Experience the joy of riding together with the Addmotor Soletri M-366x Electric Tricycle

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Are you looking for a powerful electric tricycle for two adults that can offer you the freedom to enjoy effortless rides together with your partner and loved one? If yes, the Addmotor Soletri M-366X is the best option for you out in the congested marketplace. The M-366X is an innovative fat tire electric tricycle that is specially designed to accommodate double riders. The article below focuses on the features and abilities of this amazing electric tricycle for two adults.  
But before we start let me tell you about the ADDMOTOR BLACK FRIDAY Sales 2023 where you can save up to $200 on buying M-366X fat tire electric tricycle. Let's delve deep into the features and abilities of this innovative marvel of the latest technology.

Solteri M-366X Electric Tricycle For Two Adults

Soletri M-366X is specially designed for those who need an electric tricycle for two adults. It is based on the appearance of the M-66X e-bike and upgraded with some amazing features to offer maximum comfort while tackling double riders. You can enjoy unforgettable moments of happiness riding together with your family and friends. 
electric tricycle for two adults

Technical Data Of Soletri M-366X E-trike

Frame 6061 Step-through frame
Fork  Spring suspension 
Brakes  Tektro Allies mechanical disk brakes
Gear  7-speed 
Saddle  Faux leather banana seat
Tires  Kinda Gigas puncture-resistant
Handlebar  Adjustable U handlebar 
Fenders  Front and rear 
Motor  48V * 750W brushless motor 
Battery  Samsung 20Ah battery 
Display  EB 2.0 5inche display 
Controller  Chip-type controller 
Charger  Standard 5-pin DC charger 
Throttle  Half twist 
Lights  Integrated front and rear lights 
Miles per charge  85+
Loading capacity  450 Lbs total
Suspension  Full suspension 

Main Features Of Soletri M-366X E-Trike

The Soletri fat tire electric tricycle has many amazing features that make it capable of effectively accommodating double riders. Some of the main features are listed below. 

#1.  Frame And Design

The Addmotor’s Soletri M-366X is designed with a step-through frame of 6061 alloy aluminum that is easy to mount and dismount. It is strong enough to carry a load of up to 450 Lbs.  The total length of the frame is 76.7'' and the wheelbase is 54''.
This fat tire electric tricycle has a stylish and eye-catching appearance that makes it stand out from the crowd. You can select your favorite color contrasts from red, pearl white, army green, Neptune blue, yellow, and orange. 

#2.  Motor

The M-366X electric tricycle for two adults is equipped with a powerful 48V*750W brushless front wheel motor. This powerful motor is the thriving force to offer you an effortless and comfortable riding experience. This motor can produce a torque of 80N.M for smooth and effortless functionality. 

#3.  Battery

The electric tricycle for two adults is equipped with a long-lasting battery 20Ah Samsung battery powering 5000Mah. This battery is UL-recognized and designed for 1000 to 1500 charging cycles. It offers incredible power for long distances of up to 85 + miles per charge. It is compatible with a standard DC 5-pin charger and takes 8-10 hours to fully charge. 

#4.  7-PAS Level

The M-366X electric tricycle for two adults is equipped with 7 levels of pedal assistance to offer you the ability to adjust the motorized pedal assistance according to your priority. You can select the highest level of pedal assistance for maximum power. You can increase the level of pedal assistance by selecting the high PAS level. 

#5.  Controller

The controller is a vital component that effectively distributes power from the battery to other components for smooth performance in electric trikes. Addmotor Soletri M-366x is installed with a modern chip types EB 2.0 controller to simplify different electronics circuits, effective supply of power, and reduce onboard space usage. 

#6.  Full Suspension

M-366X electric tricycle for two adults is equipped with a full suspension system to reduce the shocks and bumps during rides. This suspension system is very effective in absorbing jerks and bumps on irregular terrain and surfaces.

#7.  Lights

M-366X fat tire electric tricycle features powerful lighting systems to improve the visibility of your trike during nighttime and in low visibility conditions. The front light offers a brightness of 40 lumens and can be seen from almost 200 meters distance. On the rear, the trike is equipped with a multi-function rear light that includes turning indicators, a brake light, a danger light, a driving light, and a flashlight. 

#8.  Tires

High-quality tires are necessary for durable performance while riding on hard terrains. The Soletri M-366X is installed with 3-layer Kinda Gigas puncture resistance fat tries of 20" X 4.0". These tires are prepared to offer maximum durability and grip on different types of hard and slippery ground. 

#9.  Mechanical Disk Brakes

Considering the importance of brakes, this best electric tricycle for two adults is equipped with Tektro Aries 180 mm mechanical disk brake system. These brakes are very effective in delivering the required stopping power immediately without any delay for a safe and secure stop. 

#10.  Digital Display

The trike is featured with a multi-purpose 5" digital display on the front handlebar for tracking the performance during rides. This display is also complemented with a universal USB port to connect mobile. You can track your trike’s speed, battery level, light status, indicators, PAS level, error codes, and motor output with the help of this digital display.

#11.  Two Persons Seating

The trike boasts a comfortable banana-style seat that provides enough space for double riders. It is prepared of quality faux leather with a width and length of 23” x 8.5”. This seat is very useful for long rides where uncomfortable sitting can cause you back pain and stress. 

Safety Tips For Riding A 3-Wheel Electric Trike

Safety is always vital to consider especially when riding a fat tire electric tricycle as they don't have any overhead protection and can cause severe injuries in case of a rollover. Here are some safety tips for you to enjoy safe and secure rides. 
1. Always wear protective gear, helmet, and riding suit
2. Do a proper inspection before going on the ride.
3. Never overload your vehicle 
4. Obey traffic rules and speed limits 
5. Use turning indicators on busy roads 
6. Always be concentrated on your front and surroundings while riding 
7. Break ahead of time not at the final moment
8. Slow down during turns and sharp curves


The Soletri M-366X is a powerful fat tire electric tricycle with amazing features and abilities. It is prepared with a durable frame, powerful motor, and long-lasting battery to offer unmatched comfort during double riding. It offers you the freedom to ride with your loved one and enjoy unforgettable moments of joy and happiness.
Furthermore, You can save up to $200 on buying the M-366X electric tricycle for 2 adults during Addmotor’s BLACK FRIDAY discount offer. Overall the Soletri M-366X is the best option for double riding with maximum features and an affordable budget.

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