Addmotor Father's Day Electric Bike Sales 2022 - Up to $600 Off

By Ella | 13 June 2022 | 0 Comments
Father’s Day is a great time to get together with family and celebrate the father figures in your life and what dad doesn’t love a great deal?! We’ve rounded up some of the best electric bike deals at Addmotor for you so you can get your dad a lovely new bike!
M-550 P7 Fat Tire Electric Bike - $400 off and a free rear rack backpack bag

Addmotor M-550 fat tire e-bike is a great option for those who are looking for a comfortable and reliable mountain electric bike. The Kenda 26’’ x 4’’ fat tires on this model provide great stability and it has a 750W motor that will power you through most types of terrains. This model is made of 6061-aluminum alloy, weighing about 60 lbs., and ensures a max load of 300lbs. This bike fits a wide range of riders whose height is between 5’10’’ and 6’5’’. This fat tire e-bike is powered by a 48V*17.5AH Samsung battery that can go up to about 65 miles in PAS 1 mode. The 80mm front fork gives riders a smooth and comfortable riding experience.
Wildtan M-5600 Mid-Drive Electric Bike - $600 off

The Wildtan M-5600 electric bike is Addmotor's only mid-drive e-bike model. It is specifically designed for hunting and is powerful enough to conquer the hills, log roads, and wooded areas. The huge 1000W mid-drive motor has 160 newton-meters of torque. This means that your legs won't have to struggle too hard when pedaling. With 26’’ x 4.5’’ fat tires and 120mm front forks, it is best suited for cross country, trails, and all-mountain riding. Again, this hunting bike is powered by a 48V*17.5AH Samsung battery. It comes with 60+ miles of riding range at PAS 1 mode. This bike weighs 73lbs and has a max load of 350lbs. Ideally, it suits riders who are 5’10’’-6’5’’ tall. It may not be for everyone, but for those who enjoy adventure riding, it is perfect for you.
M-430 Cruiser Electric Bike - $100 off

The M-430 cruiser electric bike is the most approachable fat-tire bike. The step-thru structure is great, and you can get on or off the bike easily. While waiting for the traffic lights, you can also stand over the bike frame with your feet flat on the ground. This model is perfect for just about everybody or even those who have limited mobility. They are constructed with a 750W motor, 5-level pedal-assist sensor, and variable speed throttle, helping you traverse the uneven roads flexibly. Additionally, the maximum payload capacity of M-430 is about 300 lbs. It is a fun cruiser for a lazy day and can fit riders that are 5’2’’ to 6’0’’ tall people.
M5500 All-Terrain Electric Bike - $400 off

Addmotor Motan M-5500 e-bike is designed to commemorate the Flying Tigers, a group of volunteers from the United States that assisted China in World War II. The shark mouth logo on the frame is the symbol.
M-5500 is designed with a strong frame that can easily carry a load of 350lbs. The 26” wheels help you ride across tough terrains. Plus, the durable and stiff 6061 aluminum alloy frame with 4’’ fat tires make this bike especially perfect for mountains and on the road, trail, city, beach, or snow.
With the 1250W powerful hub brushless motor, the M-5500 has the power and range at 60 miles.
M-560 P7 All-Terrain Electric Bike - $600 off and a free rear rack backpack bag

The Motan M-560 model is basically an all-terrain bike for hunting and outdoor nature adventures. It features a 750w hub motor, 17.5AH Samsung battery, and 100mm front fork. It offers only a 55+ miles of riding range, but the 6061-aluminum alloy bike frame (300 lbs. carrying capacity) and rear rack (55 lbs. load capacity) are strong and durable. Plus, the 4’’ bike’s tires make riding on the rough terrain comfortable and easy.
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