Best Fat Tire Electric Bike 2022 | Electric Fat Bike Buying Guide

How to choose a fat tire electric bicycle may be a difficult decision, let us explore the best fat tire electric bicycle on the market today.
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Fat tire electric bicycles are gradually becoming one of the most popular electric bicycle products on the market today. In fact, people like to ride electric fat tire bicycles for many reasons. 
One of the obvious advantages of a fat tire electric bicycle is its 4-inch wide fat tire, which allows it to have more surface contact with the ground, providing high-quality traction and stability.
Basically, whether it’s unpaved railroad trails, forests, snowy suburbs, beaches, rocky roads, etc.,
Electric fat tire bicycles can take you anywhere. Choosing a fat tire electric bicycle may be a difficult decision, because there are various styles of electric bicycles, including mountain bikes, fat tire electric hunting bicycles, and stepping electric bicycles.
So let's explore the best fat tire electric bicycles on the market today.

What is a fat tire electric bicycle?

Featuring large exaggeratedly wide tires, a fire tire electric bike opens the door to a wider range of terrain and an even more comfortable ride, allowing riders to conquer nearly any type of riding, from deep sand to muddy trails that would otherwise be impossible on a typical electric bike. 
An electric fat bike normally can accommodate passengers with a high weight and still can travel at a decent speed with a long range on a single charge.


Is it Hard to Pedal a Fat Tire Bike?

The answer is no. In fact, They are quite easy to pedal as even though they look huge. That being said, electric fat bikes are not for the road, and they never will be. They are designed to be able to go anywhere without any concern. You’re perhaps not going to win any races on a fat tire electric bike, but Fat Bikes are actually very fast, lumbering behemoths that many think them to be.

Fat Tire Electric Bike Advantages

A good quality electric fat bike should have tires with lots of air volume to offer a softer ride experience and more stability. Especially when you're looking for a fat tire electric mountain bike, which probably will meet various tough situations like in snow or mud where the width offered the buoyancy to float over softer terrain.
Here are some excellent choices for you!


The Best Fat Tire Electric Bikes

Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000w

Mid Drive Electric Bike: Wildtan M-5600

With a 1000W Mid-Drive Motor Hunting Electric Bike, the wildtan hunting bike is a game-changer. It offers you more ease and fun in the hunting experience.
· 1000W BBSHD Bafang Mid-Drive Motor
· 6061 Aluminum Alloy Frame, sturdy and super load capacity
· 17.5Ah Panasonic battery
· Addmotor 5 Inch LCD Smart Color Display
· Air Spring Inverted Fork with 120 mm of travel
· Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brake HD-E500 With Motor Cutoff Sensor
· Promax Aluminum 50mm & Adjustable Angle (±60°) Handlebar Stem
· Derailleur SHIMANO ALIVIO 9 Speed
· SHIMANO ALIVIO Right Shift Lever with Shifting Sensor
· Plug and play wiring system
The Wildtan features 4.5’’ customize puncture-proof tires, 0.5’’ wider than the Addmotor regular fat bikes, effectively improving the performance.
It strengthens the traction between the ground and the 4.5’’s width fat tires, offers a smoother ride in somewhere like muddy.


Fat Tire Electric Bike 750W

Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike: MOTAN M-66 R7

MOTAN M-66 R7 is truly a different style of electric bike you’ve seen on the road. You can’t put into words how much fun this bike is.
It’s a very unique different style of electric bike you’ve never seen. Combined with a 1970’s retro impressive-look and step-thru frame, the M-66 R7 is the most distinctive e-bike on the market. Strong, solid, practical.
The front-down frame design is a small platform pedal that offers you multiple uses such as a moped, placing a box package, using as a footboard, or whatever you can think of.
· Unbridled biking in various terrain
· Unlimited comfort and stability on the go
· Unparalleled reliability and safety
· Under control when carrying two riders
· Unable to express in words how much fun the bike is
· the bike fit for a wide range rider whose height between 5'2'’ and 6'2'’
The MOTAN M-60 R7 should be the best choice if you like a traditional cruiser bike that features a 750w rear-mounted integrated motor, a large comfortable banana seat enough to settle two.



Folding Electric Bike: MOTAN M-140 P7

Possessing 750W power, the M-140 P7 is a foldable Step-Thru electric folding bike, featuring a step-thru frame that makes it is easy to mount and dismount the bike. Its amazing 20 Inch size makes it perfectly portable in daily life.
The MOTAN M-140 P7 is a good choice for the one who wants an electric folding bike that is portable, affordable, and powerful enough to handle a wide range of use.
Whether crossing a sandy beach, snow trail, park cruiser, office, or just along a straight, the bike is up for the challenge. A collapsible top tube, folding frame, and pedal make it portable easily and quickly fold down to store in your car, under your desk at work, or anywhere you will use it.
· Strong Step-thru Folding Frame
· Powerful Motor
· Long-lasting Panasonic Lithium Battery (upgrade to 16Ah)
· Upgrade Integrated Headlight and Taillight
· Addmotor 5 Inch Night Mode LCD Display
· Adjustable Handlebar and Saddle
· Comes with Fenders and Rear Rack
· Aluminum Front Fork Suspension Strengthen the Smooth and Comfort Biking
The MOTAN M-140 P7 is truly an impressive electric bike. Not just because of its smooth riding experience and powerful motor that could handle various situations, but also because of its portability which makes me feel I can take it anywhere without any worry.


Retro Electric Cruiser Beach Fat Bike: MOTAN M-70

The MOTAN M-70 is an all-purpose electric urban cruiser bike and a great choice for you who seeking fun, ready-for-adventure transportation, helps you with your riding free and fun cruising in neighborhood, trail, sand, and snow.
Simplistic styling blends cool retro with the latest e-biking technology. Natural upright riding position and long plush bench seats make you a pleasure to ride.
Thanks to the adjustable handlebar, you can adjust the angle of the handlebar according to the position for maximum comfort. It can easily reach up to 55 miles (PAS) per charge. Works as peddle-assist, or throttle, using which mode completely depends on what you need. Ride it anywhere!
· Unique Retro Appearance
· Large Powerful Motor
· Upgrade To A 16ah Large-Capacity Battery
· Upgraded Integrated Lights For Safe Trip
· RIDE Super Stable And Comfortable Upright
· Clear Lcd Screen Display 
The MOTAN M-70 is a high-performance and long-range electric beach cruiser bike, which comes with a 750-watt Bafang Integral powerful motor and 16Ah long-lasting battery. It’s a perfect and unique commuter vehicle or weekend cruiser e-bike for you.


750W Folding Electric Bike: MOTAN M-150 P7

Addmotor M-150 P7 folding electric bicycle has a strong frame and light-sensitive display. 750W high-speed power motor and 11.6Ah long-lasting battery make sure you have plenty of fun riding on this fat tires e-bike.
MOTAN M-150 P7 E-bike boasts a powerful 750 Watt rear-mounted hub motor that makes you feel like superman while it pushes you powerful forward.
An upgraded 48V 11.6Ah battery improved reliability. You could go to places that your traditional bike would never allow. This e-bike allows you to ride more difficult trails for longer distances. You will see, once you got on this power fat folding bike you never want to have another one.
The strong aluminum-alloy built beautiful eye-catching folding frame is easy to fold in 10s. The compact folded size makes it easy to keep the bike in your apartment, by your feet at the office desk instead of risking leaving it outside, as well as store it in a truck or SUV alongside your holiday trip.
Together with friends and family, and start your trip at the weekend and enjoy the time. So many people say “wow” when you ride it. It will be the favorite bike you have ever owned.


Electric Tandem Bicycle Built for Two: MOTAN M-250

This 750W high-power motor tandem is designed for two. Whether you want to have a relaxing bike ride or get more rigorous exercise, this bike is perfect for families and friends. Riding is twice as much fun with someone you love.
· Strong Sporty Frame Design
· Large Powerful Motor And Long-Lasting Lithium Battery
· Tektro Hudraulic Disc Brakes
· Fat Tires Wheel
This 750W high-power motor bicycle is designed for two people, so whether you want to have a relaxing bike ride or get more rigorous exercise, this bike is perfect for families and friends.
more, a rear rack lets you carry cargo — maybe food and drinks for extra energy — or even another person. Chat, sing, take pictures! Everyone agrees! A tandem bike is a fun way of cycling.


Step-Thru Fat Electric Trike: MOTAN M-330 P7

With these practical fat tires, the electric trike will capably meet your needs. It has convenient storage, you can use it for transport or you can use it to exercise. The 3-wheel, electric tricycle comes with cargo and suspension; it will give you so much fun.
The AddMotoR MOTAN M-330 P7 is a heavy-duty and feature-rich cargo electric trike, capable of transporting up to 350 pounds of rider and cargo in the included front and rear baskets.
Heavy loads are a breeze with an extra-sturdy 7075 alloy frame and a 750-watt hub motor from Bafang, Shimano Tourney derailleur, and Tektro mechanical disc brakes are basic but perform well.
Stability, carrying capacity, and the power to help get you where you’re going are all hallmarks of your best solution for transportation and utility.
· Strong power to haul a big load
· Standard large capacity rack
· Stable, easy boarding
· Safety on the go
Even when we need some extra stability, we can still get out and enjoy the sense of freedom we felt that first time riding a bike. Wind in the face, fresh air, and the ability to go anywhere — that’s the promise of the MOTAN M-330 P7 electric trike.
The powerful Bafang motor electric system to assist your pedaling will have you traveling farther and faster than you have in years. The three-wheel stability and front-rear-mounted cargo basket give you the tools you need to get you where you’re going, easily and with peace of mind.
For seniors, those who may experience an issue with balance, or the one with some physical issue to continue riding, MOTAN M-330 P7 is the best electric trike for them to enjoy freedom and fun.

Fat Tire Electric Trike Cargo Bike: MOTAN M-350 P7

This practical electric trike will very capably meet your need, storage, transport, or exercise. 750W power motor gives you extra support. The dual suspension three-wheel E-Bikes will give you so much fun and freedom.
· Much More Stronger Sturdy Tricycle Frame Design
· 750W Power Motor
· Long-Lasting Battery And Long Range
· Large Capacity Front And Rear Basket
· Three Different Riding Mode
· Integrated Lights Design
· Adjustable Handlebar And Seat Post
Addmotor 2021 New Design M-350 P7 750W Electric Trike is perfect for the rider that needs to haul big loads or for extra support when it is difficult to balance. Pedal or Power.
You will find cycling has never been this much fun or this convenient. If you are looking for an electric trike, this bike is the one for you.
You will have the freedom to travel far further than on a regular trike and still be able to pedal for exercise. If you are an adult rider, the electric assistance is a feature that you would like to have.
This electric trike will very capably meet your needs. This electric trike bike is absolute “eye” candy! You can’t complete a ride without being stopped by numerous curious people. When you ride it, you can’t wipe this grin off your face.

Electric Trike Beach Cruiser 3-Wheel Electric Semi-Recumbent Bike: MOTAN M-360

The MOTAN M-360 is an Electric Semi-Recumbent Bike for cruising and moderate exercise on flat paved surfaces and gently sloping terrain. It provides a more stable, comfortable ride.
· Comfortability: With the reclined seating, get comfortable and enjoy the ride without having to constantly reposition your lower back. The crank-forward bikes give people with problems a more comfortable riding position that is more upright and longer riding time because of the improved riding position.
· Stability: The M-360 boasts a longer frame than our other Addmotor’s e-trikes. The increased length allows the riders to have better control and handling throughout the ride.
· Superiority: Equipped with a Bafang 750W brushless motor and 14.5Ah lithium-ion battery by Panasonic, the MOTAN M-360 has the power and capabilities to carry you on any adventure within four hours of charge.
· Practicality: Like our previous electric trikes, the M-360 also has a large rear basket for carrying items. The combination of a 750w motor and a 14.5Ah battery will easily carry any groceries home.
· Safety: The M-360 fat electric trike features dual 160mm rear disc brakes and a 180mm front disc brake for serious stopping power. Powered by the main battery pack, the big bright headlight with horn and the rear taillight with brake light functionality that is activated any time the brakes are applied, offering safety for riding at night or on the dark road.
· Adjustability: The trike comes with a folding handlebar which makes it better space-saving when you don’t ride. A back-and-forth telescopically adjustable seat tube fit for a wide range in height.
The M-360 is an exclusive design of Addmotor’s MOTAN series, this semi-recumbent electric trike is the ultimate comfort ride for cruising and easy riding through uneven terrains.


Fat Tire Electric Hunting Bike

Mid Drive Electric Bike: Wildtan M-5600 

A 1000W Bafang Mid-drive motor hidden in the frame, coupled with a long-lasting 17.5Ah Panasonic battery, allows you to freely shuttle through various terrains and enjoy the fun of exploration.
Wildtan electric hunting bike is built to be taken up hills, down log roads, and through wooded areas where regular city electric bikes would not be equipped to handle.

Hunting Electric Fat Bike: MOTAN M-5500

The frame design of the MOTAN M-5500 e-bike is to commemorate the Flying Tigers, that the United States volunteers together to Aidhua Air Force in the Second World War. Features a strong frame, the MOTAN M-5500 can carry a load of 350lb easily.
Durable and stiff 6061 aluminum alloy frame with fat tires, make this bike especially perfect for mountain, wasteland, also effective on the road, trail, beach, or the snow, etc.
Upgrade To A 1250 Watts Powerful Motor and 16Ah Large-Capacity Battery
With the 1250 watt powerful rear-mounted hub brushless motor and 48-volt 16Ah lithium-ion Panasonic battery, the M-5500 exactly has great endurance to handle a 60 miles long-distance ride even loading a 350lbs weight. You can never worry about losing juice on this bike but making the riding a breeze. It can travel further, faster, and across more adventurous terrain.
180MM F/R Rotors Offer You A Safe Ride
Like other MOTAN fat bikes, the M-5500It is also equipped with a 180mm large rotor and a fast-response disc brake system, which makes the brakes more flexible and gives you safety during the journey.
Addmotor 5 inch LCD display
The large 5-inch LCD display clearly displays important information, including battery status, speed, mileage, and riding mode. All of these features can meet any of your needs, and you can easily view the health of the bicycle on the road.
Equipped with front and rear mudguards and iron rear frame.


Fat tire electric mountain bike

26-inch shock absorber fat tire electric bicycle: MOTAN M-560 P7

Trie bicycle, equipped with 11.6Ah hidden battery, 750W motor, and stable ARC frame. The front fork and 26-inch fat tire electric bicycle make you feel more comfortable. hunting electric bicycle is a high-end fashion design elecMOTAN M-560 P7
This is a good choice for hunters who commute by bike or want to go deep into the woods without being slowed down by wet terrain. When you ride a bicycle, it's like being a child again, making you smile.
The M-560 P7 electric fat bike is equipped with oversized 26-inch fat tires and a front fork suspension, allowing you to ride more comfortably and freely on rugged mountain roads.
· With rear rack and mudguard
· Addmotor 5 inch LCD display
· Strong driving force and large capacity battery, good performance
· Semi-invisible battery box, simple appearance
· Robust ARC integrated sports frame design
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Where can I buy fat tire electric bicycles?

Buy from Addmotor!
Addmotor was established in 2011 with the original goal: to manufacture the best quality electric bicycles, including fat tire electric bicycles so that everyone can use them. We have spent several years perfecting, adjusting, and designing our electric bicycles to meet the diverse needs and lives of our customers. To
Along the way, we have won a community of passionate, adventurous, and loyal riders who are proud to represent and be part of our Addmotor family.
In our current selection of models, we are sure that you will find the right electric bicycle for you.
In the future, Addmotor will continue to devote itself to improving user experience and services, establishing our own inventory and delivery system, so that customers can obtain faster transportation services and higher satisfaction. To
We will also continue to focus on the research and development of electric bicycles and electric bicycle parts and provide customers around the world with better-personalized products and services.

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