Fall Adventures on Wheels: Exploring the Season with Addmotor Electric Trikes

By Addmotor | 20 October 2023 | 0 Comments
There is no better time to set off on a thrilling journey on wheels when the cool fall breeze dances through the vibrant leaves. What can be better than exploring the season transformation on an Addmotor e-trike? 
Join us as we explore the best Addmotor
electric trikes for adults to spectate the aroma of freshly fallen leaves, vivid hues of foliage, and warm times around the corner. Whether you are an outdoor adventurer, a nature lover, or someone who wants to spend quality me-time, the e-trikes of Addmotor are the best option for you. 

In the article below, we have reviewed the Citytri E-310, Soletri M-366X, and Grandtan M-340 electric trikes for adults, which are perfectly engineered to tackle your outdoor rides. 

#1.  Grandtan M-340 Fat Tire Electric Trike

Grandtan fat tire electric trike

►  Features of Grandtan M-340 E-Trike

•  Frame and Construction

The Grandtan fat tire electric trike features impressive construction and a stylish frame. The trike is constructed with a 6061 alloy aluminum frame to ensure durability on various landscapes. The trike is installed with an 80mm oil spring front fork to effectively overcome the shocks and bumps of uneven roads. 
Furthermore, the trike boasts an ergonomic steel handlebar, well-padded saddle, backrest, footrest, and 270mm seat post for comfortable riding posture. The trike is available in 8 different colors including army green, blue, yellow, red, white, black, cyan green, and rose gold.

•  Motor Power

The Grandtan fat tire electric trike features a powerful 750W motor to elevate your riding experience. This motor not only offers thrusting power but also, increases the balance, and control during the trike. 
The motor of the Grandtan e-trike delivers a torque of 80NM with peak watts of 1000W for efficient running on inclines and difficult terrains. 

•  Battery

The main power source of the Grandtan M-340 fat tire electric trike is its 20Ah lithium-ion Samsung battery. This high-power battery is the world's first UL-certified battery that is recognized as suitable for use in electric bikes and trikes. The battery offers an extended distance coverage range of 85+ miles per charge using PAS1. 

•  Fat Tires

The M-340 e-trike is equipped with 4-inch Kenda gigas tires that are specifically designed to tackle hard and rough terrains. These tubeless are constructed in 3 layers including the inner tube, inner tube protector, and outer anti-slip cover. 
These fat tires ensure the durability and versatility of the Addmotor Grandtan fat tire electric trike.  The wide size and solid construction of these tires offer more traction and support while navigating through challenging and hilly terrains. 

• Throttle and PAS

The Granstan fat tire electric trike is installed with a half-twist right-hand throttle for precise boost control. The trike features 7 levels of a pedal assistance system connected with a cadence sensor that effectively adjusts the rider's pedaling effort with motor power to ensure effective power usage. 

►  Technical Specifications

Frame  6061 alloy aluminum 
Fork  Oil spring front fork 
Brake  Tektro disk brake with motor cut-off sensor
Tires  Kenda 24x4+20x4 inch
Motor  750W
Battery  20Ah
Controller  25A
Lights  Spanninga lighting system
PAS 7-Level
Range  85+ miles 
Loading capacity  450 Lbs

#2.  Citytri E-310 Electric Trike For Adults

The Citytri E-310 e-trike is the most suitable option for daily commuters and city riders. It is a perfect combination of style and efficiency to change your rides into leisurely and unforgettable adventures. This trike is available in 3 different versions slightly differing in size as plus, mini, and standard. 
Citytri E-310 folding electric trike

►   Features of Citytri E-310 Folding E-Trike

•  Built Quality Folding Frame

The Citytri e-trike is constructed with a high-quality aluminum alloy frame of 7020 + 6061 material. This frame is highly durable and lightweight to ensure the easy transportation of the trike.  The trike is available in 5 color combinations including army green, yellow, Neptune blue, red, and gray. 

•  Motor Power

The Addmotor Citytri E-310 folding electric trike for adults is equipped with a 750W rear-mounted powerful motor. The motor can reach a maximum watts of 1000W and produce a torque of 90NM to tackle challenging rides without any trouble. You can explore new horizons with this highly efficient and strong motor of Citytri folding electric trike.

•  Battery Capacity

The battery capacity of this Addmotor’s innovative trike is truly undefeatable. The trike is equipped with a 20Ah X 48W long-lasting battery to provide efficient power for smooth rides. You can cover a distance of 90+ miles of effortless ride in each full charge. 

•  Rear Speed Differential

The rear speed differential of Citytri folding electric trike for adults is a real game changer. This allows both rear wheels to move separately in sharp curves and turnings to ensure a stable and smooth turn. This innovative feature keeps the trike firm with the ground and reduces the chances of rollover during sharp and immediate turns. 

•  Parking Brake System

The Citytir E-310 e-trike is installed with the latest upgraded parking brake system. This parking brake is very effective for safe parking of trike on incline surfaces and in hilly areas. With this parking brake, you can park your trike anywhere and secure it from accidental movement. 

►  Technical Specifications of Citytri E-310

Frame  7020+6061 all alloy aluminum 
Fork  80 mm front fork
Brakes Triple brakes + parking brake system
Tires  20X2.4 + 18X2.4 inch
Size folded  44.1"L x 33.9"W x 24.8"H
Size unfolded  70"L x 29"W x 44.5"H
Handlebar  Aluminum foldable 
Motor  750W
torque 90Nm
Battery  20Ah
Controller  25A
Throttle  Variable speed control
Lights  Head and tail light
PAS 7-levels
Charger  5-pin DC charger 
Distance coverage  90 + miles 
Loading capacity  380 Lbs

#3.  Soletri M-366X Electric Tricycle For 2 Adults

The Soletri M-366X e-trike is perfectly engineered to redefine urban mobility with a blend of durability and power. This trike is designed to facilitate couple riding and is highly efficient in tackling two riders. Let's explore what innovative features are hidden in this unique electric tricycle for 2 adults. 
Soletri M-366x electric tricycle for 2 adults

►   Main Features of Soletri M-366X E-Trike

•  Design and Built Quality

The Soletri M-366X electric tricycle for 2 adults is crafted with a step-through frame of 6061 alloy aluminum material. The trike features a 23” x 8.5”  banana seat, wooden footrest, full suspension, puncture-resistant fat tires, and an adjustable U-shape handlebar. The trike is available in 6 eye-catching color schemes including red, pearl white, yellow, orange, Neptune blue, and army green. 

•  Robust Motor

The Soletri M-366X e-trike is powered by a 750W brushless motor on the front hub. This motor offers impressive performance and can run the trike at a speed of up to 20 Mph. You can effortlessly navigate through bustling streets and hard inclines with this powerful motor. 

•  Battery

The EB 2.0 cutting-edge technology 48V*20Ah battery is the heartbeat of the Soletri electric tricycle for 2 adults. This battery is highly efficient in storing power and offering long-distance pedal assistance. You can enjoy 40 to 85+ miles of effortless riding on every single charge with this UL-certified battery of Soletri e-trike.

•  Suspension System

The Soletri M-366X electric tricycle for 2 adults offers a smooth and comfortable riding experience with its full suspension system. This system effectively absorbs the vibrations and shocks of uneven and bumpy terrain.  This suspension system is highly effective and offers impressive performance under double riders. 

•  Lighting System

The Soletari M-366X e-trike is equipped with an integrated front and rear light system for added safety and increased visibility. The headlight offers a brightness equal to 40 lumens to brighten your path ahead. The taillight has multi-functions including a brake light, turning indicators, a driving light, and a flashlight to indicate your turns and movements to the other riders behind you. 

►  Technical Specifications of Soletri M-366X E-Trike

Frame  6061 alloy aluminum
Fork  Addshocks front fork 
Saddle  Banana seat 
Brakes  Tektor aries disk brakes
Tires  20 X 4-inch 
Motor  48V X 750W
Battery  20Ah
Display + controller  5 inches LCD+ 25 A controller
Pedal assistance  7-level
Maximum range  85+ miles per charge 
Loading capacity  450 Lbs


Addmotor e-trikes are the ideal choice for city commuters and adventure enthusiasts with their impressive power and other features. We have selected and reviewed the three best models including the Soletri M-366X, Citytri E-310, and Grandtan M-340 electric trikes. 
All these electric trikes are equipped with amazing power features and abilities to transform your riding journey into enjoyable and effortless adventures. Whether you are a daily commuter, a city explorer, or an adventurer these Addmotor’s powerful electric trikes for adults are the best option to tackle your riding needs. 

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