Embrace Eco Friendly Transportation With Addmotor Electric Trikes

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The era of traditional fuel-operated vehicles is gradually decreasing with the popularity of eco-friendly vehicles. E-trikes are rising as the best alternative to the traditional modes of transportation. The Addmotor electric trikes for adults are at the forefront of this shift with their amazing features and power abilities. 
In this article below, we will explore the details of three outstanding Addmotor e-trikes including Soletri M-366X, M-360, and Grandatan M-340. Let’s dive deep into the details of these innovative 3-wheel electric trikes without wasting a single moment.

Addmotor E-Trikes For Eco-Friendly Transportation

The need for eco-friendly commutes has arisen to save our environment from air pollution and its dangerous effects. The eco-friendly modes of transportation are high in demand to reduce environmental pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. 
Addmotor electric trikes for adults are the most sustainable replacement for conventional vehicles to reduce carbon footprints. Furthermore, these are the ideal choices for all those looking for a cost-effective mode of transportation with increased riding comfort. 

►  The Complete Powerhouse: Addmotor Grandtan M-340 E-Trike

The Grandtan trike is a testament to the Addmotor’s commitment to sustainable urban commutes. This 3-wheel electric trike for adults is a perfect combination of power and sturdiness to ensure effortless navigation through urban streets and countryside landscapes. 
The Grandtan trike offers environment-friendly transportation with zero dangerous emissions. The agile design of this trike allows the rider to wave through traffic and hard terrains with motor-powered pedaling.

Grandtan electric trike

Key Features Of Grandtan M-340 Trike

#1.  Motor Power

The 3 wheel electric trike is equipped with a 750W powerful front-mounted motor for robust performance of the tricycle. This motor is a guarantee for exceptional stability and lightning-fast acceleration. The motor can provide a torque of 80N.M with 1000W peak watts. 

#2.  Design And Construction

The frame of the Grandtan M-340 e-trike is meticulously crafted with 6061 alloy aluminum to ensure durability and strength. The trike is designed with a wooden footrest, soft saddle, and a moveable backrest to offer increased riding comfort. You can enjoy 30% more smooth and luxurious rides with all these upgrades in M-340.

#3.  Battery

Addmotor has taken a great step to enhance your riding comfort by expanding the battery capacity to 20Ah. This battery upgrade has increased the overall performance of the e-trike by 73%. Now, you can enjoy stress-free rides up to 85+ miles per charge with your Grandatn M-340 3-wheel electric trike.

Other Features

The Grandtan M-340 is a full package of features to elevate your riding experience to new heights of comfort. The trike is equipped with Triple mechanical disk brakes to ensure precise exertion of stopping power. Furthermore, the e-trike is fitted with 4-inch wide tires for exceptional stability, a detachable carrying basket, a digital display with a USB port, and 7 levels of pedal assistance. 

►  Soletri M-366X: The Sustainable Style E-Trike

The Addmotor’s Soletri M-366X electric tricycle for 2 adults is a symbol of style and eye-catching design. The trike is a conscious choice for zero emissions and a healthy lifestyle. The Soletri trike not only offers sustainable commuting on urban roads but also performs well in hilly terrain. The M-366X Soletri e-trike is a perfect combination of style, power, and performance.
Soletri M-366x electric tricycle for 2 adults

Main Features Of Soletri Electric Trike

#1.  Motor Power

The Soletri M-366X trike is mounted with a 48V 750W front-mounted motor. This motor can run the trike at a maximum speed of 20 mph. This motor can help you climb sleek tops and hard terrains with an impressive torque of 80N.M.

#2.  Battery Capacity

The Soletri e-trike is fitted with a groundbreaking EB 2.0 UL-certified battery of 48V*20Ah to fulfill the power needs. This long-lasting battery offers exceptional power with an increased range of 40 to 85 miles distance per charge. 

#3.  Design And Frame

The Soletri M-366X is a double-seater e-trike built upon a solid step-thru frame of 6061 alloy aluminum. The frame is not only highly durable but also lightweight and secure for double riding. 
The trike offers a highly smooth and enjoyable ride with its full suspension, wooden footrest, and comfortable banana seat. You can enjoy endless moments of relaxing and enjoyable rides with your loved one riding the Soletri trike.  

Other Features

The Soletri M-366X trike is all about elevating your riding comfort with its amazing features. The trike is equipped with 20-inch puncture-resistant tires, spring front forks, 7-level pedal assistance, waterproof wiring, a digital display, and a powerful lighting system. The front and rear lights are effective in increasing visibility and turning indication. 


►  ARISETAN II M-360: Perfect Combination Of Power And Eminence 

The M-360 is an unmatched combination of power and eminence in the world of electric-powered tricycles. This trike offers stress-free riding with its innovative semi-recumbent design and unique triple drive system.
This fat tire electric trike is prepared with a focus on offering a comfortable riding experience whether you navigate uneven grounds or cruise across coastlines. The trike is an ideal balance of power and comfort for you to explore unseen places with confidence. 

semi-recumbent electric trike 

Main Features Of M-360 E-Trike

#1.  Design and Build Quality

The 7A19 aluminum alloy robust frame is the backbone of the M-360 electric trike. It is crafted with exceptional precision and excellence to ensure durability and sturdiness. Whether you want to explore urban areas or go on adventure rides out of the city, the M-360 will always offer you an unmatched riding experience. 

#2.  Motor

The latest version of the Addmotor M-360 electric trike has been upgraded from a front hub motor to a 750W rear-mounted motor, which effectively improves balance while providing better traction and acceleration.

#3.  Long Lasting Battery

The M-360 boasts a high-capacity Samsung 20Ah*960W  battery to make your every ride an extended adventure. This long-lasting battery is your ticket to effortless riding up to 85+ miles per charge. The battery has a long life span of 1000 to 1500 charge circles. 

Other Features

The M-360 electric trike for adults has some other impressive features to increase your riding comfort. The latest upgraded version of the M-360, with the rear differential, park, reinforced trailer tube, and upgraded 7-level PAS with torque sensor, is more responsive and more effortless to ride. In addition, the trike is equipped with a digital display, half-twist throttle, variable speed control, and display-controlled lighting system to improve performance on various terrains.


Electric trikes became popular with the increased need for eco-friendly alternatives to traditional fuel-operated cars and bikes. The addmotor e-trikes are the best available option with their amazing features and powerful performance. These trikes are prepared with a focus to offer you convenient, sustainable, and enjoyable navigation across the city and countryside.

The best 3 top-selling products of Addmotor electric trikes can offer you an increased riding experience with their power abilities and other features. Let’s change your future commute in an eco-friendly, effortless, and cost-saving adventure with one of these Addmotor electric trikes for adults.


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