How to Enjoy Winter Riding with Addmotor E-Trikes

Riding an electric trike during winter can be enjoyable. However, you must be extra careful when riding. Here are some tips to help you get started.
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Depending on where you’re located, winter can be especially brutal. The harsh snow, limited visibility, and holiday spirit might put you off on riding your e-bike during this season.
That said, winter is still the best time of the year to go out there and put your fat tire electric trike to good use. You can practice your riding skills, clear your mind, or even make it a challenge to ride through the winter. 
So here are some things you should know about winter riding and how to keep at it despite the harsh weather. 

Benefits of Riding Adult Electric Trikes During the Winter

Electric trikes do come with their own set of advantages, especially when compared to an e-bike and other forms of transport. 
These advantages can be physical, mental, or even financial and they show their true form during the winter months. These include:

Safer to Ride Than Regular Bicycles

The rough weather isn't intimidating for most riders relying on an electric 3-wheel bike. Unlike regular cyclists or e-bike riders, you don’t have to worry too much about balancing the bike in harsh and slippery terrain.
So whether it’s a city commute, a run to the grocery store, or an off road excursion, you can easily brave these challenges in the comfort of a fat tire electric trike. It’s much safer and more forgiving for heavy riders or ones needing extra assistance. 

You Can Carry More Gear Effectively

Also, since fat tire electric trikes are the perfect sweet spot between a car and a two-wheeler, you can squeeze through small areas and still carry a sizable amount of gear. 
This can make a world of difference if you’re delivering cargo, riding outdoors, or hauling some quick supplies before the next storm hits. You can do all this while traversing the outdoor weather.
Also, if you’re going for the Addmotor Soletri M-366, you can offer a ride to another adult.

Helps Save Time and Cash

During winter time, it can be a rat race trying to stock up on fuel. On top of that, prices for gas, fuel, and other necessities can go up.
With an electric 3-wheel bike, you can avoid having to use a car or public transport. This can help stave off unnecessary time delays and additional costs on gas or fuel.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Riding a bicycle, regardless of whether it’s electric or push-powered, you still gain the added benefit of physical exercise and mental relaxation. With adult electric trikes, you can adjust your riding experience to suit your needs under the safety net provided by the three-wheel design.  
So whether that’s challenging yourself to keep fit during the winter, or riding to de-stress and clear your head, you can simply adjust the level of assistance and ride accordingly.

Challenges of Riding Fat Tire Electric Trikes During Winter Months

Despite the obvious advantages mentioned above, the road conditions, and weather during wintertime can be hazardous to bike riders. Therefore, it’s equally important that you understand these challenges and plan ahead. 
Even the best fat tire electric trike needs a careful rider and proper equipment if it’s to take on the winter months. So here are some of the challenges you need to be wary of:

Reduced Visibility

In wintertime, the days are short with low visibility. This can be very dangerous for e-bike riders as it might affect their ability to focus on the road. 
Also, it can affect the visibility of oncoming traffic since a bicycle can be difficult to spot.
One of the best ways to prepare for this is to ensure that your fat tire electric trikes include the proper lighting equipment. This means, going for an electric trike with built-in headlights, taillights, indicators, and reflectors

Freezing Temperatures

When riding an e-bike, you’ll always be exposed to the elements. Therefore, to prevent catching a cold or having to ride uncomfortably, it’s important to wear the proper attire.  
Also, before you head out, check the weather report and make sure there aren’t any storms or extreme temperature changes.

Slippery Terrain

A major reason for traffic accidents during wintertime is because the road surfaces are covered in thick snow or ice. 
Even the best fat electric trike can have trouble pushing through thick and heavy snow and the roads might be too slippery to ride at higher speeds and make sharp turns. 

Best AddMotor E-Trikes for Winter Riding

Fat tire electric trikes can be a safer bet when cycling during the winter months. You have guaranteed stability and enough power to push through the harsh weather without too much physical exertion. 
However, not all electric trikes are built the same. Some are better at handling the cold weather than others. 
Here are some of the best Addmotor fat tire electric trikes to handle winter weather:


(Best Option for All-Year-Round Performance)
The GRANDTAN is our jack-of-all-trades fat tire electric trike and for good reason. It sports a 750W front-mounted hub motor and can support riders as heavy as 350lbs with additional capacity for 100lbs of cargo. 
The trike comes with 4” fat tires, making it a viable option for handling different types of terrain. It’s got a 20Ah battery pack that can provide a maximum range of about 85 miles on a single charge. 
The trike supports pedal-assist and throttle modes. Additionally, it includes the EB 2.0 lighting system to indicate signal turns, braking, emergency, and more. 

Addmotor ARISETAN II M-360

(Best for a Premium Riding Experience)
The ARISETAN II, with its semi-recumbent design, provides a more comfortable and laid-back approach to handling your winter commutes and deliveries. 
This electric 3-wheel bike sports a 750W rear-mounted hub motor. Additionally, it comes with a 20Ah battery and 85+ miles of range on a full charge. 
Several features make the ARISETAN II a unique option. For starters, it’s one of the few fat-tire electric trikes with a parking brake for additional safety.
On top of that, the trike has a rear speed differential for additional stability and a mid-axis torque sensor to provide a more comfortable and intuitive riding experience. 

Addmotor TRIKETAN M-330F

(Best Folding Electric Trike for Winter Weather)
TRIKETAN M-330F is another reliable option to handle daily commutes or casual cruising regardless of the weather. 
This fat tire electric trike includes a 750W rear-drive motor. So unlike hub drives, the rear-drive powers the bike chain itself, providing high torque and acceleration whenever necessary. 
Also, this folding trike features a rear speed differential and 3rd-generation Mid-axis torque sensors. 

How to Maintain Your Electric 3-Wheel Bike for the Winter

Addmotor electric trikes, on their own, are capable of tackling harsh weather conditions. This is because the electric trikes already come with 4” fat tires to handle slippery and snowy terrain. 
That said, a little extra precaution and preparation can go a long way. So to avoid any mishaps or unpleasant experiences, make sure to follow these pointers:

Maintain Distance and Slow Speeds When Riding

Roads during winter time can be slippery and difficult to maneuver around. The brakes on any vehicle won’t always be instantly responsive. 
So when riding during the winter, avoid tailgating other vehicles, always maintain a safe distance, and ride at slower speeds. 
Also, make it a habit to check and maintain your brakes, tires, and battery levels before you go out to ride. 

Wear Comfortable and Insulating Clothing

To prevent discomfort and exposing yourself to the elements, it’s important to wear proper winter clothing that’s designed for bike riders. 
Typically, you should go with a breathable base layer and cover it up with an insulating jacket. Also, don’t forget gloves and a pair of watertight pants or bib tights. 

Improve Visibility and Keep Yourself Visible to Others 

Days tend to be shorter during the winter months and you might find yourself riding a lot during the night. Also, the weather might make it difficult to see into the distance. 
Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in some proper gear, possibly some sunglasses or goggles meant for bicycle riders. 
It’s equally important you remain visible to other drivers and pedestrians. If your fat tire electric trike has headlights or other indicators, make sure to turn them on. 
Also, wear reflective clothing so there’s a better chance others can see you. 

Be Mindful of the Battery Health

Extremely cold temperatures can cause the batteries to drain faster. Eventually, this will result in reduced range.
So whenever you’re hoping to go riding in the winter, check the battery percentage before you take off. Also, if possible, keep a spare battery with you and keep the battery in a warm area indoors whenever you’re not using the e-trike.

Wrapping Up

Riding an e-trike during the winter can prove challenging because of the harsh weather conditions. That said, the winter months aren’t always an excuse to lay off your fat tire electric trike.
So with some preparation, you can turn it into an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Just be sure to pick the right tires, recharge the batteries, and ride carefully.

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