Breaking News: Addmotor Electric Trike Achieves UL-2849 Certification for Unparalleled Safety

By Addmotor | 28 June 2024 | 0 Comments
Electrical products come with some potential safety hazards, and these hazards can be crucial when it comes to electric vehicles, such as electric trikes and bikes. So safety should be an utmost priority for the manufacturers of electric vehicles. To gain the consumers' trust and maintain the brand reputation, the manufacturers should take some measures to ensure the safety of the vehicles.
Addmotor, which is a known brand for electric trikes and electric bikes, prioritizes the comfort and safety of the riders and ensures to provide optimum safety to its riders. To gain the trust of its riders and provide a safe experience to the riders, Addmotor has achieved the latest UL-2849 certification for its electric trike. This certification ensures that the electric trike is manufactured to international safety standards and there are minimum chances of incidents. Let’s delve into the details regarding the UL-2849 certification, what it is, and what its benefits are.

What is UL-2849 certification?

UL, or underwriter laboratories, recognized by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is the international testing laboratory that tests and evaluates the electrical components such as the battery, motor, or charger of the electric trike and electric bike to ensure it meets the safety requirements. The UL has set some high safety standards and provides the certification, only if the vehicle meets the standards after extensive testing.  
UL 2849 is specially formulated to provide fire safety certification by testing and evaluating the battery, drivetrain, and charging system. The UL-2849 certification ensures that the e-trike has been through rigorous testing and minimizes the risk of potential hazards like fire or electrical shock.

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What is the importance of UL-2849 certification?

Addmotor has achieved UL-2849 certification for its electric trike, as there are various benefits of UL-2849 certification, especially for e-trike riders. So let’s see how this certification benefits the e-trike riders.
♦  Safety assurance
The UL-2849 is a validity certificate that the product has undergone rigorous testing and evaluation and is safe to use. It assures the consumers that the e-trike has been manufactured according to the highest international safety standards and has a minimized risk of accidents.  
♦  Quality assurance
The UL-2849 certification not only sticks to safety assurance but also ensures that the components, such as the battery, electric motor, and other electrical components used in the electric trike, are durable and of the optimum quality. This helps the e-trike riders to make an informed decision while purchasing a certain product.
♦  Peace of mind
Riding an electric trike can be fun and exciting only when you have a relaxed and peaceful mind. The continuous stress about sudden malfunctioning of the e-trike or risks of accidents won’t allow you to enjoy the benefits of an e-trike. This is why UL-2849 certification is important as it gives peace of mind to the riders that the e-trike they are riding is thoroughly tested and safe to use.

UL-2849 certified Addmotor electric trikes

You may wonder where you can find UL-2849-certified electric trikes. You have to look no further as certain models of Addmotor electric trikes have recently received UL-2849 certification, while all other models of Addmotor electric bikes and electric trikes are UL-2271 certified. Both the UL certifications test and evaluate the electrical system of the e-trikes and ensure safety and reliability, but UL-2849 includes detailed evaluation and specifically targets the electrical propulsion system, including the battery, electric motor, and charger, and focuses on preventing fire and electric shocks.  So let's look at the four models of UL-2849 certified Addmotor electric trikes.

1. Grandtan

The Addmotor Grandtan fat tire electric trike is the top-selling model of the Addmotor electric trike. With the new upgraded features like the rear differential, parking brake system, and torque sensor, the Grandtan fat tire electric trike still stands out. Its electrical components, such as a 750-watt rear-mounted electric motor and 20Ah UL-2271 certified Samsung battery, allow it to deliver superior performance and provide a safe riding experience to the riders.

2. Arisetan II M-360

The Arisetan II M-360 is the first semi-recumbent electric trike with all the advanced features and components. It allows users to travel comfortably in a relaxed position regardless of joint pain or mobility issues.  The comfort of the Arisetan II M-360 e-trike also comes with style, as its vibrant color and aesthetically pleasing design make heads turn on the road. The Addmotor Arisetan II M-360 has also been upgraded with all the latest features, such as parking brakes, rear speed differential, torque sensor, and trailer tube, and comes with front and rear fenders. Apart from that, the Arisetan II M-360 e-trike has also achieved the UL-2849 certification and meets all the safety standards.

3. Citytri E-310

Another Addmotor electric trike that has achieved UL-2849 certification is the Addmotor Citytri E-310 folding electric trike. With the 90+ miles long range and 750-watt high torque electric motor, this folding electric trike has been the top-selling model for urban riding and off-road adventures. Its lightweight foldable frame is an added feature that makes Citytri E-310 unique and versatile among other electric trikes, as it can fit anywhere in compact spaces and be transported easily.  Like the other two models of the Addmotor electric trike, the Citytri E-310 folding electric trike is also equipped with the latest cutting-edge features and components.

4. Triketan II M-330

Another best-selling model of Addmotor electric trikes, the Triketan II M-330 electric tricycle has been popular among adventurers or off-road riders. Its 20’’X4’’ puncture-resistant fat tires, 750 Watt rear-mounted electric motor, and 20 Ah lithium-ion battery allow you to ride on all kinds of terrains, whether it hills, rough surfaces, beach coast, or forests, you can conquer them all on Triketan II M-330 fat tire electric trike. You can enjoy your adventures without worrying about the battery heating up or catching fire during your travel adventures, as the Triketan II M-330 has achieved UL-2849  certification and meets the safety standards of the US and Canada. You can enjoy the perks of an e-trike by utilizing all the latest features and components in the Triketan II M-330 fat tire electric trike.

Addmotor electric trikes are known for providing optimum comfort and safety to the riders. To maintain and strengthen the trust of their customers, Addmotor continues to evolve and take necessary steps to ensure that their e-trikes are safe to use. One of those steps includes the 2849 UL certification of the e-trikes, which provides significant benefits to the riders and ensures that the product meets the highest safety standards. It showcases that Addmotor is committed to providing the best possible experiences to its customers in terms of innovative designs, advanced features, and safety standards.

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