The Best Electric Bikes for Every Kind of Ride in 2023

By Addmotor | 16 January 2023 | 0 Comments
Following the worldwide trend, electric bicycles are the fastest-growing segment of the bike market in the United States. There are so many reasons for this sudden surge of interest in these environmentally friendly and sustainable mobility alternatives. Besides being ideal for incorporating exercise into your routine, these 3 wheel electric bike for adults are also affordable.

Electric bikes can benefit you in many ways, regardless of whether you're trying to improve your health or looking for a cheaper, eco-friendly way to commute in 2023. You'll save money on fuel and train fares while getting healthier with a low-effort cardio commute, all for an initial investment in a fat tire electric bike.

Having an electric fat tire bike allows you to switch between a good workout and a relaxing ride. Introducing an e-bike to your cycling routine reduces the fitness aspect of cycling without taking it away entirely, which makes it an excellent choice for fitness-conscious beginners and experienced cyclists alike. Roads are crowded with electric bikes of different types. We will, however, discuss some of the electric bikes and the top brands in the industry today.

Everyone knows that not all electric bikes are created equally so expecting all bikes to deliver the same kind of performance is not possible. Many brands offer a variety of electric bicycles for adults to cater to everyone's needs. However, it is still difficult to determine what the "best" e bike USA will be in 2023 since it depends on individual preferences. However, there are popular and highly-rated electric bike options that are regarded as most suitable for different kinds of rides.

Addmotor electric bikes collection

Based in the United States, Addmotor was founded in 2011 and makes amazing battery-powered bikes. To satisfy adult consumers' needs, they provide electric bicycles of the highest quality. As an electric bike brand leader, they have manufactured electric bicycles and fat tire electric trike for adults and children for the last decade.

Around 20 different ebike models are available, including some tricycle bikes. The electric bikes they manufacture are excellently designed and well-made. By offering these various travel options of the best electric bikes in USA, the company hopes to lead the way forward to a more sustainable and greener way of seeing the world.

You have many options when it comes to electric bikes, with a variety of bikes sporting electric motors and batteries that add extra power. E-bikes give you more acceleration when you start and when you climb a hill, making them easier to ride for many more people, without removing the exercise component. We will discuss the best options from Addmotor for different riding styles in this blog.

#1 CityPro E-43 Electric bike - Best Bike for Commuting

The use of electric bikes as commuter vehicles is one of the most effective uses for them, helping would-be riders become actual riders through the added confidence of pedal assistance. Having seen the potential of the electric city bike market, the Addmotor E-43 CityPro is one of the most popular commuter bikes for riders. Electric road bikes are suitable for commuting and longer rides, and this one stands out with its sleek, stylish design.

Depending on the model you opt for, there are different colors including Cyan, Rose Gold, Pearl White, and Neptune Blue. Even though the design of this commuter ebike won't necessarily catch your attention right away, the bike has one special feature that makes it an excellent commuter vehicle. The battery on this bike is 48V*20Ah, which is much larger than those on typical price-focused electric city bicycles. It claims that the 960 Wh battery can provide 125 miles of pedal assist range, but that's likely when pedal assist is at its lowest power.

In the E-43, Addmotor introduced a cutting-edge electrical system that combined internal and external technology. City E-Bike from Addmotor comes with a 500W brushless rear motor, Shimano's 7-speed gear shift system, hydraulic brakes, and 26x2.3" tires. Also standard are hydraulic disc brakes, which improve braking power and reduce routine maintenance requirements.

With Addmotor's newly developed EB 2.0 electric system the advanced light system is also introduced that provides incredible safety lights for pairing ultimate visibility with impressive durability. Therefore, it is considered one of the best city and commuter electric bikes from Addmotor.

#2 GAROOTAN M-81 Cargo Electric Bike - Best Utility E-bike

The cargo e-bike is a combination of conventional cargo bikes and electric bicycles and is regarded as one of the best in the business. The Addmotor M-81 is among the leading cargo electric bikes on the market. The cargo ebike isn't only compact and versatile but also offers top-quality components which make it one of the most robust cargo bikes available. With exceptional comfort and rugged capabilities to haul cargo, the M-81 is an excellent choice for riders that are looking to replace their cars.

It comes in five different colors to choose from, including Organe, Army Green, Black, Pearl White, and Neptune Blue. Among these options, the Army Green color is quite popular among riders. You can ride with a passenger as well. Aside from being visually aesthetic, the bike offers a durable frame that can comfortably fit riders of decent heights.

The M-81 is available as a step-through frame bike, which makes getting on and off the bike extremely easy. In terms of power, the M-81 is equipped with a powerful 750-watt hub motor that can offer tons of torque. The motor has enough power to provide smooth acceleration and can reach a top speed of 28mph with pedal assist. The motor is paired with a 48V*20Ah Samsung battery that can produce 907 peak watts. With this powerful combination, the M-81 can provide up to 80 miles per charge which is pretty impressive.

There are 7 pedal assist modes through which you can choose what level of assistance you need. There's also an option for throttle mode. Both the handlebars and banana seats are comfortable and can be adjusted following the rider's needs. Therefore, the M-81 is a perfect compromise of comfort and robustness, making it an ideal utility bike for running errands, going shopping, carrying cargo, and even going on picnics.

#3 Addmotor M-66 R7 Cruiser E-bike - Best for recreational rides

The Addmotor M-66 R7 is a super fun fat tire electric bike that stands out from other moped-style electric bikes. By providing a relaxed riding position, this bike is ideal for recreational cyclists and can accommodate any type of rider, and provides enough comfort and joy. This electric bike is a moped-type machine with powerful motors, a fast top speed, and fun handling.

M-66 R7 electric cruiser bikes are excellent because they feature passenger footpads and a tool-free stem that makes two people comfortably ride them. There are five different colors available for the M-66 R7: Orange, Pearl White, Black, Yellow, and Army Green. This cruiser ebike has a bit of everything and offers a retro look and step-through frame. With this step-through design, getting on and off the bike is extremely easy.

With a Bafang 750W motor from Addmotor, the M-66 cruiser electric bike can provide 80 Newton meters of torque. There are two ways to engage pedal assist: through the twist throttle or pedal assist. It can reach a top speed of 20mph and is classified as a class 2 moped. The speed can be increased up to 25 miles per hour when the throttle is engaged.

Samsung's EB 2.0 750W battery complements this powerful 750W motor. With this brand-new Samsung 18650 battery, you can drive for up to 30 miles in throttle mode between charges. Powered by a powerful battery, the M-66 R7 bike is equipped with everything you need. However, in PAS1 assist mode, the bike can give up to 45-60 miles. The M-66 R7 has 7 levels of pedal assist, so you can select the level of assistance that's right for you.

One of the unique aspects of the bike is that it can be ridden by two people at the same time. A large leather banana seat and rear foot pegs like those found on old BMX bicycles make the Addmotor comfortable for two adults. On this bike, Kenda tires sized 20 x 4.0 are used. For a smooth, comfortable ride on gravel, mud, and dirt, as well as on the road or bike path, this fat tire is just right. Consequently, it is a practical option for commuting, heading to the gym, shopping, and even picnics.

#4 MOTAN M-140 R7 - Best Folding E-bike for roaming around town

The company was founded in 2011, and it designs e bike USA for a diverse community of riders across the country. The M-140 R7 is another fantastic option by Addmotor which is ideal for men, women, and people with elderly issues. Since the electric fat tire bike has a folding frame, it can be carried in the trunk of a car, on a public transportation bus, or stored in places where space is limited.

With a long-range and durable construction, the M-140 can provide safe and smooth rides around the city block. Similar to other electric bikes from Addmotor, the M-140 is also available in 6 different colors including Yellow, Orange, Black, Estate Blue, White, and Army Green. Its striking colors provide it with a distinctive look.

Powered by a 750W powerful brushless rear-mounted hub motor, the folding electric bike is capable of reaching 80NM of torque and can speed up to 28mph. Supporting this powerful motor is a 48V*17.5Ah battery that can provide up to 65+ miles per charge and delivers enough juice for long rides. There's also a 5-inch display that provides all the riding statistics for the rider including riding mode, distance, speed, time, and safety lights. The M-140 R7 utilizes mag rims and Kenda tires to provide comfort and stability on the roads. The folding e-bikes from Addmotor come with 180mm rotors and motor cut-offs that are powered by Tektro MD-M300 mechanical disc brakes.

#5 M-550 P7 Electric Bike - Best All-terrain E-bike for off-road rides

Addmotor's full-fledged all-terrain electric bike M-550 can take you anywhere you want to explore. Thanks to the fat and wide tires on this ebike there is no discomfort whatsoever. It offers a strong and durable aluminum alloy frame that is strong and sturdy enough to withstand different types of rough terrain.

The MOTAN M-550 electric mountain bike is available in 6 different colors to choose from and each color comes with its flair to match your riding style. As an all-terrain fat tire electric bike, it is ideal for exploring the woods as it handles muddy, sandy, or snowy surfaces with ease and can withstand any weather.

Featuring 750W of power, the AddMotor Motan M-550 P7 fat tire electric bike is designed to climb challenging trails with ease. Featuring a 750-watt Bafang motor, Shimano 7-speed TX55 gearbox, Panasonic lithium batteries, and a suspension fork, this bike makes riding a thrill. This full suspension ebike is suitable for both road and off-road use thanks to its durable components. Thanks to the 17.5 Ah long-lasting Samsung battery, the estimated riding range of the M-550 P7 is up to 65 miles per charge.

#6 GRANDTAN M-340 Electric trike - Best 3 Wheel E-bike for Seniors

Not everyone can enjoy the benefits of cycling on two electric bikes due to many reasons. Here comes the 3 wheel electric bike for adults. Electric tricycles are not only an efficient and fun way to commute, but they also have all the benefits of cycling and the added stability of 3 wheels. Running errands around town is more enjoyable on an electric tricycle as it is environmentally friendly and allows you to ride in comfort.

The GRANDTAN M-340 is among the best fat tire electric trikes on the market. With the newly designed model, the electric tricycle is available in six different colors including Pearl White, Cyan Green, Army Green, Neptune Blue, Starry Blue, and Rose Gold. It has an easy-to-get-on-and-off frame with a step-through. Using 750 watts for the front-mounted motor on the M-340 e-trike, Addmotor has improved the stability and balance of the e-bike. By using its powerful motor and pedal assistance, the M-340 is capable of reaching speeds of up to 20 mph.  

Addmotor's M-340 comes with a 48V*20Ah EB 2.0 battery, the world's first UL-certified 48V/20Ah battery. The battery extends its range in PAS 1 mode and provides reliable riding. Approximately 9 to 10 hours are needed to completely recharge the 20Ah battery. In the fat tire electric trike category, the M-340 has a clear advantage over its competitors because of its range. Despite being heavier than the rest of the trikes, the M-340 can still provide over 85+ miles of riding range.   

The GRANDTAN M-340 can be used virtually anywhere, including beaches and in the snow. A Kenda Fat Tire is measuring 4.0 inches in the tire section. The high-volume inner tubes, inner tube protectors, and anti-slip cover tires of Kenda fat tires provide better grip, durability, and comfort.

The highlight of this upgraded trike model is the addition of an EB 2.0 electric system and enhanced battery capacity. With these upgrades, the M-340 has extended its maximum range by approximately 73 percent, making it one of the finest fat tire electric trike on the market.

How to choose the best electric bicycle?

When you are new to cycling, it can be overwhelming to determine which electric bike is right for you. Nevertheless, knowing the basic things to look for in an electric bike can help decide which is the best option for you. The following factors will help you to pick the best ebike for your routine.

#1 Decide the purpose

First and foremost, you should determine how you plan to use your electric bike before you set out on your journey. There are various types and models of the best electric bikes in USA that cater to a variety of work ranges and activities. Your electric bicycles for adults can be used for commuting, shopping, long rides, climbing hills, and just strolling around town in your free time.

As different models can offer you different advantages and disadvantages. For example, the cargo ebike is capable of carrying more, so it can be suitable for rides in which you have more cargo to haul. Similarly, there is the cruiser ebike, a bike designed to offer maximum comfort and range.

#2 Price range:

As soon as you decide what type of battery-powered bicycle is right for you, the price point is the next thing to consider. A reputable electric bike brand such as Addmotor offers e-bikes that fit every price range and preference. The electric bike cost is usually greater than that of a normal conventional bike.

It may be cheaper to buy a basic model, but will it meet your needs? It is also imperative to determine how long the product will last if it is used regularly. Typically, higher-quality electric bikes last longer and are of higher quality. You may be able to find a discounted electric bike on sale at an ebike shop if you want to save some money.

#3 Choosing the right battery and motor

Electric bikes have different sizes of motors and batteries. Therefore, it is important to do some research and learn about the best option for you. When choosing an electric bike, the battery is undoubtedly one of the most important and expensive factors to consider. The battery of your commuter ebike will determine the riding range of your bike. Without a reliable battery, you won't get pedal assist from the motor and you might have to carry the electric bike alone. Therefore, you should always choose bikes with powerful batteries.

Secondly, the motor power is also critical as it decides the power you will receive from the motor. With increased watts, your electric mountain bike will climb hills more easily, provide better acceleration, and you'll get more speed. Therefore, if you want a quick e-bike that you can ride around the city or if you plan on buying an e bike USA that has to carry weight, stick with batteries that are 500W or greater.

#4 Tires and wheels

Although many people don't understand the importance of having good wheels and fat tires. You must acknowledge that for your fat tire electric bike to perform well, you must have thick tires and large wheels. Not only will these make you more comfortable, but they will also add to the stability of your electric bike.

With fat tires, the area of contact between your tire and the ground is increased and as a result, the chances of getting slipped are reduced. In this way, you can ride safely on unstable terrains like mud, snow, hillsides, sand, and grass.

#5 Suspension

Suspension is another factor that doesn't get much attention. This is because most people want commuter ebike in the city. However, if you plan to ride your bike off-road, you will need a full suspension ebike. The suspension system will improve your comfort and enhance your overall riding experience. Your ride will become more comfortable and steady as road bumps will feel less.

#6 Ask for a test ride

To avoid asking too many questions when buying an ebike USA, it is recommended to buy locally if at all possible. By signing up for a test drive, you can make a more informed decision. Therefore, you should go to the ebike shop in person and take a ride to help you decide. There is no substitute for a test ride since different riders have different preferences.

Bottom Line

Electric bikes are a growing trend and are an excellent investment. Transport and commuting are going to change radically with electric tricycle and electric bikes. Using this mode of transportation is easy, environmentally friendly, and inclusive. Besides being versatile, these bikes are perfect for commuting, exploring, and taking family trips. Having learned what to look for when buying an electric bike, you are now ready to choose one that fits your needs. Check out our selection online at Addmotor to find the best electric bikes in USA.

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