The Ultimate Guide To Addmotor Electric Tricycle Collection

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Are you tired of paying hefty amounts of money on fuel or local transport for your daily commute? Worry not, as Addmotor's fat wheel electric trike collection has got you covered.
An electric fat trike also referred to as Etrike, is now being predominantly used by individuals nowadays to save money as the adult electric trike is battery-operated, unlike manual motorbikes.

M-350 and  M-340 ,M-360 Electric Tricycle for Adults 
Now, if you want to know more about Addmotor's 3-wheel bike for adults, keep reading this blog.
Let's dive in!

What is Etrike?

Most of you may have never heard the term 'Etrike', so you must be wondering what exactly an Electric fat trike is.
A fat tire electric trike or adult trike is a three-wheeled electric bike powered by an electric motor and relies on a battery to operate. It is more convenient, safer, and easier to ride than manual tricycles or motorbikes.
Moreover, the three-wheel bike is a better and more sustainable alternative compared to other modes of transportation as they are eco-friendly and contribute less to global warming.

Features of Electric Fat Trike

What are the features that make Etrike the best amongst other means of transport?

1. Fat tire - Electric fat trike consists of fat tires which help in better traction and provide stability but they require more effort to pedal. Fat tires make it easier to travel on different types of terrains, such as snow, sand, dirt, gravel, mud, rocks, pavement, etc. As they are large and made of extra-elastic rubber, they have no pressure and great shock and vibration absorbency, due to which you have more control over the tricycle.
2. Large rear basket - Rear racks are specially designed for carrying heavier loads, such as school bags, as rear baskets are extraordinarily tough and sturdy.
3. Front basket - Three-wheel electric bikes have front baskets which are specifically designed for holding up pets or light weights.
4. LCD display -  Some fat tire electric tricycles for adult models consist of a small screen that displays the battery life, average speed, and the distance that you have covered.  

Moreover, the features are entirely dependent on the model of the three-wheel bike. The latest and newer the model of the fat wheel electric trike, the better the features and specifications, and vice versa.

M-360 Electric Tricycle for Adults

Why should you own an Electric tricycle?

As the world is advancing, you should also try to abandon your old and conventional vehicle and switch to a better mode of transportation.
Here's why you should consider getting a fat tire electric trike;

1. It is a three-wheel electric bike, so you don't need to worry about balancing it.
2. Three-wheel bikes have a large storage capacity due to the presence of front and rear cargo racks.
3. It is a convenient and safer ride for elderly people due to its high stability.
4. Due to Etrike's assistive smart features, they can be easily used by a person with special needs allowing them to feel more confident and independent. It can also help them to remain physically active and may help in building muscle mass.
5. Three-wheel bikes assist in saving money as fuel costs are cut off.
6. It is a sustainable alternative as it gives out zero emissions and does not release any harmful gases into the atmosphere.

Addmotor Electric Tricycle Collection

Addmotor has a huge range of electric fat trike collections making it easier for you to choose the three-wheel bike according to your demand and need.
Here's a list of the best adult electric tricycles from Addmotor;  

1. GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike 2023
2. M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023
3. GRANDTAN M-340 PLUS Etrike 2023
4. GRANDTAN M-340 CITY Etrike 2023
5. Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle 2023
6. TRIKETAN M-330 Electric Fat Trike 2023  

Let's have a detailed look at the features and specifications of each fat tire electric tricycle for adults to make the decision easier for you.

 M-340 Electric Tricycle for Adults
GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike 2023

M-340 2023 electric fat trike is one of the best-selling products of Addmotor as it is upgraded with the latest EB 2.0 system and the battery capacity is also extended up to 20Ah.

1. 4.0-inch Kenda fat tires - Grandtan M-340 fat wheel electric trike has better rollover capability and durability and is suitable for traveling on almost all types of terrain.
2. 750 W front-mounted motor - M-340 electric tricycle has better heat dissipation performance which helps in improving the efficiency of electrical energy being utilized. Moreover, it also assists in achieving a balanced state when the fat tire electric trike's speed is increased.
3. 20.0Ah high-capacity Samsung battery - M-340 electric fat trike uses a modified and upgraded EB 2.0 battery which allows the users to cover a distance of up to 85 miles.
4. 5-inch LCD display - The screen displays a wide range of information such as battery usage, velocity, mileage, lighting usage, PAS levels, current motor wattage, etc.
5. Integrated headlight and taillight - The lights are powered by the battery and the brightness of the lights are adjustable. Moreover, they have a 360° side view and almost 200m visual range.
6. EB 2.0 electrical system - It is equipped with a multi-functional taillight and the braking light is automatically switched on when the brakes are applied.
7. Tektro mechanical disc brake with motor cut-off sensor - This feature allows the vehicle to slow down or stop quickly when the brakes are applied due to the production of friction on the motors. 

electric trikes
 M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023

M-360 3-wheel bike for adults is specially designed for disabled individuals or individuals who are suffering from back pain so that they can travel without any difficulty.

1. Kenda 20" X 4" tires - The 4" fat tires allow for riding comfortably on different types of surfaces such as rough, smooth, sandy, etc.
2. 48V * 750W front-mounted motor - The 750W Bafang motor in the front wheel stabilizes the adult trike allowing it to accelerate and easily climb higher altitudes.
3. 48V * 20Ah Samsung cell battery - The battery comprises 960WH of capacity and has a longer lifespan than other fat tire electric tricycles for adults.
4. 5-inch LCD display with USB port - The LCD display shows the mileage, speed, battery usage, PAS level, etc along with multiple riding modes for your ease and comfort.
5. Tektro 180mm disc brakes - Each rear wheel has its separate brake which provides a great force for stopping the vehicle.
6. Integrated headlight and taillight - They are powered by the main battery and are regulated through the display screen.

GRANDTAN M-340 PLUS Etrike 2023

M-340 plus is one of the most sturdy and robust fat-wheel electric trikes which makes it a perfect ride for challenging terrains and outdoor adventures.
1. Kenda 4-inch fat tires - The rear tire is 24" x 4.0" which allows the three-wheel bike to have greater stability and equilibrium even on irregular and uneven lands.
2. 750W front-mounted motor - The high-speed brushless front-mounted hub motor can help in riding through the rockiest terrains without putting forth any extra effort.
3. 48V * 20Ah UL certified battery - The battery is long-lasting, rechargeable, and removable. As it is certified by UL, the risk of fire is decreased by at least. 90%.
4. 5-inch LCD display - The display illustrates the mileage, speed, battery usage, PAS level, etc. 5. Integrated headlight and taillight - It is powered by the main battery and controlled by uneven buttons. The brightness of the light can be adjusted according to the need.
6. EB 2.0 light system - It consists of a multi-functional taillight that indicates driving, danger, flashing, braking, and left and right turning signals.  
7. Tektro mechanical disc brake with motor cut-off sensor - These mechanical disc brakes assist in halting the three-wheel electric bike quickly by applying the brakes as it resists the motors.


GRANDTAN M-340 CITY Etrike 2023


Grandtan city adult tricycle is equipped with EB 2.0 electrical system, G5 head tube, G5 seat post, and G3 controller protector which makes the trip satisfying and enjoyable.
1. New 3.0 mini flame-like tires - The tires are smaller in size as compared to other electric trikes for adults which makes it a faster and quicker ride for the streets, pavements, and roads.
2. 750W brushless hub motor - The brushless hub motor increases stability and has a better heat dissipation rate.
3. 20Ah long-lasting Samsung cell battery - The EB 2.0 battery is installed in City strike due to which it can travel up to 90 miles with PAS 1 mode.
4. Waterproof 5-inch LCD display - The display screen is waterproof and demonstrates battery life, speed, mileage, PAS level, motor output power, etc.
5. Integrated headlights and taillights - The lights are powered by the battery.
6. Tektro mechanical disc brake with motor cut-off sensor - City electric fat trike has excellent brake levers which allow the tricycle to stop or slow down quickly.

hot ebike 2023 in USA Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle 2023

M-350 is a tough and durable fat tire electric trike with upgraded electrical functionality and it can handle all kinds of terrain.
1. Puncture-resistant fat tires - The front and rear tires have different sizes so that the three-wheel electric bike can withstand the pressures of different terrains.
2. 20Ah high-capacity Samsung battery - It can cover up to more than 85 miles with level one pedal assist due to its long-lasting battery.
3. 48V * 750W front-mounted motor - The front-mounted 750W motor has the ability to exceptionally accelerate the tricycle.
4. Large capacity basket with liner - The large and spacious basket rack is ideal for hoarding heavy loads such as school bags, shopping bags, etc.
5. 5-inch LCD display with USB port - The display depicts the battery life, distance covered, velocity, and multiple riding modes, and the USB port can be used for charging the mobile.
6. Integrated headlight - It is charged by the battery and monitored by the display.
7. EB 2.0 light system - M-359 strike consists of flashing lights, brake lights, danger lights, etc, to avoid accidents at night.

TRIKETAN M-330 Electric Fat Trike 2023

The M-330 electric fat trike consists of a low step-through frame which makes it easier for individuals to settle and get off the ride. It is comparatively smaller than other fat-tire electric tricycles for adults.
1. Kenda 20" X 4.0" tires - The tires help in riding smoothly and stably on almost all terrains such as dirt paths, paved bike lanes, beautiful sand beaches, etc.
2. 48V * 20Ah Samsung cell battery - The cell battery ensures that the M-330 tricycle can cover a distance of almost 85 miles.
3. 750W front-mounted motor - The 750W motor can carry almost 100lbs storage items, and climb mountains and hills at a reasonable speed.
4. 5-inch LCD display - The screen allows you to control and monitor the ride by keeping an eye on the speed, mileage, battery usage, PAS level, etc.
5. Tektro 180mm disc brakes - The brake levers exert friction on the motors allowing the tricycle to halt quickly and in time.
6. Integrated headlight and taillight - They are powered by the fat tire electric trike's battery.  

Comparing the M-340, M-340 Plus, and M-340 City Electric Tricycles

Although the model number is the same, there are variations in the features and quality which makes the three above-mentioned fat wheel electric trikes different from each other.
1. The M-340 and M-340 plus can cover a distance of almost 85 miles while the M-340 city can cover a distance of almost 90 miles.
2. The M-340 plus etrike has almost the same configuration as the M-340, the main difference is that the M-340 Plus comes with a 26" front tire/24" rear tire, while the M-340 comes with a 24" front tire/20" rear tire, so the Plus version is suitable for taller riders than the M-340.
3. The M-340 and M-340 plus etrikes have Kenda tires allowing them to travel effortlessly on all kinds of terrain while the M-340 city has mini flame tires which are best suited for smoother surfaces.
4. The price of each of the three M-340 models is USD 3099.  
Each of the three fat tire electric trikes is almost furnished with the same types of equipment making it difficult to distinguish and choose the best fat tire electric trike among them.

ebike trike 

Comparing M-340 etrike with other brand etrike models 

M-340 is the best-selling product of Addmotor, comparing it with the other brand's best-selling adult tricycle models.

Emojo CADDY PRO 500W 48V

1. It consists of a 48V/15.6Ah lithium battery.
2. The Bafang brushless motor has a power of almost 500W.
3. It can travel up to 30 miles on a single charge.
4. It has a carrying capacity of almost 300 lbs.
5. Battery charging time is almost 4-6 hours.
6. Hydraulic brakes are installed in this etrike.
7. The price of Caddy emojo pro etrike is $2899.  

Jorvik Elite Mid-Drive Dual Battery Electric Folding Tricycle JET-E2

1. It consists of a 36V/14Ah lithium battery with a dual battery converter.
2. This etrike comprises a Bafang 250W mid-drive motor.
3. It can travel up to 50 miles on electric and up to 70 miles on the pedal assist.
4. Battery charging time is almost 5-6 hours.
5. The etrike is equipped with tektro hydraulic brakes.
6. The price of the Elite dual battery electric tricycle is £3199.  
Addmotor M-340 electric tricycle for adults is a much better option than the above-mentioned electric tricycles from other brands because the price is best according to the specifications and features the M-340 is providing.
The M-340 fat tire electric trike has a wider range of covering the distance that is up to 85 miles almost while the other electric fat trikes are capable of covering a distance between 30-70 miles.
The M-340 three-wheel bike has a 750W motor installed which helps to utilize the electrical energy efficiently and have a better heat dissipation rate as compared to other electric tricycles.
grandtan m-340 etrikebest ebike


Safety tips while riding an electric tricycle

Some safety tips that you should always keep in mind when going out for a ride on a three-wheel electric bike;
1. Helmet - To avoid any injuries to the head, you should always wear a helmet when riding an electric tricycle for adults even if you are an expert.
2. Gloves - Gloves are essential when riding a fat wheel electric trike because they protect your hands from scratching due to holding the bike handles for longer periods.
3. Knee pads - Always wear knee pads to avoid knee injuries during an accident or mishap.
4. Cycling shorts - Cycling shorts are best for electric fat trikes as they reduce friction and prevent rashes and chafing. They allow your skin to breathe, keeping your body fresh.
5. Cycling glasses - Wear sunglasses or cycling glasses to protect your eyes from harmful rays of sunlight.  

electric bike


Are you still skeptical about buying an adult trike from Addmotor? Don't worry as Addmotor is one of the best USA electric bike companies.
Addmotor is one of the best and most reasonable USA electric bike companies. They have a wide range of high-quality and accessible electric tricycles for adults made in the USA.
If you are still confused about purchasing an electric tricycle for adults from Addmotor, call or email us and we will be more than happy to assist you.
Best of luck!


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