Step-Through Vs. Step-Over Bikes - Which One Is Suitable for You?

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With the wide range of bikes on the market, it can be difficult determining which one is perfect for you. When it comes to step-through vs. step-over bike frames, step-through bikes are a very popular option among ladies and typically work best for casual riding. However, sometimes a step-over bike makes more sense for your needs. Our guide will compare step-through and step-over bikes and note the pros and cons of each.  
What is a Step-Through Bike?
Step-through bikes appeared around the end of the 19th century and early 20th century. These bikes feature a step-through frame, also called a low-step frame, drop frame, or open frame, which comes with a low or absent top tube or crossbar. That results in a low standover height. This design allows the rider to easily dismount and remount without having to lift their legs very high. The followings are the pros and cons of this design:

M-66 Step-Through Fat Tire E-Bike Pic.

Reduce the risk of tearing clothes when getting on the bike;
Friendly to those who wear a business suit, skirt, or dress;
Offers quick and easy mounting and dismounting, so is best for deliverymen, or any cycling trip with frequent stops;
Good for the elderly and those with limited mobility;
Easier to stand over the bike frame with your feet flat on the ground and keep balance when comes into a sudden stop;
Ensure extreme comfort with an upright sitting position, which is perfect for casual riding, such as commuting to work, shopping, and cruising around your town.
Provide a basic frame model for folding bikes and trikes.
× Tend to be heavier. The construction of a step-through bike is less stable and weaker than that of a traditional model with an extra high-top tube forming a stable triangle. Therefore, these step-through bikes are often designed with thicker and more durable frames to avoid deformation when going uphill. As a result, they will tend to be slightly heavier.
× Not designed for high-speed. Most step-through bikes are built for casual riders who value comfort and stability, so the manufacturers often ignore the high-speed design, making it less suitable for riders looking for high speeds. However, thats not a problem with a step-through electric bike like the Addmotor Cruiser. Since it has a throttle and pedal-assist controls, a 750W motor, and a 17.5AH Samsung battery, you can speed up to at least 20 mph.  
× Not suitable for mountain biking. Due to the inherent frame geometry weakness, the step-through bikes are easy to bend when riding on steep terrain.
× Less places to mount water bottles, air pumps, or mini-backpacks, etc.
What is a Step-Over Bike?
A step-over frame, better known as a diamond/triangle frame, consists of two triangles. One is composed of the head tube, down tube, seat tube, and top tube, and the other is composed of the seat tube, seat stays, and chain stays. This construction is lightweight and durable, so the step-over bikes are more suitable for sport riding. These are the pros and cons:

M-550 Step-Over Fat Tire E-Bike Pic.

+ Pros:
More durable and stronger. The geometry of the triangle frame is stable and deformation-resistant. Therefore, the step-over bikes are more suitable for riding on all sorts of terrains, such as rough hilly trails, off-road routes, and uneven paths.
Usually lighter. Due to the solid step-over geometry, these bikes come with a lightweight frame and are designed to ride faster.
× Not suitable for extremely tough riding conditions. The step-over bikes are likely to be made from weaker and thinner materials so they may not be suited for some extremely tough terrains. The exception to this is the step-over terrain bike with high-quality fat tires.
× Less comfortable: Compared to step-through bikes, step-over bikes offer a less comfortable riding experience because of the extra high-top tube. They are not suitable for people who wear formal attire and who have mobility issues.
Step-through and step-over bikes are both great options. Check out our different types of electric bikes so you can find your perfect match.
Addmotor Electric Bikes
Make your best choice
Step-Through Models Rider Height
M-81 Cargo 54’’-59’’
E-43 CITYPRO 54’’-5’11’’
M-340 Fat Trike 52’’-64’’
M-360 Semi-Recumbent Fat Trike 56’’-66’’
M-350 P7 Fat Trike 52’’-64’’
M-330 P7 Fat Trike 52’’-64’’
M-150 P7 Folding 54’’-64’’
M-150 R7 Folding 54’’-64’’
M-140 R7 Folding 52’’-63’’
M-140 P7 Folding 52’’-63’’
M-66 R7 Cruiser 52’’-6’2’’
M-430 Cruiser 52’’-60’’
M-50 R7 Cruiser 52’’-60’’
Step-Over Models Rider Height
Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive E-Bike 51’’-65’’
M-560 P7 All-Terrain 51’’-66’’
M-550 P7 Fat Bike 56’’-68’’
M-5500 All-Terrain 51’’-65’’
E-53 CITYPRO 57’’-61’’
*P7 models come with spoke wheels. R7 models come with aluminum alloy integrated wheels.

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