2023 Best Electric Bikes

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Addmotor is ready to bring the fun of riding an electric bike back into the mainstream by providing a solution for urban dwellers who have limited access or no access to electric bikes. Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and low-carbon way to commute. The addition of electric power makes it possible to ride across town or up the coast without needing to worry about traffic.
We have been dedicated since 2010 to delivering top-quality electric bikes, so each and every rider can ride their bike at its full potential. Featuring high-tech features such as regenerative braking and regenerative throttle, drivers can enjoy a smooth, efficient ride with minimal noise pollution.
No matter your riding style and personal preference, with our decades of experience in the industry, we're confident we can find the best electric bicycle for you. Right now we are offering several electric bike models including:
• Cruiser
• Citypro
• Cargo
• Motan
• Wildtan
• Folding  

1. Cruiser 

The electric cruiser bike is built for recreational cycling by providing you with a relaxed riding position. Featuring a curved top tube, long flared handlebars, and full suspension fork, this beach cruiser has all the travel characteristics of regular bikes and feels like you are gliding on the sand. The motor is powered by a 750W brushless Direct Current (DC) motor. A Variable Speed Control (VSC) system is mounted on the motor with a boost button making it easy to choose how much power you want from your ride.
With a sweet, sporty design and convenient features, our Addmotor M-66x cruiser electric bike lets you ride for easy commuting and on-the-go fun. Some models integrate lights and taillights, so you can push the pedal assist and head out into the night. As we stated earlier, the electric bikes for adults we sell are powered by a battery and motor that give riders a boost while they are pedaling. This process is called pedal assist because the motor is only engaged when you push the pedals. Once engaged, the motor draws power from the battery and provides a gentle increase in speed and torque so you can ride faster, farther, and over more hills.
You get all-day power, with multiple modes that let you fully switch off to go on a longer ride if you want. There's no need to worry about charging your e-bike battery throughout the day. Most of our e-bikes charge in just a few hours and can be recharged for a long time.

► Pros 

• Banana seat
• Fat Tires
• Full Suspension(Soletan M-66X and Herotan- M-65X only)
• 48V*20Ah Samsung battery cells, verified by UL
• 48V*750W Bafang brushless motor
• Integrated headlight and taillight
• Footrest wood board (Soletan M-66X cruiser only) 

► Cons

• Payload capacity: 300LBS
• Rider height: 5'2"-6 '2"
• Long charging time 

2. Citypro

The CityPro ebike is designed for rides on paved roads and is ideal for daily rides to and from school, work, or other destinations. Citypro electric bike commuters are designed with comfort and efficiency in mind. Addmotor achieved low speeds by using the largest chainring possible and utilizing a large gear set. By reducing the number of gears, it is easier to pedal quickly without burning out your legs or raising your heart rate.
Riding a commuter ebike on your regular commute to work can help save you money, time and sanity. With the ability to cover longer distances at a lower energy cost, riding an electric bike makes commuting by electric bicycle more efficient and sustainable than ever before. With the Addmotor commuter electric bike, you can take control of your own commuting destiny. Citypro ebikes series are designed to make your commute more efficient and comfortable, whether it’s a leisurely day ride or a fast-paced workout. With 48V battery power and throttle-only, you can be on your way in no time!

Do you want to exercise more, but don’t want to spend two hours in a gym session? If you live in an area where public transportation is not as readily available, options like Addmotor E-43 electric bike can help you enjoy time outdoors without discomfort. Out of shape? Try riding Addmotor E-53 for a 20-30 minute interval and see how easy it is to get those wheels turning again! If you are looking for an efficient commute but aren't ready for a massive workout, this is exactly the electric bicycles you need.


• 125+ miles per charge, PAS 1
• 48V*20Ah battery cells
• CNC laser cutting for all tubes
• Integrated lighting system: driving light, danger light, flashlight, brake light, left and right turning signals and more
• Multicolors at your selection
• Hydraulic disc brake 


• 500w motor
• 250 lbs payload capacity
• Without front basket 

3. Cargo electric bike

Are you tired of struggling to pull your heavy electric bike up steep hills? Then, an electric cargo bike is for you! The Addmotor M-81 Electric Cargo Bike can help you easily bring back the pleasure of cycling by adding more power and speed to your regular cargo ebike. It makes your ordinary ride into a really fun one! And with its high-quality components, it will be able to serve you well in many years to come.
This is the perfect cargo ebike for you if you are looking to get 105+ miles of range, seamless electric pedal assist and really easy steering with the front cargo rack. It even has an extra seat where more than 2 babies can enjoy the ride easily. This cargo electric bicycle comes with a 48V battery & charger included (few hours of charge time to get fully charged). The 750W motor can go up to 20 mph on flat surfaces, or up to 10/15 mph on hills.

► Pros

• Carry 2+ babies, 350 LBS payload capacity
• 105+ miles (PAS1)
• UL verified EB 2.0 Samsung 48V*20AH battery + 48V*750w motor
• Multi-function: for cargo shopping, baby hauling, travel, commuting and more
• Multi outstanding colors  

► Cons

• 1 year warranty
• 20mph at the top
• 7 speed levels 


4. Motan fat tire electric bikes

Discover the MOTAN Fat Tire Electric Bikes with a wide range of 20-24 inches, offered in 750w-1250w motors. Effortlessly travel on roads or climb hills with Addmotor M-5500 mountain bike and Addmotor M-550. From stable and user-friendly bike path cruisers to high-powered bruisers built for heavy off-road use, these fat tire electric bike are having a bit of a moment right now. Whatever your reason for wanting a fat tire e-bike, the Addmotor electric bike company has got your back.
Made of the highest quality, Addmotor M-550 and Addmotor M-5500 have the power and reliability to transport you anywhere. Featuring an LCD display, an adjustable speed and a range of nearly 60 and more miles, electric bicycles are perfect for adventure riders and everyday commuters alike.
Energize your life with MOTAN Addmotor M-550 and Addmotor M-5500. This battery-powered electric bike for adults can be adjusted to fit your riding needs and style. With speeds up to 20 mph, the Motan fat tire electric bikes will bring you the thrill of riding while being eco-friendly and affordable. Built with a lightweight aluminum frame and 48V/750W lithium polymer battery pack (per charge), you can enjoy a smooth ride on the trails without sweat. 

► Pros

• Fat tire: 20-24 inches
• All terrains
• 750w-1250w motors
• LCD display with smart sensor 


• 55+miles-65+miles ride range
• 17.5 Ah battery 


5. Wildtan 

Are you looking for an easier way to get to your blind or tree stand? Or perhaps check all your trail cams in a fraction of the time it takes today? Is that sweet spot you know getting harder to reach? An electric bicycle lets you track games for miles without getting tired. The bike's electronic motor can power you forward if you're tired of pedaling.
For example, Addmotor M-5600 Mid-drive electric bike has a range of up to 60+ miles, which gets you there faster and with less effort than pedaling regardless of what direction the game is going. Addmotor electric bikes will keep you in the hunt because they are built specifically for off-road use and woodlands, which means they can carry your gear along with them as well. M-5600 Camo colors is built for hunting!

We at Addmotor electric bike company want you to enjoy hunting more than ever! Our Addmotor M-5600 is designed to carry your gear for longer distances than ever before and still be easy enough for any beginner to handle. And because we use state-of-the-art lithium batteries, this hunting electric bike will actually last longer than standard battery technology would! It's able to recharge itself with a standard outlet so you don't need to worry about changing batteries every day.

► Pros

• 1000w motor, mid-drive+rear drive motors, different choices
• M-5600 camo colors built for hunting
• Cheap price
• Free rear rack
• Kenda Juggernaut Pro 26" x 4.5" for hills, bumpy roads, snow and more 

► Cons

• 60+miles per charge
• 48v*17.5Ah battery


6. Folding electric bike

When it comes to folding electric bicycles, Addmotor electric folding bike will blow your mind. Wanna travel in style? This electric bike for adults offers you a design that will make you glide across any terrain and a rear rack which comes handy when you need to carry some goods. If that's not good enough, the folding bike also has an adjustable front fork which makes it easy to keep your posture straight in almost kinds of terrains.
The electric folding bicycles are an ideal way to enjoy nature, a healthy lifestyle, and have fun! It is also very practical in practice. You can easily carry it with you, fold it away and store it anywhere you like. It has a large range of use: you can carry it on the train or plane, fold it away and keep it next to you at a café, store or even pack it into your car and travel with it on trains or even planes.

This foldable electric bike is very easy to use, well-made and has a great range of motion. Riding it feels like flying with the wind! You can go up to 65 miles+ per charge on a single charge, making this an ideal choice for commuters. Ideal for traveling, touring or urban riding, enjoy your trip with the electric folding bike.

► Pros

• Take 10 seconds to fold away(step-thru folding frame)
• compact design
• puncture-resistant fat tires
• detachable rear rack
• adjustable front fork 

► Cons

• 65+miles per charge
• 280lbs capacity
• rear-mounted hub motor 



The market for electric bicycles is exploding, and there are lots of options for consumers. Addmotor has a wide variety of e-bikes available for purchase, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. In the end, choosing the best ebike might boil down to more than price. But the affordability of Addmotor bikes means that you can buy a high-quality product without causing yourself too much financial stress. We would definitely recommend the Addmotor electric bikes if you are looking for an electric bike for adults that is easy to ride, or if you want to turn your commuting experience into a far more enjoyable one.

Buying Guide

Electric bikes are a great way to add a little zip to your daily commute. Whether you're looking for something sporty or want something that can help you get around town more easily, there's an electric bike out there for everyone. In this guide, we'll go over the ins-and-outs of electric bikes so that by the time you've finished reading this post, you'll know everything about buying an electric bicycle!

How do electric bikes work?

Electric bikes use a battery to power their motors and help you go faster. The motor is connected to the rear wheel of your bike, which means you can ride uphill and still pedal forward with the same power as if there were no motor.
The battery usually takes up much of your space on the frame of an electric bicycle, but don't worry! Because it's removable, you'll be able to easily carry this piece around with you if needed (like when traveling). Some batteries also charge via USB port or adapter plug, others may require charging cables instead depending on where they came from when purchased originally (you'll see this listed on their packaging).


Types of electric bikes

Electric bikes come in a variety of styles. Some are designed for mountain biking, while others are suitable for city commuting. A few models are even foldable and compact enough to be carried on public transit or stored indoors when not in use. There's no need to worry about the size of your vehicle: electric bikes can fit easily into any garage (or closet) space you have available! We have explained different types of electric bike for adults below
Mountain electric bike
This is a bike that can be used on trails and in mountains. It may have wider tires to help with the climb, or it may be more suitable for off-trail riding because of its lighter weight.

Cargo electric bike
Cargo ebikes are similar to mountain electric bikes except they have large baskets or boxes on them so you can carry your belongings with you while cycling. These types of bikes are often used by people who want to go shopping but don't want to walk around town carrying bags full of groceries! Some cargo models also come equipped with electric motors so you can pedal faster when hauling heavy loads up hills or across rough terrain (like gravel).

Folding ebike
Foldable electric bicycles come in many different forms including folding recumbent cycles and upright models like conventional bicycles but without pedals attached directly underneath each axle (like electric tricycles). They're designed simply enough that anyone can fold one up easily, just lift up one side at once then fold over top then repeat for other sides until the entire thing folds flat against itself! Once folded up nicely though, they're still very compact compared with regular bicycles which makes them perfect for traveling anywhere.

Types of frames

The most important thing to consider when buying an electric bicycle is the type of frame.
Mountain electric bikes have wide tires and handlebars that allow you to ride on rough terrain with ease while getting great exercise at the same time. They're built for rugged terrain so they can withstand some abuse during your commute or even off-road adventures if need be! These frames also tend to be heavier than other types because they're made from stronger materials like steel or aluminum which helps keep costs down while still maintaining durability over time (so they don’t have the need for regular maintenance).

Cargo electric bikes can carry more stuff than most people would ever need but still maintain enough storage space within the frame itself so they'll fit comfortably inside your car trunk ,just make sure it's not too heavy though!

Folding electric bikes have built-in racks that hold whatever goodies you might want along with them. Handlebars are also mounted securely onto them allowing them easy access whenever needed without having any problems fitting through doorways etcetera.

Cruisers ebikes offer comfort along with speed, therefore ideal choices when wanting something fast yet comfortable enough.

Battery capabilities and pedal control

Battery capacities range from as low as 250 Wh to over 1,500 Wh. Battery life can vary a lot depending on the model and how you use it. The average range for electric bikes is 20-50 miles on one charge, so if you’re planning to go far with your electric bike, it’s good to have a large battery capacity. Anyone who has ridden an electric bike will tell you that their legs get tired quickly after just a few miles!

The charging port varies from bike to bike. Some have ports located under the seat or handlebars while others have them at the bottom of each wheel. Some also have built-in chargers so that they don't need special cables or adapters (although these tend not work well unless there's some sort of power source nearby). If possible try out different models before buying one because there might be slight differences between them regarding construction materials used in making parts such as gear sets etcetera.

Mid-drive motor

If you're looking for an electric bike that can go fast, then a mid-drive motor is the way to go. Mid-drives are more efficient than hub motors, which means they have less drag and emit less heat. The tradeoff here is that mid drive ebikes are usually heavier than hubs, but also more powerful and efficient at getting your bike up to speed quickly.
Hub motors tend to be lighter and cheaper than mid-drives but they don't have all of the advantages of a mid-drive (so if you're looking for something light and cheap).

What features should you look for in an e-bike?

When it comes to electric bikes, the most important factor is battery capacity. You'll want a bike with enough power to get you where you need to go and keep going until your battery runs out of juice.

Another good way to find out how much range each bike has is by checking out their official specifications sheet or website. These pages will list each model's top speed, average speed, distance range in miles (or kilometers), top speed at which it can reach its maximum running time without needing more energy from its battery(s). It's also helpful if they include information about whether or not there are any pedals included with purchase, if so then those are good ways for beginning riders who aren't experienced enough yet to get around easily without having trouble pedaling themselves along safely!

Finally, don't forget about warranties! Most electric bike companies and manufacturers offer some sort of free service agreement during which time they'll repair any defects caused by manufacturing errors.

Is an electric bike worth the cost?

Before you buy an electric bicycle, it's important to understand the cost. The price of an ebike can vary widely depending on its features and how much you're willing to pay for it. If you live in a flat area that doesn't have extra steepy hills, then an ebike might be more than enough for your needs. Remember, there are a variety of different types of electric bikes out there and the features they offer can vary greatly depending on the type.

There's a style of electric bike out there for every type of rider. If you're looking for something that will help you get to work or school, the powerful and secure Addmotor electric bike is perfect.

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