EB2.0-Powerful Heart System

By Muriel | 07 December 2021 | 0 Comments

A person's body cannot operate without a strong heart. Similarly, the previous EB2.0 battery and electric lighting system cannot be separated from the control system . In this article, we will introduce this system in detail.

As the most important electromechanical energy conversion device, the controller is upgraded to a chip type in the EB2.0 era, which simplifies the design of various circuit systems, reduces the space on the board, and improves the stability of the system. At the same time, it also has a high-performance processor, which can achieve efficient, fast, and accurate command control. With all these parts together, it can ensure the safety of riding your e-bike.

The motor in the EB2.0 era uses a newer dedicated inner ring, which is resistant to high temperatures, has a lower sound and better heat dissipation performance. This inner ring reduces the decay speed of the magnet, which ensures a longer life expectancy of the motor. The geared hub provides a large amount of torque while providing power for steep hills or rapid acceleration from a complete stop.

EB2.0 is a hydraulic disc brake. Compared with the line pipe, the friction generated by the transmission of oily objects in the oil pipe is smaller than that of the transmission in the line pipe of the brake line, which can more effectively reduce the loss of kinetic energy and increase the braking force.

We also designed an exclusive UL-certified 15-core integrated cable and UL-certified waterproof connector. The 15-core integrated cable makes the circuit simpler, consumes less energy, and greatly reduces the occurrence of line failures and aging problems. The UL-certified waterproof connector can ensure that in rainy weather, the control, signal, and power cables will not be short-circuited accidentally due to water damage, and thus riding is safer and more reliable.

Drawing on the design of car horns, we designed a customized electric horn, which can overcome the small decibel characteristics of traditional horns. The maximum decibel that this horn can reach is 108, and the sound produced by the horn can be transmitted about 492 Foot away, which can help prevent accidents.

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