Introducing Addmotor Herotri M-365X Electric Trike for Two Adults

Learn how the Addmotor Herotri M-365X electric trike can make riding better for two adults by considering the features and specifications.
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Making urban commuting easy and affordable are the reasons making electric trikes a perfect travel companion. Electric trikes are nature-friendly travel companions and better for the health of the riders. From every aspect, they are perfect, but human beings always expect more. This is the reason the electric trike brands are improving their electric trike models to fulfill their needs. Addmotor is one of them, who is committed to delivering the best electric trikes. 
All we need from our best travel companion to provide better comfort and efficient performance. Addmotor Herotri 3 wheel fat tire bike allows riders to enjoy riding with their partners by offering the long banana saddle. The trike is meticulously created by considering the people who require better comfort and excellent performance. The adult electric trike is equipped with advanced features to deliver better comfort and ensure better safety for the rider. 
Check Addmotor Herotri M-365X Electric Trike

electric trike bike 
Battery: 48V*20Ah Addmotor UL-Recognized Lithium-ion Battery
Motor:  48V*750W Front Brushless Hub Motor
Range: 40-85 Miles per Charge
Brake: Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc with 180 mm Rotors
PAS Level: 7-level
Maximum Speed: 20 miles per hour
Tire: 20" X 4.0" Durable Fat Tires
Payload Capacity: 450 lbs
Who Benefits Most from the Addmotor Trike?
Addmotor electric trikes are perfect for riders of all ages. Also, the electric trikes are strong enough to handle any surface type effortlessly. While riding the Addmotor three-wheel fat tire bike, the features ensure better comfort for riders to never feel tired and enjoy riding with lots of energy. 
Addmotor Herotri electric trike allows two adults to enjoy riding on any terrain without facing any difficulties. The advanced features help riders by making riding effortless, even on inclined surfaces. The attractive retro design of the Herotri electric trikes attracts adult riders to make the Addmotor travel companion. 
So, anyone can enjoy a stable, balanced, and safe ride with Addmotor electric trikes. The electric trikes are efficient enough to make riding comfortable and convenient on any surface type and enhance the overall riding experience. 
Features of Addmotor Herotri M-365X Electric Trike
#1 Celebrate the Joy of Togetherness
The two-seater Herotri electric trike allows riders to enjoy the company of their partner. Whenever a human being gets the company of someone they love, their body releases good hormones, which is good for the body. So, the electric trike helps you by doubling the fun of riding comfortably and conveniently. The large banana saddle has enough space for the two adults to offer comfortable and supportive positions for the rider. 
#2 A Long-lasting Battery
A battery has an important role in the electric trike. The rider can effortlessly enjoy riding long destinations by trusting the battery power. Other advanced features, such as LCD, advanced lighting systems, etc., are powered by the battery. So, the battery makes riding smooth and comfortable. Herotri offers a UL-certified 48V*20Ah lithium-ion battery that offers a range of 85+ miles on a single charge. The UL certification indicates the fulfillment of all the safety parameters of the electric trikes. So, the fat tire electric trike offers a safe and reliable battery to enhance the riding experience. 
#3 A Reliable Front Brushless Hub Motor
An efficient motor makes riding effortless for the riders. The motor pushes the trike on different surface types and enables the riders to enjoy riding without putting effort into pedaling. On hard surfaces, the riders can adjust the pedal assist to enjoy an effortless ride. So, a powerful motor plays an important role in enhancing the riding experience.
The Herotri 3-wheel fat tire electric trike’s motor is highly durable. The brushless motor runs longer than the motor having the brushes. Also, the front-mounted motor ensures balanced weight distribution and provides better stability while riding the electric trike.   
#4 Higher Cargo Efficiency
Higher cargo efficiency enables the rider to carry more cargo to make your ride more impactful. The Addmotor Herotri two-seater electric trike offers a payload capacity of 450 lbs, which helps riders carry everything they want along with enjoying the company of their partner. The rider can use the rear basket to load cargo and protect it using the waterproof rear basket bag, which prevents the rear basket stuff from dirt, dust, and rain. So, the higher cargo capacity helps riders carry anything under the pay-load capacity limit and enjoy riding at full pace on any surface. 
#5 Fat Tire for Comfortable Ride
The fat tire of the Herotri electric trike provides a better grip to keep the rider safe on facing different terrain types. The wide-fat tire provides better traction on different terrain types, such as sand, snow, and mud. Also, the low-pressure fat tires of Herotri are efficient enough to absorb shocks and vibrations while riding on uneven or bumpy terrain and make the ride more smooth and comfortable. The rider can confidently choose any surface without worrying about the tire and make their ride joyful.
#6 Parking Brake and Full Suspension
The Herotri M-365X electric trike offers a parking brake for better safety and security. The parking brake blocks the tires of the electric trike from moving and keeps it in a stationary position when the electric trike is parked. The rider can use a parking brake to park the electric trike on any surface type, whether it is inclined or slippery. 
The electric trike offers full -suspension for better comfort for the rider. The suspension system provides better grip and traction on all surface types to make riding safe on wet or slippery surfaces. Overall, the full suspension provides enhanced comfort by absorbing the bumps and shocks and makes riding joyful.  
Addmotor Herotri M-365X Electric Trike Alternatives
#1 Soletri M-366X Electric Trike: Step-Through Frame & Full Suspensions
The Addmotor Soletri M-366X eclectic trike is a perfect combination of comfort and convenience. The trike offers a full-suspension system, wooden footrest, and fat tires to make riding comfortable. Also, the step-through frame of the trike helps riders conveniently ride the trike with ease of getting on and off. Attractive design, impressive range, and safe UL-certified battery, the electric trike has everything to double the fun of riding on every surface. The mechanical disc brakes of the 3 wheel electric trike keep the rider safe by providing instant stopping power. 
A perfect two-seater electric trike;
Higher cargo capacity;
Full suspension and wooden footrests provide better comfort;
Not affordable for everyone
#2 Herotan M-65X Two-Seater Electric Bike: Step-Over Frame & Full Suspensions
With an impressive range and payload capacity, the Addmotor two seater electric bike is a perfect option to ride with your loved ones. The retro design gives a touch of elegance to your style and boosts your confidence to explore more places. The electric bike is easy to navigate in the narrow streets and crowded areas. Also, the fat tire helps the rider to face any surface type without any difficulties. 
Impressive Range of 105+ miles per charge;
Attractive 1970s retro look and the classic color contrast design;
A strong and durable frame makes the bike suitable for all adventures;
8–10 hour charging time is significantly higher
#3 Soletan M-66X Two-Seater Electric Bike: Step-Through Frame & Full Suspensions
This step through electric bike is perfect for every occasion. From attractive design to outstanding performance, the bike ticks every section a rider looking for. This Addmotor electric bike is highly affordable and equipped with advanced features to make riding comfortable. Also, the riders can cover miles with an impressive range of 105 miles per hour and make every ride memorable.    
Full suspension and wooden footrests provide better comfort;
Step-thru frame for higher convenience;
Fat tire suitable for all terrain types;
8–10 hour charging time is significantly higher
What’s Our Call?
Addmotor Herotri M-365X Electric Trike Summary:
A powerful motor pushes the trike effectively on all surfaces;
The wide banana saddle allows two people to enjoy riding with better comfort;
Dual suspension makes riding comfortable and joyful on different surface type;
A strong aluminum frame indicates strength to handle all terrain types;
The Addmotor Herotri M-365X Electric Trike enhances the riding experience by offering a perfect combination of power, comfort, and style. Ideal trike for urban adventures. The riders can use the adult electric trike for any purpose, whether it is shopping, carrying cargo, or anything. The Addmotor trike delivers the ultimate comfort on any surface type, suitable for riders of all ages. So, the Addmotor Herotri is a perfect travel companion, which makes every journey memorable. If you are looking for a two-seater travel companion, we suggest Addmotor Herotri as a perfect fit for you.   


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