Electric Triking Redefined: Addmotor Grandtan Series for Comfort, Power, and Style

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Grandtan Series electric trikes
Presenting the Grandtan series that Addmotor has launched which makes a perfect companion for your everyday adventure and a convenient e-trike. The Grandtan series is one of the most prominent and thrilling e-trike experiences you will ever get. Integrated with all-new features that enhance the stability and durability of the trike, it makes it easier for you to choose a relevant package for your riding experience.
Addmotor has something in store for everybody. Highlighting the Grandtan series which includes the Grandtan M-340Grandtan turbo Grandtan Plus, and Grandtan City we will look into some features of each e-trike. So if you are in the market looking for something that stylishly fulfills your everyday commuting needs then this is the right article for you.

►  The Grandtan M-340

First is the Grandtan M-340 also known as the GRANDTAN. This bestselling electric trike for seniors is available in exclusive colors like cyan, Neptune blue, army green, etc. This is the perfect example of functionality with style. So whether it is for going to the office or running to the supermarket, the Grandtan M-340 will complement each style

#1. Range

Integrated with an EB 2.0 battery, the 20Ah battery cells help to extend the cycling range of the trike to a raving 85+ miles per charge. With durable battery life, the m340 will give you longer distances to expand your adventure journeys.

#2.  Design Elevates Comfortability

Having a good and stable ride, especially in noisy areas is such a blessing. The Grandtan M-340 makes it easier for you to commute without the hustle of rough and patchy cycling. The build of the trike goes well to accomplish that smooth and fine riding experience. With a comfortable saddle and wooden footrest, it is easier to commute without the trouble of straining your foot to keep it in place. The adjustable backrest works best to add a comfortability factor to your ride giving you a much pleasant and smoother ride.

#3.  No Rough Jerks on Terrain

Road bumps and uneven terrain are not uncommon to experience. However many transport options tend to overlook this feature while trying to focus on more technical ways to improve ride smoothness. However, one simple quality feature can work ultimately to achieve good stability. With the 4-inch Kenda fat tire electric trike, you can drive on uneven terrain smoothly and swiftly. The inner tube protector helps you get stable rides without having to worry about flat tires. Moreover, the oil spring fork helps to absorb shocks while rolling over rough surfaces.

#4.  750W Front-mounted Motor

Talking about the real deal, the front-mounted 750W motor adds to the stability and performance of the Grandtan M-340. With a maximum torque of 80Nm, you get better acceleration and improved stability at higher speeds.

►  The Grandtan Turbo

Upgraded with style and features, the Grandtan Turbo 3 wheel electric bike for adults makes a perfect trike for a laborious journey. The incredible performance and dynamics ensure a powerful and stable ride.

#1.  1000W Mid-Drive Motor

Integrated with a powerful 1000W motor, the Grandtan Turbo has uplifted the speed and performance metrics. It delivers up to 20mph with a torque of 160Nm which is capable enough to give you a smoother ride on hills and uneven terrain. No more forced acceleration climbing up the hills.

#2.  Differential- never lose control

When talking about the Grandtan turbo, the rear wheels are never letting you down. The respective functionality of wheels at changing speeds and directions ensures firm turning. This also helps in preventing tripping and skidding while making a turn.

#3.  Braking system

Having a responsive and sensitive braking system is the key to a less-exerted ride. With all-new triplet Tektro mechanical disc brakes, the Grandtan Turbo gives you accurate braking power whether on slipper roads or rough patches. A sensor helps in stopping the motor activity for efficient braking. Moreover, a powerful parking brake ensures to hold your trike in place on inclined surfaces, therefore maintaining security.

►  The Grandtan Plus 

This electric trike for adults is a great combination of style and comfort.

#1.  Front mounted motor

Grandtan Plus is integrated with a 750W motor which is front-mounted. It gives good weight balance for a stable ride. The brushless motor makes it easier to roll over hills and rough terrain making it an exemplary choice for adventures. With 80Nm torque the Grandtan Plus makes you feel the power.

#2.  Riding range

20Ah rechargeable battery helps your travels more fun with its long-lasting battery life. It will give approximately 85 miles on one charge making it a durable option for longer rides. Moreover, the battery ensures safety and reduces risks like fire and burnout with its comprehensive procedures. So a safe and comfortable ride is what the Grandtan Plus delivers.

#3.  Bigger wheels better ride

The Grandtan series makes sure no one is left behind. With bigger wheels that accompany the trike is specifically designed to fit taller people. It gives better riding in difficult weather and the Kenda 4-inch fat tire gives a boost to your ride. Grandtan Plus has extra 4-inch wide wheels which help in rolling over rough roads, over the snow, or on the grass. Its inclusiveness for various terrains makes it a dependable option.

►  The Grandtan City

Want to get a reliable option for the busy roads and rush hours? The Grandtan City adult 3 wheel electric bike is your way to go. With a 750W front-mounted motor and 20Ah long-lasting battery, your traveling is made more fun and reliable.

#1.  Tire supremacy

Urban roads and city areas are not easy. For such a ride it is important to have good stability and durability. With the all-new 3.0 mini flame-like fat tires of the Grandtan City, you can get past the rush hour or concreted paths all thanks to their firmness on the roads. The tires substantially reduce the risk of tripping and skidding. The outer layer is thicker compared to other models and their wear-resistant feature comes in handy for longer, more extreme rides.

#2.  Brakes- a secure stop

For an area like cities where the stopping power of the vehicle should be a concern, Grandtan City has taken care of it well. Since rush hours can happen at any time in the city and rash driving of urban transport is something unpredictable, the dual rear brake system comes in handy. The brakes are responsive at high speeds so it is easier to halt without the fear of decelerating quickly. Also, the automatic motor cutoff proves to be beneficial to ensure timely braking. 

#3.  Riding range

The 20Ah battery is a plus for a reliable and long-lasting battery life. The Grandtan City can give you up to 90+ miles (extended) on one charge. This is ideal for people who are constantly on the go whether to the office or mandatory grocery runs. The durability of the battery ensures a safe and comfortable ride.

The verdict

The Grandtan series is a good choice when it comes to fulfilling specific needs. the design, the features, and the technical stuff of the trikes are packed with quality and reliability. Whether it is for adventure journeys, city rides, or everyday commutes, the Grandtan series has something for everybody.
For a better look at the prices and overview of the Grandtan series please visit Addmotor

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