Meet Grandtan Turbo Mid Drive E Trike

A detailed review of the Grandtan Turbo to understand what makes it an exceptional travel companion.
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People used to check and compare products they wanted to purchase. They gather all the necessary information to know everything about the product. Sometimes they double-check the details, and sometimes they only need detailed information about the product. Similarly, there are multiple options available in the case of electric trikes. The multiple benefits and stylish looks are the factors that attract people to buy an electric trike
This article will explore the features and specifications of the Grandtan Turbo electric trike. It will help you understand more about the electric trike and allows you to decide why you should buy this electric trike or why not. So, let us dive in.
Grandtan TURBO Specifications
- Unique Selling Proportion

• Differential

• Parking brakes

• 1000W Mid-drive motor

- Color Availability

• Neptune Blue 

• Army Green 

• Starry Blue

- Range

• 40 - 85 miles

- Battery

UL-recognized 48V*20Ah(960Wh) (Rated for 1000-1500 charge cycles)

- Suspension

Oil Spring front suspension (80 mm of travel)

- Pedal Assist


- Extra Features

Headlight and Taillight w/ braking light; fenders; LCD display

A Giant 1000W mid-drive motor
1000W Mid-Drive Motor 
A powerful motor provides better performance. The Grandtan Turbo has a 1000W mid-drive motor. It offers exceptional power to face any terrain. A powerful motor is a perfect choice for riders who want to experience off-road riding or riding on hills. Riders do not need to put in physical effort when they have an electric trike with a 1000W battery. 
The powerful motor of the Grandtan Turbo helps the riders to travel 40 to 85 miles on a single charge. It ensures the riders travel long way without worrying about the battery status. 
Assurance with UL-recognized 960Wh battery pack

Ul-certified 48v 20ah battery 
The UL certification mark indicates higher safety for the riders because the UL-certified batteries fulfill all the safety standards. The riders using the electric trike with UL-certified batteries can confidently complete their rides without thinking about overheating or sparks in the battery. Also, lithium-ion batteries have a comparatively better life span than other batteries. 
The UL-certified lithium-ion batteries in the Grandtan Turbo electric trike indicate durability and reliability. Also, a 960Wh battery has enough potential to provide a long-riding range (up to 85 miles) to the riders. 
Step-thru frame with a footrest

Step-thru frame with a footrest 
The Grandtan Turbo electric trike has a step-thru frame that allows the riders to get on and get off the trike without facing difficulties. The step-thru frame allows the riders to feel more confident and enjoy riding because riders with short heights can easily handle the adverse situation and stop the trike.
The higher speed with a powerful motor allows the riders to enjoy a thrilling riding experience. Also, the wooden footrest enables the riders to feel more relaxed and comfortable with the footrest and enjoy the ride. The riders can relax their feet on the wooden footrest during the stops, traffic lights or using the throttle mode.
Parking Brake Feature

Parking Brake Feature 
The parking brake feature enables the riders to stop their electric trike for safe and secure parking. The parking brake is specifically designed to prevent the wheel from rolling in the parking, even if you park the electric trike on inclined surfaces. The riders need to squeeze the handlebar’s brake and press the parking brake button to use the parking brake. After the parking brake, there is no chance of moving the wheels of the electric trike. 
Moreover, the electric trike requires less parking space than cars or other vehicles. The electric trike is well-balanced and provides stability to riders of all ages to enjoy the rides without worrying about anything. The Bafang LCD shows all the relevant information that helps the riders to know the status of their trike and do all the needful.
Front Suspension Fork & 4-inch Fat Tires

Front Suspension Fork & 4-inch Fat Tires 
The fork suspension fork in the Grandtan Turbo electric trike makes the rides smoother. The front suspension of the electric trike is useful in tough terrain riding conditions by preventing the riders from shocks and bumps. If you want to enjoy the ride more comfortably then it is a must to have the suspension in your electric trike. 
Also, the wide-fat tires provide more traction and stability to the riders. The Grandtan Turbo has wide tires, which offer more grip to the rider and prevent them from skidding on hard or rough surfaces. The fat tire electric trike has high-quality tires suitable for wet, snow, hill, rocky, and sand types of surfaces. These tires are manufactured using high-quality material, which makes the tires durable.
Waterproof Rear Cargo Basket

Waterproof Rear Cargo Basket 
The Grandtan Turbo electric trike has a large rear basket that allows the riders to carry all the necessary stuff. The payload capacity of the electric trike is 350+100 lbs, which is enough for a rider to carry all the required stuff to enjoy the journey. Also, the rear cargo basket comes with a waterproof bag, which prevents the rider's belongings from rain, mud, and dust. The additional advantages that provide extra care to our needs increase the importance of the products and the waterproof rear basket in one of them.
Differential for Enhanced Experience

Differential for Enhanced Experience 
With all the advanced features, the Grandtan Turbo also offers a differential. The differential makes the rear wheel rotate at different speeds and directions to provide a better and smooth riding experience. The differential is highly beneficial during the turns and prevents the rider from skidding. The differential provides better traction and makes the rides safer for the riders. The wheels are not connected to a solid axle and are independent of each other. It provides better safety on off-road surfaces.

The verdict is in favor of the trike. The Grandtan Turbo electric trike has enhanced features that ensure a better experience and higher comfort for the riders. We all want better features and higher comfort. This electric trike has both. The riders do not need to compromise or sacrifice anything. It is a complete package of power and performance that not only satisfy but also suits your pocket. It is much lower than cars or other motor vehicles and does not require higher maintenance. 
So, if you are looking for a powerful electric trike that enhances your riding experience, the Grandtan Turbo is the right choice for you. So, what are you waiting for? Pick up the Grandtan Etrike Series and choose the one with a mid-drive motor to complete your ride.

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