Top 6 E-Bike Brands USA 2022

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Here is a list of the top 6 electric bike brands in the U.S. Here you can find basic information about these e-bike brands like Addmotor, Aventon, Himiway, Pedego Electric Bikes, Quietkat, and Rad Power Bikes, and all the featured electric bike models. We'll start with Addmotor and then cover other e-bike brands alphabetically.

If you’re newer to the e-bike cycling world, read on for our electric bike brands’ list to get a better idea about all the mechanics, and what to look out for.
#1 Introduction to Top 6 Electric Bike Brands
1.1 Addmotor Electric Bikes 

Addmotor, a fast-growing California-based electric bike brand, focuses on designing and manufacturing user-friendly e-bikes and e-trikes. Addmotor aims to lead a low-carbon way to explore the world. So they provide a wide range of e-bike models from City, Trike, Motan (All-Terrain), Folding, Wildtan (Hunting), and Cruiser to Cargo electric bikes and continue to update the electric models’ electrical system and mechanical parts to meet the diverse needs of customers.   
Plus, Addmotor is a direct consumer brand, which means they do not have a middleman to sell electric bikes to consumers. So compared to bike dealers, the consumer can get a lower price from and enjoy Addmotor’s professional customer service in the showrooms (sales, test rides, and after-sales support).
The Citypro electric bikes, E-43 & E-53, are Addmotor’s first electric bike model built for city commuting. They come with 2.3” x 26’’ Kenda thin tires, so you can roll faster with less effort on smooth pavement. The thin tires are lighter and have fewer tire patterns, resulting in less friction and more speed. Thin tire e-bikes are regularly best for paved-road ridings like commuting and racing. Most importantly, Addmotor citypro e-bikes use the world’s first 48V*20Ah UL recognized battery pack, which is perfectly complainant with a 500W brushless hub motor and ensures an extra long riding range of 125 miles in pedal-assist level 1 (8mph).    
Back in Sep 2017, Addmotor launched the world-first semi-recumbent electric trike, the M-360 model, for those with back pain and limited mobility. And next year, appeared with three other electric tricycle models. They are Grandtan M-340 , Triketan M-350, and Motan M-330. These electric trikes are best for hauling groceries, garden supplies, rummage sale finds, travel items, or taking a pet dog for a walk.
Wildtan M-5600 mid-drive electric bike is the best hunting e-bike you can purchase for less than $3,500 and one of the best you can buy overall. The 1,000W mid-dive motor can deliver 160Nm of torque power for tough terrains. The superior wide 4.5-inch fat tires lead to more contact with the road, in this case, ensuring more friction and avoiding sudden skidding.
M-81 Cargo electric bike is an alternative to an electric tricycle for hauling items, delivery, and shopping. Compared to e-trikes, it is more compact and inexpensive. M-81 Cargo is a fat tire e-bike that is comfortable to ride on most terrains, from city-road riddled with potholes to unpaved paths with rocks or snow.
M-66 Cruiser electric bike is a moped-style model for two riders. It features an extra-long banana saddle that gives the rider(s) plenty of room to sit comfortably. Plus a durable, mental footrest to support the feet. The rider can feel free on a long trip. The powerful 750W rear hub motor helps overcome the slopes even with two people on the bike.
Motan series of electric bicycle models are Addmotor's electric fat bikes specifically designed for people with a variety of riding needs. They fit well in a wide range of terrain, from sandy beaches and smooth surfaces to muddy trails.
Addmotor has 2 main folding electric bike models. One of them is the M-140 model, specially designed with a particularly low step-through frame. The other is the M-150 with a traditional folding bicycle frame. They are both available with spoked wheels or alloy integrated wheels. A removable 17.5Ah battery locked on the seat post powers the 750W hub motor. This ensures a claimed range of 65 miles.
1.2 Aventon Bikes
The high-performance electric bikes made by Aventon are renowned for their superb craftsmanship in low-temperature painting, hand polishing, hydro-foaming technology, and flat position welding.
Aventon has a large selection of e-bikes available on their website, all of which are built to go faster and more effectively than your typical set of wheels. There are various options, including the award-winning Pace 500, the Sinch Step-Through Foldable variant, and the Level Commute concept.
It doesn't rely on premium parts like Bosch and Shimano motors, yet it manages to produce models that can compete with and even surpass those that do, particularly in terms of power, range, and adequacy for human use. Nearly all of its models include motors with a maximum peak output of 500W or higher, top speeds of 28 mph, and somewhat faster 3-amp chargers—all for affordable pricing.
Aventon has 5 main types of e-bikes:
Pace: A relaxed, pleasant cruising style that doesn't skimp on speed or your wallet.
Adventure: Their most potent and cutting-edge full-sized e-bike is capable of navigating different terrains.
Sinch: A small, foldable electric bicycle with wide tires and a front suspension for tough terrain.
Level: This category is specifically created and built for riders who commute in metropolitan settings.
Soltera: A sleek, simple electric bicycle that is lightweight and agile and is perfect for urban settings.
1.3 Himiway Bikes
A relatively new e-bike manufacturer, Himiway was established in 2017 and has its headquarters in Shanghai, China. But with a California warehouse, it mostly serves German and American customers.
The brand combines power and affordability, which is nearly always a winning combination when it comes to e-bikes. The models are all big, all-terrain alternatives, which indicates that there is also a good amount of versatility included. Himiway has these main types of e-bikes:
Hybrid Model Line: Given that it is promoted as an all-terrain choice, the Zebra is the category's closest thing to a genuine fat e-bike. It's a pretty good choice when you consider the strong gear hub motor's top speed of 20 mph in throttle-only mode and the above-average riding ranges that can go as far as 80 miles (130 km).
Cargo Model Line: The cargo e-bike made by Himiway is called the Big Dog. Even though it doesn't really fit the definition of a traditional cargo option, it does promise a remarkable 400-pound payload capability with its rear rack, which is essentially a feature exclusive to vehicles in that category.
Mountain Model Line: Himiway's dedicated eMTB, the Cobra, is undoubtedly one of the company's best products. It has a higher-end Pro variant that improves the motor, gear shift mechanism, and double-suspension system in addition to the original Cobra's already remarkable specifications.
Cruiser Line: Think of Himiway's cruiser as a more powerful and versatile option than other brands due to the big tires. With the upright seating position, there is an obvious emphasis on comfort, which is amplified if you pick the Step-Thru.
Commuter Model Line: The most adaptable e-bike is the Escape moped-style model, which the company openly promotes by labeling it "multi-functional." It has all the luxuries you would anticipate from a daily commuter model.
There is a lot of variation despite its currently modest catalog. There are five primary e-bike lines it sells, and while they all have fat tires, they fall into distinct categories. The majority, if not all, are distinguished by powerful 750W motors, large-capacity batteries with sufficient range, and suitably equipped with required accessories.
1.4 Pedego Electric Bikes
With 20 models in its current inventory that fall into the cruiser, city, eMTB, road, folding, junior, and hybrid categories, Pedego is a mixed bag.
As far as the idea of excellence in e-bikes is concerned, their overall designs and component quality are top-notch. Pedego has 11 main types of e-bikes:
Boomerang-Low Step E-Bikes: We believe the original Boomerang is still excellent in its own right, even though the new Platinum edition of the device may naturally have greater specifications. Almost any e-bike rider would welcome the combination of the 749W motor's power and quietness.
City Commuter E-Bikes: This brand of performance-focused, no-nonsense e-bikes has 5 different models, making it the most varied in the whole portfolio.
Cruiser E-Bikes: Similar to the City Commuter, this model has been around for a while and has received reviews that are generally favorable for its comfort. There are 3 Pedego cruisers: Electric Beach Cruiser, Platinum Edition, and Electric Cruiser Bike.
Element E-Bikes: It's reasonable to say that the Element is equipped with characteristics that make it a decent option for everyone, including women and children, and is designed for the typical urban rider. It is not average, yet it is still reasonably priced.
Elevate eMTB Model Line: This one has plenty of power but also understands how to maintain balanced mountain biking. Its Shimano STePs motor serves its intended job admirably, providing dependable support when needed. The lightweight motor helps to keep the weight at a modest 50 pounds (23 kg).
Latch Folding E-Bikes: This folding e-bike is a suggested choice for anyone with a stockier build who desires the benefits of a folding model because, when fully unfurled, it feels like a standard-sized e-bike.
Ridge Rider eMTB Model Line: The Ridge Rider is a 500W Dapu motor-equipped front-suspension eMTB that has a lot of power and several attractive features that will make for consistently good off-trail riding.
Stretch Cargo E-Bike Model Line: This combines the typical cargo e-bike concept with the distinctive Pedego cruiser appearance in an elegant way. Overall, though, it's a very unique cargo e-bike that offers the basic advantages of both cargo and cruiser types.
Tandem Cruiser E-Bike Model Line: If you don't know what a tandem is, it's an e-bike model specifically made to be used by two adult riders. Essentially, this is the iconic Pedego cruiser in tandem form, which is still very uncommon in e-bikes.
Trail Tracker Fat E-Bikes: With a Pedego Trail Tracker, off-roading couldn't be much better. A fat electric bike did well. The Gorilla edition features far superior cruiser-style handlebars, so anyone looking to have a more comfortable off-road experience should think about making the whole purchase.
E-Bike Trikes: Due to its substantial weight without going overboard, this tricycle e-bike provides the appropriate level of stability. It also uses an upright handlebar design, giving you a clear sense of the level of comfort you may expect when riding it.
1.5 Quietkat Bikes
For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy hunting, fishing, camping, and untamed exploration, QuietKat creates powerful electric bikes. Real adventurers may now ride e-bikes that can keep up.
All their models have large tires up to 4.8-inch wide, a hardtail or full-suspension design, and at least 750W of power.
The company currently provides ten or so models, all of which are available for 14 days of risk-free, obligation-free testing. This is a great technique to solve the riddle if you're unsure which one to choose. QuietKat has the following main types of e-bikes:
Hunting: You can rapidly reach isolated wildernesses with a long-range hunting e-bike from QuietKat, like the ranger, warrior, pioneer, or apex, saving you time and energy for when it matters the most.
Overlanding: QuietKat e-bikes can get you to your desired remote adventure if you're yearning for one. With the jeep e-bike, rubicon e-bike, and ibex e-bike's performance over the toughest terrain, you'll climb higher, go farther, and explore more.
Urban: Utilize the long-lasting villager urban e-bike to get the most out of your daily commute. With eco-friendly, all-electric performance, you can make every trip into an experience, whether you're driving to work, cruising to dinner downtown, or taking the family on an outing.
All Mountain: With the all-day capability of the ridge runner, jeep e-bike, rubicon e-bike, apex e-bike, and IBEX E-BIKE, riders of all skill levels can tackle the most difficult trails. With the full power of their long-range, all-electric batteries, you can ride from sunrise to sunset.
Tactical: The Patrol 10 was created to satisfy the high-powered and tough capability requirements of law enforcement and governmental organizations worldwide. A simple, low-maintenance hub-drive motor with 1000w of electric power is fitted to the Patrol 10 to deliver swift acceleration and a sizable freight carrying capacity while remaining silent on the path.
1.6 Rad Power Bikes
Instead of engaging in a direct battle with the high-end brands that are already being fought tooth and nail, Rad Power chooses to focus on mid-range, affordable versions that best serve the average commuter and e-bike user.
The company's distinctive design aesthetic, affordability, potent motors that can reach 20 mph, and batteries with incredibly satisfying ranges are currently the hallmarks of the brand's remarkable catalog. In most models, batteries are quite uniform and charge in about 6 hours. Rad Power has the following main types of e-bikes:
RadRunner e-bikes: It's not at all unexpected that the RadRunner managed to surpass all other Rad Power models in popularity. It comes as a natural fat-tire e-bike, for starters. The 750W brushless motor, mechanical disc brakes, LED display, and up to 45 miles of range from its Lithium NMC Samsung battery of 48V are all included despite the extremely low price and relatively small size of the entire machine.
RadCity e-bike models: Despite the RadCity's name suggesting it belongs in the commuter or city category, its excellent specifications actually make it more of a hybrid commuter e-bike. The RadCity includes a backlit LCD with an integrated wattmeter, odometer, speedometer, charge and pedal assist level indicators, in addition to having puncture-resistant tires.
RadExpand 5 E-bike models: Rad Power's version of the ubiquitous folding e-bike is the Rad. It has many characteristics in common with its cousins, including the 750W Bafang engine, the 6061 aluminum frame, the 45-mile (72-km) range, and the Tektro mechanical disc brakes.
Models of RadWagon e-bikes: Although the RadWagon is less well-known than the other Rad Power models, it is nevertheless impressively well-made for a cargo e-bike that costs less than $2,000 in comparison. Simply said, the basic cargo e-bike and this brand's considerable power are the ideal fit.
RadRover e-bikes: RadRover 6 Plus High Step & Step-Thru e-bikes are the two variants of the same vehicle. Both feature thick tires and are priced the same as the RadRunner. The primary distinction between the two is that one is a step-through e-bike, effectively making it more suitable for elders and just enhancing overall riding comfort. It features the same batteries, disc brakes, and 750W geared hub motor as the RadRunner.
RadMission electric bicycles: In comparison to other models in the Rad Power range, the RadMission has a more traditional design. Regardless of height, the majority of riders won't have too much trouble learning how to ride it because it is available in both high-step and mid-step frames.

#2 What Makes Addmotor Electric Bikes Outstanding


Lithium-ion batteries, which can pose a safety risk, are commonly used to power many electric bikes now on the market. A li-ion battery fire will result from heat abuse, electrical abuse, mechanical abuse, or an internal short circuit.
But after extensive electrical, mechanical, and environmental testing spanning more than a few years, Addmotor's World-First 20V*48Ah UL-Recognized Battery Pack has passed the rigid safety requirements set by UL for use in light electric vehicles. It improves the overall safety of Addmotor electric bikes by successfully reducing the threat of fire and electrical risks.
Addmotor keeps improving the electronic system and updating some of the mechanical components to create the greatest electric bikes. The R&D team at Addmotor has been studying electric bicycles for more than a decade with the goal of creating bike models that satisfy client expectations.
For instance, one of their main priorities while designing the EB 2.0 lighting system was to make it safer and provide a more pleasant level of brightness. In order to achieve this, they have switched to a full LED lighting system, which can reduce energy use by 15% while offering a wide-angle illumination area.
Electric trikes are another product that Addmotor makes in addition to e-bikes. They recently released improved e-trikes for 2023 that have the newest EB 2.0 electrical technology and certain mechanical part improvements.
The lighting system, electrical power system (or battery system), control system, and integrated process design system are the four components that make up the EB 2.0 electrical system.
Together, the Addmotor enhanced electric trikes increase the maximum range by roughly 73% to support the expansion of adventure riding and enable the entire frame to be completely aligned to the accessories while also enhancing riding comfort, convenience, and safety.
The ARC frame, seen in Addmotor bicycles, is strong, lightweight, and long-lasting. When you ride it, so many people will be wowed at the sleek, sophisticated design. You'll consider it to be your favorite bike you've ever owned! This electric bike shop produces a variety of designs at discount costs and offers six distinct color options for e-bikes.
Lastly, Addmotor has showrooms and warehouses in California and Florida, so you can visit them and try out the e-bikes before deciding to buy them.
#3 Electric Bike Brand Comparison


3.1 Addmotor Citypro Electric Bikes vs. Aventon Level Commuter Ebike
The city e-bike from Addmotor has hydraulic brakes, a 7-speed Shimano gear shift system, a 500W brushless rear motor, and 26" x 2.3" tires. The front fork's 80mm of travel is in a spring suspension. According to its manufacturer, the Citypros rack payload capacity is 55 lbs (25 kg). The handlebar and saddle can be adjusted by the rider to achieve the most comfortable setting.
Its enormous 960Wh battery is this e-most bike's obvious draw, which can ensure a maximum riding range of 125 miles. That is far above the current national average, especially given that the bike is still available for a fair $1,599 price.
The 360-degree visual safety lighting system with powerful LED lights is another unique feature. It gives riders the option to employ different light combinations, such as turn signals, braking signals, light flashing, and so on, to ensure they are visible and safe while riding.
At the same price point ($1,599), the Aventon Level Commuter is also a city e-bike with a 500W motor and spring suspension fork with 75mm travel. In addition to its aesthetic look, this bike offers a great ride quality, snappy handling, a suspension fork, and big volume tires to help it go over uneven terrain.
This city electric bike can reach pedal-assisted speeds of up to 28 mph thanks to its 500W (750W peak) engine. But it only features a 672Wh battery to ensure an average range of 40 miles. With two frame sizes available to accommodate a wide range of user heights, the step-thru frame makes mounting and dismounting simple. Additionally, it has a good user interface, fenders, and a cargo rack.

grandtan M-340

3.2 Addmotor Fat Tire Electric Trikes vs. Pedego Trikes
With its fat tire electric tricycles, Addmotor completely bets on stability. In fact, these versions are your best bet if you have difficulties balancing on motorcycles and e-bikes. But the abundance of stability only accounts for half of the equation because these e-trikes are also extremely comfortable.
The 20Ah batteries used in all of the models combine with strong 750W rear-hub motors to provide ranges of up to 85 miles (136 km). They make a wonderful normal vehicle for shopping runs and other such tasks because the back rack is obviously roomy, and each model complements it with a front basket (apart from the M360 model).
Given the strong motor and the way, the half-grip twist throttle operates to engage the motor, riding one of these trikes feels almost like riding a fully motorized vehicle. The maximum speed is 20 mph.
Pedego offers only a kind of adult e-trike for choice. It uses an upright handlebar design, giving you a clear sense of the level of comfort you may expect when riding it.
It also the mechanical disc brakes feature strong stopping ability. It is balanced because of the front-mounted battery. With a 36V*11Ah lithium-ion battery, you obtain a total range of, on average, 30 miles (50 km), but the weight of the additional baggage in the back will clearly have a significant impact on that. Additionally, LED lights are included, which is a plus for safety. The 350W motor makes it more suitable for smooth surface riding.
3.3 Addmotor Cargo Electric Bike vs RadWagon 4 Electric Cargo Bike
Addmotor cargo electric bicycle has a 750W brushless rear motor (907 peak watts) that can move weights up to 350 pounds at 20 MPH around the city. When in pedal assist mode 1, the enormous 20Ah battery can provide a range of up to 105 miles on a single charge.
You may load anything on your e-bike—groceries, a child, or anything else—with a maximum payload of 350 pounds. In either case, riding this e-bike to get around the city this fall without consuming any gas or oil is a terrific idea.
An electric cargo bike with an urban focus is the RadWagon 4 by Rad Power Bikes. The RadWagon 4 is an adaptable, powerful e-bike with a peak motor output of 750 watts, a 672 Wh battery, and a range of available accessories.
3.4 Addmotor Moped-Style Electric Bike vs. Himiway Escape Pro
A Bafang 750 Watt motor with 80 Nm of torque powers the Addmotor M-66 cruiser e-bike. With a UL-recognized Samsung cell battery, M-66 has an estimated range of about 60-105 miles with different riding modes. The throttle mode and PAS mode (7 levels) allow you to choose the way you like.
The M-66 has a carrying capacity of up to 300 pounds. The front and rear wheels of the M-66 have 180 mm Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. These brakes feature strong stopping forces and also contain motor inhibitors, so you always have the shortest stopping distance possible.
A moped-style electric bike with a 750W motor and a 48V*17.5Ah detachable battery is named the Himiway Escape. The bike includes a throttle that lets you move without pedaling and five levels of pedal assistance that give you more power depending on the level you put it at. Additionally, it has an LCD display that displays your speed, distance, riding mode, etc.
3.5 Addmotor Motan & Wildtan Electric Bikes vs. Quietkat Pioneer E-Bike

The premium model from Addmotor is the Wildtan hunting e-bike. They use exceptionally strong 1000W Bafang mid-drive motors, making them ideal for the off-road situations and incline hills that the average rider who wants to travel unsurfaced roads frequently encounters.
They couple it with a 17.5Ah battery, which is likewise above average in comparison to others and has a maximum range of 60 miles (95 km).
Large and broad tires can be found on Motan fat tire electric bicycles. It's pretty much a given that you won't hesitate to ride these bikes across more difficult and slippery terrain, whether it's gravelly, muddy, icy, or wet, thanks to the 4-inch fat tires.
Additionally, it increases comfort and stability. Riders can comfortably travel on a variety of surfaces, including muddy trails and sandy terrain, which is generally not possible with standard electric bikes. The electric fat tire bike has the capacity to carry more weight while maintaining a constant speed on a single charge.
Motan M-560 and M-550 are 750W electric fat bikes with the traditional step-over frames, while M-430 is a step-through electric fat bike that comes with Addmotor's latest EB 2.0 system. Most powerfully, the M-5500 model uses a 1250W brushless hub motor, best for outdoor adventure riding.
The tough Pioneer electric bike from QuietKat is designed for versatility and can give an exceptional all-terrain performance. The pioneer has suited for hunting thanks to its strong, low-maintenance motor, single-speed gearbox, and durable frame. It is available in 500W and 750W variants.
#4 Conclusion
We hope you enjoyed us listing the best e-bike brands in the USA. We hope that the comparison between different models helped you figure out which e-bike you should buy. If you are on the lookout for an e-bike, Addmotor will have its Prime Month event in October, and they will offer the biggest discounts to their customers - so be sure to check it out!


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