Best Electric Trikes for Adults

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Riding a bicycle keeps everyone physically fit, but most adults cannot ride around due to the instability of a two-wheel bike and susceptibility to injuries. So three wheel electric trike has become increasingly popular in the market among adults. The electric motor provides pedaling assistance, making the riding experience smooth with minimal effort. The three wheels in an electric trike provide stability and comfort during the ride, which was a problem for them with a two-wheel electric bike. An e-trike can be used by adults for various purposes, such as daily commuting, recreational activities, and transportation. But with multiple options available in the market, it might be confusing to decide which motorized tricycles are best for adults.  
Grandtan M-340 and Grandtan Plus electric trike bike for adults  

Why choose a three-wheel electric bike for adults?

Before we talk about the best 3 wheel electric bike for adults, let’s look at some of the benefits of motorized tricycles so that you know you are investing your money into something valuable.
•  First and foremost, an e-trike with its three wheels provides stability and comfort to adults, which were missing in a two-wheel bike, and adults couldn't enjoy riding a bike.
•  For adults who want to maintain their fitness but are unable to paddle a bike for a longer period, an electric trike would help them. The electric motor in fat tire electric trikes provides pedal assistance to the riders, which requires minimal effort in pedaling, and the electric motor does all the work.
•  The electric motor and fat tires allow you to ride electric trikes easily on smooth roads, rough terrains, and hills which was a difficult task on a two-wheel bike.  
•  The three-wheel electric bikes can carry heavy loads due to their large payload capacity and also has storage capacity, so if you are someone who has heavyweight, or wants to ride an electric trike for transportation or groceries, then it’s a great purchase for you.

Best electric trikes for adults

Addmotor e-trikes are among the most popular electric trikes available in the market due to their advanced features, different styles, and designs. You may find a variety of three-wheel electric bikes at Addmotor, so we have combined everything you must know about Addmotor trikes below, so you can choose the best three-wheel electric bike for yourself.

#1.  Grandtan M-340 E-trike

The hot-selling one of the Motan series, which has been renamed as the GRANDTAN M-340, has the upgraded EB 2.0 system, which means this 3 wheeled electric trike has all the cool features for a smooth and enjoyable ride with an aesthetic outlook. 

So let’s look at some features that make Grandtan M340, which is currently the best three-wheel electric trike for adults.
GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike Electric Tricycle for Adults Rose Gold 
•  The first thing that everyone is concerned about is the battery capacity of 3 wheel electric trike. Grandtan M-340 has a Samsung battery, the world’s first UL-certified battery, with a battery capacity that has upgraded from 17.5 Ah to 20Ah. On this battery capacity, you can cover a maximum of 85 miles on a single charge and it has a charging time of 9 to 10 hours.  
•  The Grandtan M-340 has a 750W front-mounted hub motor power. This high motor power allows you to easily ride the motorized tricycle on smooth roads as well as on rough terrains or hills with minimal effort. This Addmotor trike has a motor with inner rings that causes better heat dissipation and produces low sound.
•  This fat tire electric tricycle has 4-inch-wide tires with an anti-slip cover tire, high volume inner tube, and inner tube protector. All this together ensures a comfortable and stable ride both on smooth roads or terrains and sandy beaches. The greater air volume inside the fat tires increases their durability and decreases their susceptibility to punctures and wear and tear.
•  A 5-inch LCD on Grandtan M340 is another feature that adds up to the comfortability and smoothness of the ride. It shows almost everything you should know while riding, such as speed, battery usage, mileage, lighting usage, motor wattage, etc. You wouldn't have to worry about anything as you would have everything displayed in front of you.   
•  This Addmotor trike has an advanced LED lighting system that functions on battery power but saves up to 15% of the energy consumption than the traditional lighting system. It has a headlight with a 200m visual range and a multifunctional tail light with a 40-lumen brightness.
•  The efficient disc brake system in Grandtan M340 with motor cutoff sensor allows you to slow or stop your three-wheel electric bike quickly and easily whenever applied.

#2.  GRANDTAN plus fat tire electric trike

GRANDTAN plus 3 wheel electric trike for adults is an upgraded version of the M-340 electric trike. It has all the features similar to the M-340 electric trike, i.e., 750 W Bafang brushless motor, 48V*20Ah battery that covers up to 85 miles per charge, 450 lbs payload capacity, integrated head and tail lights, 5-inch LCD, and disc brake system with a motor cutoff sensor. But this plus version of the M-340 differs in the distinctive feature of its tires and the variety in its colors.
GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike Electric Tricycle for Adults Army Green 
•  The fat tires in GRANDTAN plus fat tire electric trike are wider than its previous version. The front tire is 26’’x 4” while the rear tire is 24”x 4” wide. The extra width of the tires provides more stability and comfort during the ride and increases the durability of the tires. These tires can roll over anything that comes in the way, keeping the rider safe and preventing the trike from tripping. The stability this electric trike provides by lowering your center of gravity is what makes it the best electric trike.
•  You can buy the GRANDTAN Plus in a color of your choice as it comes in a variety of 6 colors, that includes cyan green, rose gold, pearl white, Neptune blue, starry blue, and army green.

#3.  Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric trike

Another e-trike from the Addmotor, the Addmotor M-360 semi-recumbent electric trike, is the ultimate solution for all adults. With all the advanced features and upgraded 2.0 system, Addmotor M360 has similar components to GRANDTAN M340, i.e., 750 W motor power, 48V*20Ah battery, 4-inch-wide fat tires, LCD, integrated LED head and tail lights, and disc brakes. But what makes it different and best for adults is its semi-recumbent design. So let’s see how its semi-recumbent design makes it the best electric tricycle for adults.
m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Orange 
•  This electric tricycle comes with an extra-large saddle with an adjustable backrest to support the back, providing you with a comfortable and safe riding position. This 3 wheel electric trike for adults is designed to provide the best comfort to anyone with back pain or mobility issues, so nothing can stop you from riding around.
•  The strong and sturdy aluminum alloy frame of this fat tire trike also allows you to carry a heavy load easily. It provides you with a maximum load capacity of 450 lbs and accommodates riders within a height range of 5’6” to 6’6”.
•  Addmotor M-360 e-trike gives you an extra fun opportunity to select your motorized tricycle in your favorite color. It gives you a variety of options from a wide range of 8 bright colors, i.e., purple, green, pearl white, rose gold, army green, cyan green, orange, and blue.
•  Its semi-recumbent design and 4-inch fat tires provide extra comfort while riding on smooth roads, uneven terrains, and sandy beaches. You can ride for long hours without getting tired or uncomfortable due to the comfortable riding position.

#4.  Grandtan City 3-wheel electric bike

We have another recommendation for the best electric adult tricycle is the Grandtan city three-wheel electric bike. It also has the upgraded EB 2.0 electrical system, so it has all the latest features, like our above two fat tire trikes. But of course, it also has some unique features that make it the best electric adult tricycle.
•  The feature that makes it distinctive from other Addmotor trikes is that its 20 Ah battery capacity allows you to cover 90 miles long range. You can ride freely for about 90 miles on a single charge without worrying about recharging your battery.
•  The fat tires of Grandtan city are 3 inches wide and have a flame-like pattern made on them, which provides extra stability and prevents the fat tire trike from rolling or skidding on the road or terrain.
•  Another problem the adults used to face was the struggle to get on and off the bike due to its high frame. But this feature that makes Grandtan city plus the best electric trike is its lower step-through frame to easily mount and dismount the bike without lifting the leg all over to get on it. It also comes with an adjustable backrest for a comfortable riding position throughout the journey.
•  To provide a more smooth and more comfortable riding experience to the riders, this Addmotor trike has a G5 head tube, G3 controller protector, and G5 head post. All this manufacturing together makes the electric trike aesthetically pleasing and extremely comfortable to ride.
So these are some of the best Addmotor electric trike. Hope this information helps you and makes it easier for you to decide which electric trike would be the best for you. 

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