contribute to a safe and smooth ride while carrying the load. The EB 2.0 waterproof and wide-angled head and taillights wouldn’t stop you from doing your job, even at night. The multifunctional LCD on the electric bike displays all the important information that you need to know for a safe ride, such as speed, battery charge, PAS level, and turning signals. Addmotor Garootan M-81 electric cargo bike is currently the best electric cargo bike you can find in the market due to its all the updated features and design specifically manufactured for purpose of carrying the load.

3. Adult electric bike for recreational cycling

So are you an adventurous person who loves some thrill and fun in your life? It might include some recreational cycling too. Then you should have a vehicle that is designed to handle the rough terrains, bumpy roads, sandy beaches, and snow. An electric cruiser bike is specifically designed for recreational cycling and urban adventures while providing optimum comfort to the riders. Along with off-road riding, electric cruiser bikes can also be used for daily commuting around the city. So it's like having a multipurpose adult electric bike that can cater to your multiple needs. We have a recommendation for the best electric cruiser bike for you. 

► Addmotor electric cruiser bike

Addmotor has made off-road riding more fun and safe with its electric cruiser bikes that are made specifically for recreational cycling while considering the comfort and safety of the riders. You can enjoy and have fun riding your Addmotor electric bike on a beach or climbing uphill while sitting in a comfortable relaxed position. Addmotor electric cruiser bikes are equipped with a Bafang 750 Watt powerful rear electric motor that provides enough power and smooth acceleration while climbing uphill or riding on sandy beaches or rough terrains. This moped-style electric bike has a maximum speed of 25+ MPH at PAS 7. The 20 Ah UL-certified Samsung battery provides a range of 105+ miles on a single charge.
For a comfortable ride in a relaxed position, the Addmotor electric cruiser bike comes with a curved top tube, flared long handlebars, and an ultra-comfort banana seat. The moped-style electric bike also has full suspension, which keeps you in control and comfort while riding on rough terrains and hills. Addmotor electric cruiser bike won’t disappoint you even with its style and design. It has an eye-catching vintage charm of the 1970s with appealing color contrast and the design and frame contribute to both style and comfort. The Addmotor electric cruiser bikes are fat tire electric bikes having 4-inch wide tires that provide better rollover capability and durability when riding on rough terrains, hills, and sandy beaches. Not to forget the integrated head and tail lights with a 360-degree side view that doesn’t let you stop your adventures even at night.

You may find various models in Addmotor electric cruiser bikes:
•  Herotan M-65X cruiser moped-style electric bike
  Soletan M-66X cruiser moped-style electric bike
•  Addmotor M-66 R7 moped-style electric bike
  M-70 Retro electric moped bike 2023

HEROTAN M-65X Electric Moped Bicycle For Adults Ride
Addmotor M-65 & M-66x Cruiser Electric Bike: Fat Tires+Dual Suspension, Navigate futher for better scenery

All the models of the Addmotor electric cruiser bike are updated with EB 2.0 system and have similar features and retro style. The only difference between them is their frame design. Herotan M-65X cruiser e-bike is more suitable for fancy riding, you can explore more fun & stylish riding way. However, Soletan M-66X electric bike is also equipped with a footrest wood board, which is more suitable for people who pursue a comfortable riding experience


4. The foldable electric bike

So you are thinking of buying an adult electric bike for daily commuting, but you have less storage place, or you frequently hit the road for a road trip or RV expedition and want to take your electric fat tire bike along. But you are worried about how you would any of it as e-bikes take up a lot of space. All your confusions end here as a foldable electric bike is a great choice for daily commuters having less storage space, travelers, and recreational cyclists. The foldable electric bike is specifically designed to be fitted in enclosed spaces such as the trunk of your car or a truck with its easy foldable construction. These e-bikes come with a foldable frame, foldable handlebars, and pedals, which may vary within different models. So, let's look at one of the best foldable electric bikes currently available.

► Addmotor foldable electric bike

Addmotor foldable electric bike is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a portable adult electric bike that also has top performance and all the advanced features. The Addmotor foldable electric bike has been designed with a foldable top tube, foldable mainframe, and folding pedals so that it acquires a compact shape and easily fits into small spaces.
 Foldtan M-140 Folding Fat Tire Electric Bike Estate Blue

Foldtan M-140 folding E-bike

It is a newly upgraded affordable electric bike of the Addmotor folding series. It is the most comfortable foldable electric bike with the updated EB 2.0 system. Foldtan M-140 foldable electric bike has a powerful 750-watt electric motor and 20 Ah Samsung battery that provides a range of 100+ miles on a single charge. The 20Ah high-capacity battery and range, are enough to beat most of the folding electric bikes on the market now. M-140 folding e-bike also comes with a detachable rear rack to carry any load and full cover fenders to keep yourself clean and dry. The easy step thru folding frame design makes it the best foldable electric bikeThe high-capacity battery, along with Kenda fat tires, can easily cope with a variety of terrain and take you to more scenery when you travel.

5. Best Adult fat tire electric bikes

You might want an electric bike that provides optimum comfort for daily commuting, off-road riding, on the mountains, or on sandy beaches. The comfort and stability of e-bikes largely depend on the tires. The fat tires have extra width and great shock absorbing capacity that results in a smooth ride and also prevents the adult electric bike from slipping off. In this case, the fat tire electric bikes are an excellent choice that is designed to provide you maximum comfort with top-quality fat tires. And we have the recommendation for the best adult fat tire electric bikes that you can find in the market.

Motan fat tire electric bikes

Addmotor Motan electric fat tire bike is known for its high-quality fat tires that are compatible with all types of terrains. The fat tires and advanced features of the Motan fat tire e-bike together provide optimum comfort wherever you ride your adult electric bike. The Motan series of Addmotor fat tire electric bikes include a variety of models, each of which is built to cater to a specific need.

I. Motan M-560 P7 All-terrain E-bike

Addmotor Motan M-560 P7 All-terrain E-bike is specifically designed to assist you in daily commuting as well as on the most difficult terrains. It has a powerful 750-watt electric motor and 17.5 Ah battery capacity that provides you with a range of 55+ miles on a single charge. The 26’’ X 4’’ wide tires of this electric fat tire bike allow a smooth and comfortable ride on every kind of terrain. Not to forget the spoked wheels present in the Motan M-560 P7 that can tackle the most difficult terrains.

II. Addmotor M-550 P7 fat tire e-bike

This model of Addmotor fat tire e-bike is exactly similar to the Motan M-560 P7 except for the range that the 17.5 Ah battery of each electric fat tire bike provides. The M-550 P7 has more range than M-560 P7, i.e, 65+ miles per charge.

III. Motan M-5500 All-terrain electric mountain bike

This fat tire e-bike is a perfect choice for off-road riding as it comes with a much more powerful 1250-watt electric motor that can help you conquer the most rugged and difficult terrains. The 17.5 Ah battery provides a range of 60+ miles on a single charge.

IV. Motan M-430 electric cruiser bike

This fat tire e-bike is designed for comfortable leisurely cycling around the city, on the beach, or in grassy fields. Motan M-340 electric cruiser bike is equipped with EB 2.0 system, which means it has all the updated features for a smooth ride. The step-thru frame design and 80mm front fork provide a comfortable and cushy ride.

6. Adult electric trike for comfort and stability

Adults usually face difficulty maintaining balance and stability on two-wheel e-bikes but also want a practical alternative to cars and a medium to stay fit and healthy. So what can be a better option than an electric trike which has three wheels and provides maximum stability and comfort to the riders? An adult electric trike is very easy and convenient to ride with minimum effort in pedaling as its pedal assist system provides extra force in pedaling. They can be used for various purposes such as daily commuting, maintaining fitness, or off-road riding, and you can easily find one according to your need. To help you with this, we have some recommendations for the best electric trikes.

► Addmotor electric trike

Addmotor is known for manufacturing some top-quality adult electric trikes that provided comfort, stability, and lots of storage for the riders to use for various purposes. Keeping in mind the comfort and stability, each of the electric trikes is designed accordingly, with an ergonomic saddle seat with a comfortable backrest, step-thru frame design, fat tires, and footrest. Along with that, the Addmotor electric trike is equipped with an EB 2.0 system with a powerful 750-watt electric motor, the high capacity 20 Ah Samsung battery that provides a long range of 40 to 85+ miles on a single charge. Each adult electric trike has a payload capacity of 450 lbs and has a large heavy-duty storage rack present at the rear end and also has a small front basket. Addmotor electric trike also has an attractive color palette to choose an electric trike of your favorite color. So let's see some of the models of the Addmotor adult electric trike.

addmotor etrike M-350 and  M-340 ,M-360 Electric Tricycle for Adults

I. Grandtan M-340 electric trike

It is one of the top-selling electric trikes in the USA due to its perfectly made step-thru design and all the updated features with EB 2.0 system. The long-range 20 Ah battery, 750-watt powerful motor, and 4-inch fat tires provide an ultimate riding experience whether exploring the city or riding uphill.

II. Addmotor M-360 adult semi-recumbent electric trike

Addmotor introduced the world’s first semi-recumbent electric trike, which is specifically designed for people with joint pain, back pain, and mobility issues. It has all the features similar to the other electric trikes except for the semi-recumbent design with pedals in front of you for optimum comfort.

III. Triketan M-350 electric trike

This model of Addmotor adult electric trike has similar features to other electric trikes except for its frame design. Triketan M-350 electric trike has a step-over frame design like traditional bicycles and tricycles.

IV. Grandtan city 3 wheels electric bike

This model is specifically designed for city and urban road riding. You can enjoy exploring the city, go for a picnic or ride on the grassy field on a Grandtan city 3-wheel electric bike. It has all the updated features like the other electric trikes, providing you with optimum comfort and stability. The 3-inch mini fat tires are perfect for riding smoothly around the city. Meanwhile, it could cover up to 90 miles of riding range under PAS 1 level, ensuring your daily commuter or outdoor trip. 
The two-wheel and three-wheel e-bikes have made our lives easier with their multiple phenomenal benefits. With various options of e-bikes available in the market, finding an affordable electric bike that suits your lifestyle and caters to your needs can be a tough task. But we hope this task might have become easier with this piece of information, and it can get much easier at Addmotor as here you can find any type of e-bike.  

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