Best Electric Bikes for your Outdoor Rides

Enhance your outdoor experiences with these exceptional electric bikes by Addmotor tailored to improve your riding experience and comfort.
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Electric bikes have revolutionized outdoor exploration and transportation for many of us. They are reliable, efficient, and eco-friendly alternatives to traditional transportation means. They are also easier to ride, as they require less effort from the rider. So, any rider with any background or strength can easily ride one and reap the benefits of two-wheel cycling. Therefore, with an electric bike, you can explore farther and faster than ever before.

Electric bikes also provide a great opportunity to exercise and stay fit, as you can adjust the level of assistance given by the motor depending on how much physical effort you want to put in. Plus, electric bikes can be used for a variety of activities, from leisurely rides around town to more intense off-road adventures. They get you outdoors, reduce traffic congestion, and reduce your carbon footprint. And they are definitely fun!

Top 3 Electric Bikes rides for your Outdoor Rides

In the past, electric bikes were bulky, inconvenient, expensive, and had limited battery life. However, with advances in technology, electric bikes have become more attractive, affordable, efficient, and lighter than ever. Today, electric bikes are an excellent way to get around and explore the world without breaking a sweat. They are becoming increasingly popular, and are an excellent alternative to traditional bicycles and gas-powered vehicles.

The progression of technology, the improvement of designs, and the expansion of capabilities has provided us with a plethora of options to choose from. Either through a retailer or online, electric fat tire bikes keep coming in a variety of models and designs. Since there is such a lot of competition for providing the best electric bikes and trikes to customers, the brands are striving to come up with more appropriate options that could satisfy the needs of many individuals.

We will explore three top of the line Addmotor bikes for various preferences and requirements, including the Grandtan Plus, Soletan, and Herotan. These bikes could be your perfect companion for your next trip. So, whether you're a senior seeking a smooth and secure ride, someone looking for ultimate comfort, or a man looking for a powerful trike, we've got you covered.


Addmotor Grandtan Plus - Best ride for seniors

As we age, stability and comfort become crucial factors when choosing an electric bike. The Addmotor Grandtan Plus shines in these aspects, making it the most ideal choice for seniors. This trike boasts a low step-through frame design, allowing easy mounting and dismounting. This design eliminates the need to lift your leg over the high top tube found on traditional bikes, ensuring easy accessibility and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries.

Its stable and sturdy construction ensures enhanced balance and security during rides. Its sturdy frame and wide tires allow you to easily roll over anything that stands in your way. The rear 24" wheels reduce your center of gravity to keep you steady. Equipped with a robust 750W motor, the Grandtan Plus offers ample power for a smooth and comfortable ride. The motor provides efficient pedal-assist and throttle functionality, enabling riders to choose their preferred level of assistance based on their physical capabilities.

In terms of battery, 48V*20AH UL Certified battery provides long-lasting range for long rides. As a result, it can be used on longer trips as well as on a daily basis. Among the many features of this fat tire electric trike is its large rear basket. Seniors can conveniently transport their items without additional bags or backpacks, making their rides more comfortable and hassle-free. Therefore, with the help of thoughtful features such as ample storage space, a front suspension system, adjustable handlebars, and a comfortable riding position, this bike is an ideal option for older riders.




Impressive Cargo Capacity & Large rear basket

A bit heavy as compared to other Electric bicycles

Fat 4 inch Tires

Not suitable for short height people

Long riding range


Low step-through design with wooden footrest


Exclusive well-padded Saddle for enhanced comfort


Powerful 750W motor for a smooth and comfortable ride.


Addmotor Soletan - Best for Comfortable Rides:

Addmotor Soletan electric trike takes the comfort prize. Designed to provide a luxurious and enjoyable riding experience, the Soletan is designed for those who prioritize comfort during their outdoor adventures. This trike features a host of comfort-enhancing elements to ensure a luxurious and enjoyable riding experience. In the Soletan, every ride is a pleasure, regardless of whether it is a leisurely cruise or a long trip.

Featuring a sleek and minimalist design, this cruiser electric bike is elegant and sophisticated. It features an ergonomically designed seat with ample cushioning to provide maximum comfort during your rides. The seat is specifically contoured to support your body's natural curves, reducing pressure points and minimizing discomfort, even during long journeys. To ensure a smooth and bump-free ride, the Soletan is equipped with a suspension fork and rear shock absorbers.

Moreover, the Soletan features wide handlebars with ergonomic grips, allowing for relaxed and natural arm positioning while riding. With these comfortable handlebars, you can maintain a comfortable grip throughout your ride, minimizing fatigue and maximizing enjoyment. In terms of power, it is also powered by a powerful 750W combined with 48V*20Ah Samsung Cell battery, to provide ample power for smooth cruising.




Ergonomically designed banana seat with ample cushioning for maximum comfort.

Limited agility

Suspension fork and rear shock absorbers for a bump-free ride.

A bit larger and heavier than other bicycles

Wide, padded handlebars with ergonomic grips for relaxed arm positioning.


Up to 105+ Miles per charge range


Step-through frame with wooden footrest for easy accessibility and relaxed riding posture.


Addmotor Herotan - Best for Men:

The Addmotor Herotan electric trike is a powerful and rugged option that caters to men's adventurous spirit. With its muscular design, robust performance, and versatile features, the Herotan stands out as an excellent choice for those seeking a trike that can handle demanding terrains and provide an exhilarating riding experience. With its sturdy frame and eye-catching aesthetics, this trike exudes confidence and power, appealing to men who appreciate a striking and robust appearance.

Equipped with a high-performance 750W motor and 48*20Ah Samsung Cell battery, the Herotan offers swift acceleration and higher speeds. The Herotan is designed to handle various terrains easily. Its full suspension system, including a front suspension fork and rear suspension, effectively absorbs shocks and vibrations caused by rough roads, uneven surfaces, or off-road trails. Furthermore, the tires on this bike also enhance traction and stability on different surfaces.

Safety is paramount, and the Herotan prioritizes it with disc brakes and integrated safety lights for safe riding at night. Therefore, with the Herotan, you can enjoy the thrill of off-road exploration or navigate through challenging terrains easily.



Aggressive and stylish design with a sturdy frame built for durability.

Large & Heavy

Full-suspension system to tackle various terrains with ease.


Disc brakes for quick and reliable stopping power.


Multi-functional taillight



Addmotor Grandtan Turbo - Best Mid-Drive Electric Trike

Next in the line is the Addmotor’s new Grandtan Turbo. One of the best mid-drive electric trikes in its class is the Grandtan Turbo, which is the upgraded version of the Grandtan M-340. The trike offers an exceptional range of features and capabilities that set it apart from other models even within the Grandtan series.
With a powerful and Bafang 1000W mid-drive motor, the Grandtan turbo delivers impressive torque and acceleration to tackle rough terrains and climb uphill. The trike also has a differential, which allows a balanced distribution of power to the wheels to ensure a smooth and balanced ride.
Additionally, the e-trike is designed with a durable and functional frame designed to withstand rigorous daily use. Your adventures will be more comfortable with its comfortable handlebars and grips, which are adjustable to provide maximum comfort and control.
In terms of cargo capacity, the electric trike excels with an impressive 450 lbs capacity to ensure you can carry whatever you need to. The e-trike also features a powerful 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery to offer long rides. To enhance the trike’s versatility and adaptability, the Grandtan Turbo features parking brakes to offer precise and accurate stopping power. With this feature, you can easily park or mount your bike even on uneven surfaces. So, with these impressive features to stand out among other models, the Grandtan Turbo emerges as the best mid-drive trike in its class.

Addmotor Grandtan - Best Premium Electric Trike

When it comes to electric trikes with a premium riding experience, Addmotor's Grandtan series is definitely ahead of its competitors. Addmotor is well known for manufacturing rider-centric trikes to provide durable and reliable riding experiences, and the Grandtan exemplifies this with its EB 2.0 ELECTRIC SYSTEM and innovative design frame.
With comfort as its top priority, the Grandtan offers a spacious and ergonomic seating arrangement. The adjustable handlebars and wooden footrest add to the comfort of this electric trike and allow riders to sit in optimal riding posture.
In terms of power and drivetrain, the Grandtan is powered by a Bafang 750W motor coupled with a 48V*20Ah battery. With this combination, you get adequate power to tackle different types of terrain and enough riding range. This makes it an attractive choice for everyone.
It doesn’t matter whether you need an electric trike for urban commuting or recreational adventures, the Grandtan won’t let you down. It features fat tires and a front suspension fork to provide a more comfortable and smooth riding experience. Additionally, the trike also features a 5-inch display, mechanical disc brakes, a front rack, a rear basket, and safety lights. This is to ensure the ride has everything you need.

Addmotor Chopptan - Best Step Over The Electric Cruiser

Electric cruiser bikes have their own charm and comfort that attract riders. With their unparalleled comfort and design frames, moped cruisers are one of the most popular models on the market today. No doubt, step-thru models are more convenient but if you’re looking for something more similar to the bicycle you used to ride in your teenage years, the step-over frame is definitely a fashionable item to cruise on the streets. Having said that, the Addmotor Chopptan M-70 is one of the best step-over electric bike cruisers on the market today. Equipped with a 750W rear-mounted motor and 960Wh battery, the M-70 provides impressive acceleration and range for its class. The bike's large-capacity battery ensures extended range (up to 105 miles), allowing riders to embark on longer journeys without worrying about running out of power.
Designed with a long padded banana seat, it is easy to take a friend or partner to the beach or to a picnic in the hills with your friend or partner. This cruiser features different assistance levels, so you can choose according to the terrain you're riding on for more comfort and ease. Additionally, it also features a twist throttle to give you the feel of a moped bike to travel without pedaling. So if you’re into cruiser comfort and looking for something that enhances your riding experience, the M-70 could be an excellent choice.

Addmotor Grandtan City - Best City Electric Trike

In urban cities, commuting to and from work can be pretty exhausting and unhealthy for everyone due to traffic congestion and environmental pollution, and global warming. Therefore, a city electric trike, like the Grandtan City electric trike is an excellent choice for urban commuting. With Grandtan City, you can easily ditch your boring commuting routine and shift towards a more environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and efficient way to travel around.
The features of the Grandtan City are exceptionally well-suited to urban commuting as they’ve 3-inch fat tires and an added wheel for more stability and comfort, making it easier to navigate through traffic. This stability is even more helpful when carrying extra weight because of its 450 lbs carrying capacity. That’s why Grandtan City is ideal for commuting and running errands.
With its 750W Front Hub motor, the Grandtan City enables riders to accelerate quickly and comfortably, allowing them to reach their destinations effortlessly. Moreover, the Grandtan City is powered by a high-capacity battery that offers extended range, allowing for longer commutes without running out of power.
Furthermore, Grandtan City also prioritizes rider comfort by offering adjustable handlebars and comfortable padded seats. The trike also has a convenient step-through frame that makes it easy to ride for everyone. With an extended comfortable riding range, adequate motor power, and fat tires, the Grandtan City is a great option for urban commuting.

Addmotor M-66 R 7 - Most Affordable Electric Cruiser

The Addmotor M-66 R7 stands out as one of the most affordable electric cruisers on the market. It is the perfect blend of affordability, performance, and features. Firstly, the M-66 R7 provides an impressive value for its price - $1,999. When compared to other electric cruisers in its class, it has a comparable price, making it a more affordable option for riders wishing to come into the electric cruiser industry. Its accessibility has no effect on functioning or quality because it still provides a pleasurable riding experience.
The M-66 R7 has a timeless cruiser aesthetic that many riders find appealing. It appeals to individuals who value a timeless design due to its clean lines, retro aesthetic, and attention to detail. The M-66 R7 does not scrimp on features despite its low cost. It has a strong 750W electric motor that can propel it quickly and smoothly enough for cruising on roads and trails. Due to the high-capacity 48V*20Ah battery, riders can take longer rides without worrying about running out of electricity. It has an approximate range of 105+ miles per single charge in PAS1 mode. Moreover, thanks to its fat tires and excellent carrying capacity, the cruiser ebike is quite versatile and practical.

Choose the Best Addbike for Your Ride!

When it comes to e-bikes or electric trikes for outdoor rides, the Addmotor bikes are exceptional choices catering to different preferences. Seniors can enjoy the stability and accessibility of the Grandtan Plus, while comfort-seekers will relish the luxurious ride offered by the Soletan. The Herotan, on the other hand, suits the adventurous spirit of men with its powerful performance and rugged design. Whichever trike you choose, these electric bikes will undoubtedly enhance your outdoor experiences and provide a greener and more enjoyable mode of transportation.

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