Electric Tricycle Comparison: Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs. Emojo Caddy PRO

By Addmotor | 17 November 2022 | 1 Comments
You do not need to worry if you have a disability that makes it difficult for you to get around or if you are just having trouble learning how to ride a bicycle. E-trikes are available for use. Everyone can benefit from it. The electric tricycle is a convenient and effortless way to get around the neighborhood, go to work, or run errands.  

Electric trikes are gaining popularity as a means of transportation among adults of all ages because of their speed and ease of use. With their cost-effectiveness, eco-friendliness, and electric operation, they are a popular alternative to traditional bicycles or tricycles.

etrike m-340

Electric trikes are just as fun and environmentally friendly as electric bikes but far more comfortable and easier to use. Basically, an electric trike is an attractive, top-of-the-line option that you can't go wrong with. The challenge of shopping for an electric trike, however, can be daunting.  

With so many different brands, types, and features to evaluate, choosing the right electric trike may be challenging. In terms of features, they are of the utmost importance. An increase in features equals an increase in price. Therefore, we're aiming to do a feature comparison of two of the top-rated electric trikes from Addmotor and Emojo Bikes.  

The Grandtan M-340 and Emojo Caddy Pro are both among the finest electric trikes in their respective collections. Now is the time to buy one as Black Friday and other Winter holidays are offering 3 wheel trikes for sale.

Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 vs Emojo Caddy Pro

grandtan m-340emojo trike

Electric tricycles are an environmentally friendly alternative to driving a car or a motorbike. You'll improve not only your physical and mental health but also, you'll reduce your carbon footprint when you ride a trike. As a result, if you are planning on riding an electric trike regularly, the trike you select should be worth the investment.

When you buy a electric three wheel bike for sale, you will be able to get a quality electric trike that will help you get from point A to point B in an effective and straightforward manner.

#1 Color Choice

You can choose from six attractive colors: Pearl white, Rose Gold, Cyan Green, Army Green, Neptune blue, and Starry blue when purchasing the GRANDTAN M-340. In contrast, Emojo Caddy Pro comes in just three-color options; White, Apple Red, and Anthracite Gray.

#2 Motor

With its new motor, Addmotor has shaken up the electric trike industry with the M-340, which has been updated with an all-new powertrain. Powered by a 48V electrical system and 750W motor, this trike is capable of conquering a variety of terrains. In contrast, the Emojo Caddy Pro is equipped with a 500-watt brushless bafang motor, which is less powerful than the M-340.

#3 Battery

Addmotor's new EB2.0 technology, originally featured in the E-52 City Pro commuter electric bicycle, makes the M-340 even better. The M-340 is equipped with the world's first 48V*20Ah UL-certified battery which offers great range and a durable ride. To fully recharge the 20Ah battery, it takes approximately nine to ten hours. In contrast, Emojo's Caddy Pro is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a 15.6 Ah capacity. 

#4 Payload Capacity

The GRANDTAN M-340 is a heavy-duty and feature-rich fat tire electric trike, capable of transporting up to 350 pounds of rider and cargo in the included front and rear baskets. Addmotor includes a rear basket with the M-340. It has a ‘48 L’ carrying capacity. While the front basket can accommodate 9 liters of cargo.
On the other hand, the Emojo Caddy Pro does offer a sturdy design but is limited to 300lbs.

#5 Riding Range

Addmotor's fat trikes never disappoint in terms of riding range. The M-340 is no exception. The new GRANDTAN M-340 extends your maximum range by approximately 73% thanks to its new long-range battery and power-efficient motor. Despite being a heavy electric trike as compared to other models, the M-340 still manages to provide up to 85 miles per charge range in PAS 1 mode. However, Emojo Caddy Pro can only get 35 miles per charge, which is just acceptable but not quite great.

#6 Tire

The M-340 is built to keep you comfortable on every ride. No matter what terrain you're on, the M-340 won't let you down with its 4-inch fat tires with great shock capacity. A 4.0-inch Kenda Fat Tire is found in the tire section. Fat Kenda tires feature layers of inner tube protectors, high-volume inner tubes, and anti-slip cover tires to improve grip, durability, and comfort. While Caddy Pro has triple 4" fat tires that make it capable of handling a wide variety of terrain, hydraulic brakes protect you from accidents.

#7 Light System

There is a bright headlight as well as a bright taillight on the Grandtan M-340 that can illuminate any terrain up to 200 meters away. Powered by the battery, the 40-lumen lights work as part of an integrated control system. In the dark, the rear and taillights have 360-degree side views, which ensure a safe ride at night. Caddy Pro comes with battery-integrated headlights that illuminate dark paths. Light follows your steering wheel during your ride, making it safer for you.   

#8 Price

There are lots of positive things about Addmotor GRANDTAN when compared to Emojo Caddy Pro, but the M-340 isn't a cheap machine. It costs 3,099 dollars extra to get the extra features. In spite of that, the premium price does offer you premium features and has a better riding experience, so you shouldn't feel bad spending a bit more money on it. The M-340 and other fat tire electric trike for sale on Black Friday will be at discount prices. As a comparison, the Emojo Caddy Pro costs only $2,899.  

Bottom Line

Addmotor's Grandtan M-340 clearly tops Emojo Caddy Pro despite its slight price premium when compared to Emojo Caddy Pro. In this respect, the Grandtan M-340 is an excellent choice and well worth the money. The choice is ultimately yours, so it's up to you. You can visit Addmotor to look for other three wheel trike for sale.

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