Enjoy Family Time with an Electric Trike

By Sunnie | 29 March 2022 | 1 Comments
Family time outside might be a little scary at first but riding with your family can be a lovely experience. Spend some time with your family on an electric trike this upcoming season by going out together.

Addmotor M340 electric trike has a step-thru frame design making it easy to get on and off the bike. You can use it to rest your legs or carry your belongings on the wood board. Its super-large capacity alloy rear basket with a waterproof storage bag is convenient for taking some outgoing equipment or your cute little pets with you as you ride. The 2022 latest electric trike M-340 is a combination of the best parts of all Addmotor trikes, which will give you the most impressive experience.

If you want to enjoy more comfort during your ride, Addmotor has another electric trike— the M-360, a semi-recumbent electric trike The M-360 is an exclusive design of the Addmotor MOTAN series. It is the ultimate ride for comfort, cruising, and riding through uneven terrains.
With the reclined seating, get comfortable and enjoy the ride without frequently repositioning your lower back. The crank-forward trikes give people with spine problems a more comfortable riding position that is more upright and longer riding time because of the improved riding position. This trike is also designed with a large-capacity rear storage bag allowing you to take your belongings with you as you go.


Our original intention to design electric vehicles was to be more environmentally friendly and healthier. Now we think that perhaps for families, companionship is more important. The design of these electric tricycles provides your family with more opportunities to spend time together, creating more beautiful moments that will be wonderful memories.

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