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Do you know the step-thru bike frame? Why design a striding bicycle frame? What does the step-thru bike frame have to do with our current electric bikes?
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The Step-Thru Bike Frame was designed at the end of the 19th century. It was designed for riders wearing low-hanging skirts and dresses at the end of the 19th century. The design of the frame allows the rider to get on the bike quickly, and the area that needs to be swept over the legs will be smaller. Getting in the car is easy, it doesn't need to be large when crossing, there is no muscle strain, or worse. And it allows riders wearing low-hanging skirts and dresses to get on the car gracefully.
The Straight-Through Type is one of the original practical designs. The frame is equipped with a low top tube or no top tube so that the standing height is not high. The frame geometry can maintain a low center of gravity, providing greater strength and durability. Bringing the frame closer to the ground also helps the bike maintain balance on different terrains. These purposeful features make the straddle bike a perfect ride for many riders.

So who is the step-thru bike frame design suitable for?
The Step-Thru Bike Frame is very friendly to short riders, no need to swing the legs hard on a tall bike, it is very comfortable to use. It is also very helpful for people with knee joint pain, limited mobility, or reduced mobility. Many people have to ride bicycles because of such restrictions. The Step-Thru Bike Frame is designed to be able to ride a bicycle without excessively stretching one's knees, and get rid of this limitation and ride the bicycle again. When you think that you have to give up your bicycle to go out in a skirt today, please don't think like that. Such a frame design makes it easier to ride a bicycle in a skirt and makes it easy for you to get on and off the bike.

At Addmotor, three different electric bicycle models, M140 P7, M140 R7, and M430 are designed in combination with the Step-Thru Bike Frame. The practicality, style, and accessibility of M140 and M430 are deeply loved by our riders. The M140 and M430 with striding bike frame designs have opened the door for more riders.

M-430 is our latest approachable fat bike, thanks to the Step-Thru Bike Frame, Straight-Through Type, and 20" wheels and tires, allowing you to get on and off this fat tire electric bike quickly and easily.
The sturdy frame design, oversized tires, and spring-loaded front forks make it the perfect and comfortable bike for fast travel and long-distance adventures. The integrated headlights and taillights help you stay visible before dawn, after sunset, or during a night adventure. Special
cyan color, 2 new colors will be added.

Possessing 750W power, the M-140 P7 is a foldable Step-Thru electric folding bike, featuring a Step-Thru Frame that makes it is easy to mount and dismount the bike. Its amazing 20 Inch size makes it perfectly portable in daily life.
M-140 P7 is a good choice for the one who wants an electric folding bike that is portable, affordable, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of use.
Whether crossing a sandy beach, snow trail, park cruiser, office, or just along a straight, the bike is up for the challenge. A collapsible top tube, folding frame, and pedal make it portable easily and quickly fold down to store in your car, under your desk at work, or anywhere you will use it.
M-140 P7 is truly an impressive electric bike. Not just because of its smooth riding experience and powerful motor that could handle various situations, but also because of its portability which makes me feel I can take it anywhere without any worry.

M-140 R7 fat tire folding step drive speed integrated wheel electric bicycle is just wonderful. The M-140 R7 is also a foldable electric bicycle combined with a Step-Thru Frame. This is an excellent choice for you who want an electric bicycle that is light, affordable, and powerful to handle a wide range of uses.
A collapsible top tube, folding frame, and pedal make it portable easily and quickly fold down to store in your car, under your desk at work, or anywhere you will use it. Seamlessly connect from car to the woods or park, from home to the metro, and toward the office.

The difference between M140 P7 and M104 R7 is that P7 has spoken wheels while R7 is equipped with aluminum alloy one-piece wheels.
The spoke wheel of
M140 P7 is connected by 36 steel wires, and the spoke wheel is connected by 36 steel wires. It is durable and still popular today. The spoke wheel can bend and bend to a certain extent, allowing you to cope with more rugged terrain.
The aluminum alloy wheel used in R7 is already very common. Unlike the spoke wheel, the aluminum alloy wheel is stronger, can handle higher speeds and higher horsepower and torque relatively easily, and has more stable performance. The clean lines make the whole car look more beautiful and fashionable.

Addmotor is very comfortable, suitable for commuting, sturdy and durable, easy to ride, and has the most suitable standing height. Start from this step-thru and don't let yourself miss it.

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