EB2.0-All-In-One Integrated System

By muriel | 03 December 2021 | 0 Comments

In addition to the EB 2.0 battery system and the 360°visual lighting system, we also match an integrated process design system to meet your journey. Imagine a day full of emergency emails and uninterrupted notifications. Your electric bike is where you can finally disconnect. Here is a quick information to help you better understand the features between our handlebar switch buttons and the display.

Do you want to ensure your safety by checking the button on the left handlebar when riding? Our patented button design can help you get rid of this trouble. By interacting with each button on the handlebar switch, you can cycle through different information on the display. The uneven design between the buttons allows you to differentiate each button with a single touch. You can change the lighting of both the front and rear lights on your bike easily without the need to look at your screen to ensure safe riding. With the new design of the handlebar switch, everything is now easier and more convenient to control the bike’s functions when riding the bike.

The display is another feature that highlights the advantages of integrated technology. It can help riders understand their performance. Compared with the EB 1.0 version, we have increased the speed to 7 PAS, which satisfies your pursuit of speed and we have included left and right turning signal lights from single flashing, double flashing, and burst to flash on the display screen, giving you an extra guarantee on your safety when riding.

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