Exploring Addmotor's Range of Electric Bikes: Which One is Right for You?

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Are you looking for an affordable electric bike to experience the joy of cycling with comfortable and effortless rides? Are you in search of a best-fit E-bike to ride with the ease of electric pedal assistance? The Addmotor Electric Bikes are the best choice for you. Addmotor offers a wide collection of electric bicycles to accommodate your riding needs. Whether you need a commuter bike, folding bike, cargo ebike, or electric trike, you can find the best Electric Bike for yourself. 

In the article below, we have covered the best-selling E-Bike models for each category to help you make a wise decision while buying an electric bike.


Table Of Content

1. Advantages and Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes
2. Understanding The Addmotor Electric Bikes
3. Addmotor Electric Bikes Models With Diversified Qualities
4. The Best Cargo Ebike M-81
5. The Foldable E-bike M-140
6. Cruiser Electric Bike M-66x
7. Electric Trike M-340& M-366x
8. Commuter Electric Bike Citrypro E-43
9. All Terrain E-bike Montan M-550
10. Pro Tips To Buy A Best Electric Bike
11. Conclusion

1. Advantages & Disadvantages Of Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes have become the best alternative to cars and motorcycles. The main reason for their popularity is cost-effectiveness, convenience, and reliability of riding. E-bikes are more useful and effective with their diversified benefits for health and as an affordable means of transportation. There are many advantages and disadvantages of Electric Bicycles, like any other mechanized vehicle. It is important to understand the basic advantages and disadvantages before buying an e-bike. 

Here are the most important things you should know if you are a newbie in the world of E-Bikes:

# Advantages

1. Eco-friendly 
2. Effortless riding 
3. Cost-saving way of transport
4. Easy to control 
5. An effective workout for better health
6. Require minimum maintenance

# Disadvantages

1. Depending on battery power
2. More expensive than the traditional manual bikes


2. Understanding Addmotor Electric Bikes

Addmotor is one of the most popular brands in the industry of E-bikes, with a wide range of different and professional models of electric bicycles. Whether you are a daily commuter with the urge for long-distance riding, or a weekend warrior looking for a companion to travel with your full luggage, you can find the best adult electric bike from different categories.

All models are designed to assist you with a comfortable and easy riding experience. You will never regret your decision of buying an Addmotor Electric Bike. Below are Some of the best-selling models for each category are described below.


3. The Best Cargo E-Bike: Garootan M-81

The Garootan M-81 cargo electric bike is manufactured to transport your cargo effectively with an electric bike. The bike is designed to carry extra luggage, groceries, and other bulky items effectively without any stress. 

You can ride your bike up to 105+ miles effortlessly on a single charge, with a loading capacity of 350 lbs. A detachable seat can be fitted in the rear rack to enjoy the riding experience with your kids. 

►  Key Features Of M-81 Cargo Electric Bike

• Frame and Design

This powerful cargo electric bicycle is made of a 6061 aluminum alloy step-through durable frame with the ability to carry maximum loads. The strong frame is capable of carrying a huge load or passenger. 

• Powerful Motor

The bike has a 750W motor attached to the rear hub, to generate maximum torque to run the electric bike effortlessly when fully loaded. The motor is upgraded with an inner ring to enhance heat resistance and overall performance and reliability.

• Long-Lasting Battery

The previous 17.5 Ah battery is replaced with the latest high capacity 20 Ah EB 2.0 EL certified battery in M-81 cargo electric bike. This battery provides power assistance to cover 105+ miles distance of effortless ride per charge. 

• The Chip Type Controller and Digital Display

The latest chip-type controller has improved the functionality of all electrical circuits and reduced onboard space consumption. Furthermore, the digital display is a great addition to tracking the performance stats of your cargo e-bike during rides. 

► Pros and Cons of M-81 Cargo Cruiser Bike

Maximized Loading capacity of 350 lbs
Long-distance coverage up to 105+ miles 
Comfortable and easy to ride
750 W powerful motor & 20 AH battery
Ability to fit with a detachable seat
Cost-effective and eco-friendly

Not recommended for difficult terrain with a full load
Maximum load can affect the performance of the battery


4. The Best Portable Folding E-bike: Foldtan M-140

The Folding Electric Bike M-140 is best for those who love biking in faraway places while traveling in a car or on public transport. The best feature of Foldan M140 is portability, which makes it easy to transport in the car with you while traveling. This folding electric bicycle is the best fit for multi-type commutes because of its portability and lightweight.

Another key feature of folding electric bike is easy to store and keep safe from weather effects and theft. You can easily park your bike in a congested space or within your house. Whether you want to explore the city, ride on cycling tracks, or go out in a natural environment, your folding Electric Bike will be the best companion for you always.  

►  Key Features of M-140 Folding E-Bike

•  Portability

Portability is one of the best features of this unique Addmotor folding electric bicycle. The total length of the bike is 68 inches and can be reduced to 44 inches when folded. The lightweight and decreased size make it the best portable E-bike. 

•  Powerful Motor

The M-140 folding bike is fitted with a 750 W powerful motor which is enough powerful to generate torque for smooth riding on all terrains. The powerful motor provides pedal assistance to reduce the effort and stress of the rider. The motor is capable of generating enough torque to carry a total load of 280 lbs.

•  High Capacity Battery

This Folding Electric Bike is fitted with a 20 AH Samsung battery that provides enough power to cover up to a distance of 100+ miles on a single charge. The rechargeable battery takes 8–10 hours to fully charge with a standard Dc charger. 

•  Display and Controller

Now, tracking the performance of your Folding Electric Bike has become easier because of the digital display fitted on the front handle. You can keep an eye on speed, PAS level, battery status, motor power output, and error codes during rides. The upgraded chip-type controller is more effective in the performance of electric circuits and has reduced the usage of onboard space. 

►  Pros and Cons of Folding Electric Bike M-140

•  Lightweight & Portability
•  Offer Multi-type commuting 
•  Ease of storage and increased safety
•  Long-distance coverage per charge
•  Fat tires for effective gripping 
•  Eco-friendly and the best way to workout

•  More Expensive than non-folding Electric bicycles
•  Heavy than normal bicycle

5. The Comfort King: Cruiser Electric Bike Soletan M-66x

The Cruiser Electric Bike Soletan M-66x is a deadly combination of style and comfort for easy rides. This E-bike is available in dual shock designs to maximize the comfort of your rides. The Cruiser Bike M-66x is designed to perform equally on all types of terrain, with a maximum load and high storage battery.

This electric cruiser bike still features the 1970s retro look and step-over frame. The bike is fitted with a full-size banana seat for more comfortable sitting. Overall, the M-66x Cruiser Electric bike is the best composition of style and design to ride with maximum comfort. 

►  Key Features of M-66x Cruiser E-bike

•  Comfortable Riding Position

The Cruiser E-Bike M-66x allows you to ride in a more comfortable sitting position with its adjustable handlebar and comfortable seat. For added comfort during the ride, a wooden footrest is fitted in the center of the frame to rest your feet while riding the cruiser. 

•  Powerful Motor

The cruiser electric bicycle is fitted with a rear hub motor of 48V power to satisfy the power need of the bike for a smooth and effortless journey. The motor has the ability to generate a torque of 80 N-M, which is more than enough to relieve you from hard pedaling. 

•  Enhanced Battery Capacity

The Soletan Cruiser Electric Bike is fitted with the latest technology high-capacity battery of 48*20 AH, which is the world’s first UL-certified battery for electric bikes. The battery has a storage capacity to cover a distance of 105+ miles per charge.

•  Durable 20*4 Inches Fat Tires

The bike is fitted with 20 inches high-quality Kinda Gigas puncture-free tires with increased gripping ability. The tires consist of 3 extra layers of inner tubes, an inner tube cover, and an outer hard layer for effective performance. The M-66 Cruiser is perfect for all kinds of terrains with these fat tires. 

►  Pros and Cons of M-66 Electric Cruiser Bike

•  Friendly for aged people 
•  Maximized comfort 
•  Long-lasting battery
•  Durable design with footrest
•  Digital display and chip-type controller
•  Integrated lighting 
•  Eco-friendly and cost-effectiveness

•  Not suitable for off-road riding
•  Less loading capacity 

6. The Best Electric Trikes M-340& M-366x

The Addmotor electric trikes offer comfortable and convenient riding with ease of control. The Adult E-Trikes Grandtan M-340 & Soletari M-366x are the best-selling models of Addmotor with unique features and abilities. 

The e-trikes are the perfect gift for seniors and aged people who love to explore the urban area with stress-free and enjoyable riding. These trikes are best in all aspects such as riding comfort, load carrying, long-distance coverage, and ease of control. 


►  Key Features Of Grandtan M-340 Electric Tricycle

•  Upgraded Battery

The Grandtan M-340 is equipped with a new upgraded battery from 17.5Ah to 20 Ah. The battery is able to provide power assistance up to 85+ miles per charge.

•  Comfortable Design

This Electric Trike for Adults has some extra features to make it more comfortable than any other electric bike. This includes a soft saddle with a backrest, wooden footrest, fat tires for extra grip, and an adjustable handle to maintain a relaxed posture while riding. 

•  Mechanical Disk Brakes For Extra Safety

Grandtan M-340 features mechanical Tekro disk brakes for effective stops. The brakes are attached with a motor cut-off sensor to cut off the motor supply immediately when hard brakes are applied.

•  Powerful Motor

This Electric Trike M-340 is fitted with a powerful motor of 750 W on the front hub. The motor provides a torque of 80 N.M. to ride the bike with ease. 

►  Pros And Cons Of M-340 Fat Tire Electric Trike

•  Best for senior riders 
•  Increases safety and comfort
•  Load carrying capacity of 450 Lbs
•  Long-lasting battery and powerful motor
•  Easy to control
•  Advanced chip-type controller

•  Requires extra parking space
•  Expensive than other electric bikes

7. Soletri M-366x Electric Trike

The Soletri M-366x  is an electric tricycle for two adults. This powerful electric trike is best for elder people and those who prefer the comfort of riding at first. The bike is full suspension to minimize the shocks and vibrations while riding on undulating and bumpy terrain.

Furthermore, This Adult Electric Trike is the best solution for people with minor disabilities who can't drive a car or manual bike. The e-trike is equipped with a powerful motor and high-capacity battery to ensure comfortable rides. 

► Specifications and Features of Soletri M-366x

•  Powerful motor

M-366x features a front-mounted brushless motor of 48 V to accelerate your rides with maximum torque. The motor enables you to enjoy riding through different terrain with minimum effort. The motor has the ability to power rides with a maximum load of 450+ lbs.

•  Fat Tires For Extra Safety

Fat tires make this Adult Electric Trike more suitable for comfortable and safe riding. The Kinda Gigas 3-layer tires are puncture free and perform well on all types of terrain.

•  Long-Lasting Battery

This powerful electric 3-wheel bike is equipped with the latest technology high capacity battery of 20 AH from Samsung. The long-lasting battery is able of covering a distance of 40 to 85+ miles per charge. 

►  Pros and Cons of Soletri M-366x Electric Trike

•  Unique style and durable design
•  Extra loading capacity
•  Long-distance coverage per charge
•  Eco-friendly and cost-effective 
•  Best fit for elder people
•  Fully suspension with shock absorber

•  Needs a dedicated parking space 
•  Not useful for narrow tracks

8. Commuter Electric Bike Citrypro E-43

The CityPro E-43 is the best solution for daily commuters who look for a long-distance coverage Electric Bike. The commuter bike enables you to travel effectively on long and short distances effectively without being involved in traffic jams. 

This commuter E-bike is equipped with a high-capacity battery and powerful motor to assist your pedaling and minimize the efforts. You can save some money for fuel while commuting with the citypro e-43. Whether you want to ride on trails to enjoy nature or commute within the city, the Citypro E-43 long range electric bike is the best companion for your rides. 

►  Features and Specifications of Citypro E-43

•  Robust Motor

The is powered with a robust motor of 500W to satisfy the toque needs for comfortable riding. With this powerful motor, E-43 E-bike has the ability to ride on all types of hard and plan ground effectively.

•  Long Life Battery

The new upgraded 21700 long-lasting battery provides enough juice for comfortable and easy riding. You can cover a distance of up to 125+ miles per charge with power-assisted pedaling. 

•  Anti-Slip Tires

To avoid slipping and ensure puncture-free rides, this city commuter bike is fitted with 26 inches Kinda Gigas 3-layer tires. The layers of an inner tube, tube cover, and outer rough layer make it the best option for all-terrain riding. 

•  Digital Display

Now tracking the bike's performance during rides is easier with the front-mounted digital display. You can keep an eye on speed, PAS level, battery status, lighting, and error of any function while riding through the Digital Display. 

•  Latest Controller

Furthermore, the chip-type controller has simplified complicated circuits and reduced onboard usage of space. The controller is more reliable and efficient in functionality to enhance the overall performance of your city commuter Electric Bicycle.

►  Pros and Cons of Citypro E-43 Long-Range Electric Bike

•  Eco-friendly and cost-effective 
• Long-distance coverage
• High-capacity battery
•  Faster and effective on all terrain
•  Durable design 
•  Health and workout benefits

•  Limited payload capacity
•  Not useful for off-road riding

9. The All-Terrain E-bike Montan M-550

The All-Terrain Montan M-550 Electric Bike is best for all those who are searching for a reliable and versatile Electric Bike. The Montan M-550 Electric bike makes your rides enjoyable over all kinds of terrain with electric pedal assistance. 

This powerful bike is the best companion for weekend trips or camping vacations.  You can cover long distances per charge while carrying extra luggage with you. The all-terrain E-bicycle performs more efficiently on snow, sand, hills, and slippery areas. 

►  Features and Specifications of Montan M-550 All-Terrain Electric Bike

•  Motor Power

The all-terrain Montan M-550 is equipped with a rear hub-mounted motor of 750 W to accelerate your bike on all terrains equally. This motor minimizes the stress of pedaling and carries a load of 300 lbs with smooth functioning.  

•  Upgraded Battery

The new high-capacity Samsung lithium battery of 20 AH provides enough power for the stable and smooth running of your M-550 Electric Bike. With this powerful battery, you can enjoy up to 85+ miles of comfortable and easy ride. 

• Strong and Durable Frame

The frame of the All-Terrain Electric Bicycle is prepared with 6061 gauge alloy aluminum for extra durability. This rock-solid frame increases the stability of the bike equally on plain and hard terrain. 

•  Puncture Resistance Fat Tires

The all-terrain fat tire electric bike is fitted with 26 * 4-inch wide tires to increase the ease of control and grip on snowy, sandy, slippery, or rocky terrain. These fat tires are specially designed for the suitability of multi-terrain riding.  

►  Pros and Cons of Montan M-550 E-Bike

•  Durable frame with 300 lbs load carrying ability
•  Powerful motor  
•  High-capacity battery with 85+ miles of distance coverage per charge
•  Multifunction display and latest chip-type controller
•  180 mm mechanical disc brakes 
•  ½ twist throttle with 5-level pedal assistance and cadence sensor
•  Rust resistance chain with 7-speed Altus Shimano derailleur
•  Spring suspension shock absorber 

•  Heavyweight and hard to drive manually 
•  Expensive maintenance and components 
•  Limited comfort as compared to M-66x

10. Expert Tips To Buy A Best Electric Bike

It's necessary to consider some basic features and specifications to fulfill your riding needs when buying an Electric Bike. Whether you are an experienced biker in the field of E-bikes or a newbie, always keep these tips in mind while buying an Electric Powered Bike.
• Consider your price limit
• Find out your riding needs and priorities 
• Check the battery and motor power for suitability with your requirements
• Find out the average distance coverage and loading capacity
• Understand the warranty
• Check the reviews from previous buyers through the official platform
• Take a test ride and check the riding comfort
These tips will always help you find out your requirements and make a good choice to serve your riding needs in the best way. 



Exploring Addmotor's wide range of different bikes allows you to select an appropriate and suitable electric bike according to your riding fantasies. The bikes cover the categories from the best city commuters to all-terrain mountain bikes, and adult electric trikes specially designed for best performance. 

Every single bike is equipped with a powerful motor and battery as per the requirements of the user. Whether you are a daily commuter looking to save some extra money or a weekend traveler to explore new outdoor places, you can select the best model with a high distance coverage limit. You can enjoy commuting through different areas while riding a pedal-assisted Addmotor E-bike. 

There are some important factors to consider while buying an electric bike as a newbie or even as an experienced biker. Foremost, it would help if you estimated your budget and riding needs, and after selecting the most appropriate model with the necessary features to gratify your riding itches. 

Overall, Addmotor electric bike is the best in performance and top-selling bicycle for all types of commutes. Look no further than Addmotor to select the best companion to enjoy your rides with minimum effort on pedaling. 

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