Unveiling the Ride: Front-Mounted vs. Rear-Mounted Motors in Electric Trikes

By Addmotor | 19 October 2023 | 0 Comments
Motor placement in your electric trike is vital, as it affects the trike's performance, stability, and suitability. Hence, you must consider the placement, as etrikes typically offer both front and rear mounting options.
You should opt for rear-mounted e-trikes since they offer superior traction, handling, efficiency, maintenance, comfort, and safety. They also provide improved cornering stability due to the even weight distribution enabled by the rear-mounted motor.

m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Orange
 Take a look at some of the new Addmotor etrikes like:
  • Triketan II M-330
  • Triketan II M-330 Mini
  • Arisetan II M-360
All of them are upgraded with rear-mounted motors and are conquering the market.
Stick with this article to explore the benefits you'll get by choosing rear-mounted etrikes over front-mounted motors

Advantages Of Rear-Mounted Motors Over Front-Mounted Motors In An E-Trike

Not a few, but there are dozens of reasons why you should go for rear-mounted motors instead of front-mounted motors in an e-trike. In the section below, we’ll highlight key factors that every electric trike enthusiast should be aware of. Let's take a look:

Enhanced Traction and Stability:

Electric trikes with rear-mounted motors provide enhanced traction and stability. The motor on the driving wheel maintains constant ground contact, making them ideal for rough terrain and hilly areas.

Balanced Weight Distribution:

A motor positioned over the rear wheel in an e-trike centralizes its mass, resulting in improved weight distribution. This reduces the risk of tipping and enhances handling, especially during turns and tight maneuvers.

Quieter and More Comfortable Ride:

Rear-mounted motors on electric trikes are quieter and more comfortable. They generate less noise since they are farther from the rider and produce minimal vibration, allowing for a disruption-free riding experience.

Reduced Overheating Risk:

Since the rear side is less exposed to hot air or a hot atmosphere, a motor mounted on the rear side will reduce overheating issues. The rear side is the cooler area that always gets clear air. Also, compared to the front wheel, the rear one dissipates heat more efficiently.

Increased Cargo Capacity:

An electric trike with a rear-mounted motor is designed to offer extra rear space, providing riders with increased cargo capacity. For example, the Triketan II M-330 can carry a total of 450 lbs. Also, the rear-mounted motor doesn't place pressure on the front wheel, ensuring stability and safety.

Enhanced Long-Distance Capability:

Rear-mounted motors require less energy to propel the trike forward due to their more efficient design and placement. That means less energy consumption and lets you go longer without worrying about running out of power. Plus, this type of trike, like the Arisetan II M-360, is built with a powerful battery.

Versatility for Different Rider Types:

Contrasting front-mounted counterparts, rear-mounted e-trike motors meet diverse riding needs. The enhanced traction, stability, comfort, and handling allow for versatile applications, making e-trikes like the Triketan II M-330 Mini suitable for riders ranging from beginners to pros.

Top E-Trikes with Rear-Mounted Motor

It’s clear that a rear-mounted motor e-trike offers more benefit and versatility than a front-mounted one. Let’s explore some of the top-quality etrikes from Addmotor that come with a rear-mounted motor. Check them out:

Triketan II M-330:

M-330 step-thru fat tire electric trike in white
48v/20ah Battery:
With a 48V/20Ah battery, this fat tire etrike offers an extended range, increased power, improved efficiency, and a longer lifespan. With the capability to cover up to 85 miles, it also provides the convenience of 7 pedal assist levels to further extend your range.
The differential provides enhanced stability and maneuverability, especially when cornering or riding on uneven terrain. This can make your rides smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.
750w Rear-Mounted Motor:
Triketan II M-330 features a 750W Brushless Rear-Mounted Motor with 80 N·M Torque, providing improved traction, better weight distribution, smooth acceleration, and aiding riders in conquering hills and long journeys effortlessly.
450 Lbs Of Load Capacity:
With this etrike, you can carry up to 450 lbs of weight, which is more than good enough to carry any kind of cargo or package. Noticeably, it has a stronger and more stable enhanced trailer tube system, making it ideal for carrying heavy loads or bulky cargo.
Parking Brake:
A parking brake in an electric trike can increase safety, reduce wear and tear, and make parking easier. It can be extremely useful for parking your trike securely on any terrain.
Torque Sensor:
Equipped with an advanced torque sensor, this electric trike provides a more natural and responsive riding experience by matching the motor's assistance to the rider's pedaling input. This makes uphill climbs and long rides easier, and can also improve battery range.

Triketan II M-330 Mini:

This one is a compact etrike that is essentially identical to the Triketan II M-330, apart from its smaller size. The Mini is suitable for riders from 5' to 6'4'' tall, while the M-330 suits riders from 5'2" to 6'4".
Mini also features different-sized wheels, with a 20" front wheel and a 16" rear wheel, which gives it a more compact design.


Arisetan II M-360: 

Powerful Motor & Battery:
The Arisetan II M-360's powerful rear-mounted motor and high-capacity battery delivers robust performance, smooth acceleration, extended range, and effortless terrain handling.
Reliable Parking Brake:
The reliable parking brake will keep the trike securely in place, even on inclines or uneven surfaces. This prevents your trike from accidentally rolling away, which can cause damage to your trike or injure bystanders.
Rear Speed Differential:
Its rear speed differential allows the rear wheels to rotate at different speeds, which improves balance and stability, especially when cornering at faster speeds. It reduces the risk of tipping or losing control issues.

Front-Mounted Vs. Rear-Mounted Motor: Which E-Trike Should You Choose?

So, what do you think? From front to rear-mounted electric trikes, which one will suit you the most?
If you are planning for a regular-use trike with strong build quality and heavy load capacity, it’s ideal to go for a rear-mounted motor trike. It will provide better traction, stability, safety, and more.
Consider any of the fat tire etrikes that are listed in this article. All of them are granted to provide excellent performance, meet your versatile needs, and ensure a more enjoyable riding experience.


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