Tips and Tricks For Safety and Maintenance of E-bikes

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An electric bicycle is not only a convenient, but eco-friendly, and cost-effective mode of transportation nowadays. In modern life, E-Bikes are the most popular choice for transportation among people of every age group. With the growing popularity, it's necessary to educate the riders on basic maintenance and safety tips for riding these powerful Electric Motorbikes. 

As a professional rider, it's recommended to understand the basic to advance maintenance procedures of your e-bike or e-trike. Also, it's important to learn and apply all safety measures before and during rides to avoid any fatal injuries and ensure the safety of everyone on busy roads. In this article, we have covered all the basic maintenance and safety tips you can adopt for an easy and safe riding experience. 


Table of Content

•  Introduction
•  Why Safety is Necessary While Riding An Electric Bicycle?
•  Types of Safety Tips
•  Why Maintenance is Necessary for Your Adult Electric Bike?
•  How often an Electric bike needs maintenance?
•  Maintenance Tips and Tricks 
•  Basic Maintenance Toolkit, Your Must-Have at All times
•  FAQs
•  Conclusion

Why Safety is Necessary While Riding An Electric Bicycle?

Safety should not be ignored at any time while riding an E-bike or driving a vehicle on the road. As the wise saying is ” Care is Better Than Treatment”, the Same applies here. As a rider, you should always adopt all the safety measures for your own and others' safety while riding. Especially when you are new to e-bikes and don't have much riding experience on busy roads. 

Remember, safety is not a joke. One wrong move can cause a major accident and occur in fatal injuries to yourself and many others. Every rider should be aware of safety rules and measures and apply them to the best of his knowledge when riding outside. 

Safety also depends on the quality and capacity of the parts and components of a bike. When it comes to the selection of an E-bike with more Reliable and convenient working parts and equipment, we can't ignore the Addmotor cargo electric bike. with built-in safety features such as UL-certified battery, High-quality material, and extra proficient working parts and other components.

Following safety rules will make your journey safe and more comfortable. This will reduce the chances of major injuries during any emergency fall or collision. These practices are useful during night riding as well as in the daytime too. But for safety concerns, it is not recommended to ride your bicycle in extreme rain and snow or in an unsettled area at nighttime. 


Types of Safety Precautions For Riding E-bikes

There are 3 types of safety precautions the rider should consider while riding an Electric bike. These are described in the sequence below. 
1.  Before starting the ride
2.  During the ride 
3.  At the end of your ride 


►  Safety Tips to Consider Before Starting the Ride

1. Protective Gear and Helmet

The first and most important is to wear a high-quality riding helmet and protective gear before starting your ride. Always use the best quality riding helmet according to your head size and tighten the straps. Furthermore, wear riding gloves, eye protection to avoid dust and debris, bright-colored reflecting rider suits, closed-toe comfortable shoes, elbow, and knee pads to protect yourself in case of an accident. 

2. Adjust the Handlebar and Seat of your E-bike Accordingly

The next step is to adjust your electric Bike’s handlebar and seat according to your comfort and best sitting position. So, you can easily control the bike and rest your feet on the pedals without any stress. Easy sitting will allow you to enjoy your rides more. 

3. Check The Tires of the E-Bike

Make it a habit to check the tires of your electric Bike before you take it out for a ride. Make sure the tires are fully pressured and also look for punctures, cuts, or any damage on the tires. Because a damaged tire affects the overall performance of your bike and can put extra load on the motor and battery. 

4. Check The Lights and Turning Indicators

The Lights and turning indicators are installed to enhance your visibility and keep other vehicles aware of yourself on the road. Whether you are riding at night or day, make sure your lights and indicators are properly working. Especially when riding in low-visibility weather or commuting at nighttime. Check the functionality of both by turning them on.

5. Ensure The Brakes of Your E-bike are Working Properly

The brakes play a major role in the safety of riders and bikes whenever an emergency stop is needed. It's necessary to check and ensure the proper response of brakes before starting your ride. Squeeze and check the brake lever for proper working. Also, make sure the brake pads are stable and aligned with the rims for proper extra resistance. 

6. Check the Chain of Your E-bike

The chain is the main working part of any electric bicycle or Trike. Always check your chain thoroughly for any broken connector, rust, corrosion, or lack of lubrication. Ensure the proper lubrication of the chain and moving parts for smooth and resistance-free movement. A hard chain can badly affect the overall performance of the bike. 

7. Check the Battery Status

It is necessary to fully charge the battery of your E-bike to ensure 100% availability of power for an effortless ride. Check the status of the remaining battery before heading to a ride, especially when going for long rides. This will help you to estimate the possible distance you can cover with your battery. Never ride your fat tires electric bike with a battery power of less than 10%.


►  Safety Tips To Pay Attention During The Ride

1. Obey and Follow the Traffic Rules of Your Area

Whenever you ride your Electric bike or even any other vehicle on the road, it's necessary to follow the traffic rules according to the laws and regulations of your area. Most of the laws are the same for E-bikes, but there can be differences between speed limits, and a dedicated line for Electric bicycles and manual bicycles. Always follow the traffic rules for a safe and sound riding experience.  

2. Use Turning Indicators and Stay Visible to the Traffic

It has been observed that most bike accidents occur due to untold and immediate turnings. Always use left/right turning indicators to alert the vehicles on your back and sides about your next move. Keep an eye on your side mirror for any incoming vehicle, and then turn in your desired direction and off the indicator after a full turn. It's necessary to wear a bright color riding suit to stay visible and stand alone in the traffic when riding your Electric Motorbike or Cargo Electric Bike.

3. Stay Active and Minimize Distractions

Be focused on the road and stay alert every time while riding. Grip the handlebar of your Fat Tires Electric Bike with firm hands and avoid using mobile, taking calls, and listening to high-volume headphones. This will keep you aware of what's happening in your surroundings and other vehicles on the road. Life is precious, do not risk it with a minor mistake. 

4. Apply the Brakes Before an Emergency

This should be remembered as the master principle for riding your Electric bike, Cargo Electric Bike, or even driving any type of mechanized vehicle. Always brake before time and avoid emergency braking. It's much better to slow down ahead of any critical situation. As the slogan of motorways is” It is better to arrive late than never”. Keep this in mind and don't over speed.

►  Safety Tips to Apply At the End of Your Ride

1. Detailed Inspection of your Electric Bicycle

To keep your E-bike ready for the next ride, check your bike thoroughly for any physical damage on the body or technical issues before storing it. Check the tires, chain, battery status, brakes, wire connectors, and other components for any damage. This will allow you to repair any damage before taking your next ride. 

2. Store Your E-bike in a Safe and Secure Location

The last and most important safety measure is to park and store your Favorite Electric Bike in a safe and secure place. Careless parking can cause corrosion and rusting on the main frame and other parts of your bike. Use a weather sheet to fully cover your bike and apply oil and grease on the working parts when storing for a long time. Also, you can strip and store the parts of your adult electric bike separately in full packaging.

As a general issue, most people are troubled with small garages and less available parking space. This can be a hurdle for you to ride your dream electric bike or trike. But don't worry, Here is the best alternative for you. Addmotor Folding Bike can be parked easily in a narrow garage. These bikes are equipped with high voltage latest technology batteries to give you an effortless and comfortable riding experience.


Why Maintenance is Necessary for Your Adult Electric Bike

Like any other vehicle, e-bikes also need proper care and maintenance to keep them in original and best working condition. Ignoring the maintenance can cause a swear problem like brake failure, power supply break, chain misplacement, and broken chain during a ride outside. This will result in an awful riding experience and severe injuries in case of a sudden fall.

Maintenance at regular intervals is key for a long life span of your Electric motorbike. A little care can prevent you and your electric bike for adults from fatal accidents and ensure the proper functioning of all parts. It is necessary to follow the recommended procedures while performing any maintenance tasks. In the below topics, we will discuss the basic maintenance procedures and steps to carry out.

If you are looking for a maintenance-free and cost-effective electric bicycle with high performance. We strongly recommend affordable electric bike from Addmotor at the lowest prices, with minimum maintenance required and high overall, Hopefully, you will find the best match according to your budget and needs.


How Often Does an Electric Bike Need Maintenance?

As a machine, E-bike requires regular and daily basis minor cleaning. But, there are 3 major occasions for detailed inspection and maintenance of your Fat Tire Electric Bike. The categorization is based on millage. 

1. Basic Inspection and Maintenance

Experts recommend a basic inspection and maintenance of your bike after completing 300 miles of running. In this basic maintenance inspection, your bike should be checked for any visible crack, dent, corrosion, loose screw, or missing nut, and repaired properly to keep it fully functional. The basic check doesn't need any mechanic, instead of major repairs.
2. Tuning of Your Electric Bike

The tuning of the E-bike should be carried out after 500 miles. This includes the removal of detachable accessories, batteries, and other major components for detailed inspection and repair by a professional mechanic. The mechanic will replace any damaged part after a thorough inspection. 
3. Overhauling Of Your Electric Bicycle

You need to overhaul your E-bike after driving it 1500 miles. This includes detailed stripping of all parts and cleaning of the driveway and all working parts. A professional mechanic should inspect the bike thoroughly for any worn-out parts, cracks, or other mechanical faults and repair them accordingly. The battery life and motor proficiency should also be checked during overhauling and replaced if found faulty.

Maintenance Tips and Tricks

1. Cleaning of Your Electric Bicycle

Permanent cleaning is necessary to keep your Electric Motorbike in good condition for a long time. Make it a habit to clean your bike with a rag after every ride. It will not take more than 5 minutes to fully clean your bike, but this will maintain the original look and color for a long time. You can also use a pressure washer to wash and clean your bike but don't use a high-power washer as it can damage the paint and color of your electric bicycle. 

2. Battery Care

The electric bikes are equipped with high-power Lithium Lion batteries. The battery is the main power source of your e-bike. Always recharge your battery with the original charger when it consumes 80% of charging. For going on long rides, recharge the battery to its full capacity. If you have stored your bike for a long time, make sure the battery should not remain empty or fully drained whole the time. Recharge it occasionally and keep it in use to maintain its working condition. Don't overcharge your battery for more than the required time. 

3. Maintenance of Tires

As Electric Bikes are heavier than other bikes, the tires are more likely to get damaged with use. One of the common and critical issues riders face is a flat tire. To avoid this, keep your tires filled with the appropriate air pressure. This will help the bike to perform easily and improves battery consumption.

4. Keep Your E-bike Motor In the Best Working Condition

To keep your bike’s motor in the Best working condition, clean it for dust, rust, and debris. Keep the moving parts of your Fat Tires Electric Bike lubricated by applying oil and grease regularly. It is also recommended to track the motor temperature of your E-bike to avoid overheating. Overheating can affect the battery and functionality of the electronic components of your bike. 

5. Cleaning of Frame

It is not good to park the bike covered in dirt after a ride on muddy or hilly terrains. If you do so, the frame of your bike will catch corrosion and get weak with time. You should clean all the dirt and mud from the frame of your E-bike before parking it. After cleaning the bike, check the main frame for any type of cut, or dents. Always use a soft rag to clean the frame to avoid scratching the paint. 

6. Lubrication of Working Parts

Lubrication is necessary on the main working parts of your Fat Tires Electric Bike. Firstly clean the chain and derailleur with a cleaning solution and then apply grease or oil to keep their movement smooth. Lubrication decreases the stress and increases the efficiency of the chain on the derailleurs. 

7. Keep Brakes Ready for Any Emergency

The brakes of an Electric Bike play the role of a lifeline for the rider and should not be ignored. Always check your brake pads after 2 or 3 weeks to see if they are properly holding the rims or not. If you doubt the brake pads, immediately replace them. Because failure of brakes can result in serious accidents and fatal injuries.

8. Loosen Screws and Nuts

Check every single screw and nut of your Electric Bike on a weekly basis and tight them if found loose. A single screw and nut can affect the running of your bike and cause a lot of trouble for you while riding outside the city without a nearby mechanic. 

9. App Updates and Error Codes

Almost every latest model of Electric Bike or Cargo e-bike is equipped with a front-mounted display to track the overall performance of a bike. Keep the app updated with the latest version for better functionality. Also, read the error codes manual and understand the problem codes to recognize the problem whenever an error code pops up on the screen.

10. Cables and Connectors

Check your wiring cables and connectors for any damage or improper fitting each time you inspect your Electric Bike. A single loose connector or wire can disturb the whole power supply of your E-bike and cause a lot of trouble. Checking and maintaining regularly will keep you safe from the situation. 

11. Forks Suspension

The Forks of your Adult Electric Bike keep you comfortable on hilly and undulating grounds. Without forks and shocks, your ride will be hell uncomfortable and full of bouncy bumps. It is fundamental to check and fill the fork suspension of your Adult Electric Bike or Cargo Trike before the failure of functionality. Always use the original and recommended fork suspension for your bike instead of locally made. 

12. Horn and lights

Proper working lighting system and horn is the surety of safe rides. Always check and confirm the functionality of the horn, lights, and indicators by turning them on before you go out for a ride. If not working properly, replace them immediately. You can easily replace a faulty one without any complicated procedure. 

Must have Maintenance Toolkit

Basic maintenance of an Electric Motorbike can’t be performed without using some basic tools. As a professional rider, it's necessary to keep a mini toolkit with you whenever riding out of the city.  This will help you a lot in the maintenance of a fault when you have to do it on your own. The mini toolkit consists of these basic tools. 
•  Puncture repair kit 
•  Spare front LED light
•  Zip ties
•  Portable mini pump
•  Spare inner tube
•  Headlamp
•  Poncho 
•  Pen and paper (to note down) 
•  Cash and change (for buying something)
•  Duct tape 
•  first aid Basic kit 
•  Multi-tool
•  Bike charger


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the basic difference between an E-bike and a manual bike?
A regular bike doesn't have an electric power supply to ride the bicycle and is operated by manual pedaling. On the other side, Electric bikes are powered by batteries and a powerful motor to operate and don’t need manual pedaling. 

1. What safety equipment is necessary to wear while riding an Addmotor Electric Bike?

The safety gear for bike riders includes gloves, eye protection, a high-quality helmet, a bright color riding suit, elbow/knee pads, and comfortable closed-toe shoes. 

2. Can electric Bikes operate in rainy or snowy weather?

Yes, you can ride your Fat Tyre Electric Bike or Foldable Electric Bike in Rainy or snowy weather. But for safety concerns, it is not recommended to ride in extreme weather conditions. As the wet road can make it hard to brake and decreased visibility always hides the danger of accidents.

3. How often should I charge the battery of my Electric Bicycle?

Recharging your E-bike’s battery depends on the power status. You can check the remaining charging through a digital display. Plug in the charger when it's less than 20% but don't overcharge your battery for a longer time. Plug out the charger immediately after fully charging. 

4. Can I replace and install a new battery without a mechanic?

Yes, you can change the battery of your E-Trike with a little bit of experience and reading the user manual for guidelines. But always install the original battery of the same manufacturer and the same power for better performance. 

5. What is the life span of the tires of an Electric Bike?

The tires don't have a fixed life span, but normally the tires of bikes last between 2000 - 3000 miles. But if the tires are still in good condition, you can use them according to their standard life span. 

6. Is it necessary to register my E-bike with the licensing department in the USA?

No, you don't need to license your electric bike in the USA.


Electric bikes have become the most common alternative to manual bicycles, cars, and motorcycles, as a cost-effective and eco-friendly mode of travel. Whether you are searching for the best electric bike for committing to work daily or looking for a weekend warrior bike for camping tours on weekends. An electric bike or Trike is the best fit for you according to your needs and budget. 

These bikes are easy to ride and equipped with powerful batteries to provide pedal assistance for long distances. You can improve the performance of your E-bike by taking a little care and performing some minor maintenance. 

Make this a habit to inspect your electric bike for any physical damage or faulty component and repair it immediately. This will help you to maintain the best performance of your Electric bike and extend the life span of all components. Take care of the moving parts of your bike by applying lubricating them regularly with oil or grease. 

Safety is not a joke. It is important to follow the safety measures for a safe and better riding experience. There are 3 types of safety measures before starting the ride, during the ride, and after the ride. As a professional rider, you should adopt these while riding your electric bicycle. 

Finally, you should have a mini toolkit consisting of the recommended tools and equipment along with yourself always. Especially when you ride outside the city area. With the help of this mini toolkit, you can perform basic maintenance tasks easily on your own without a mechanic. 

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