Best Electric Fat Trikes: Comparing Addmotor Grandtan to Electric Fat Trike

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Electric bikes have proven themselves to be true all-rounders in the realm of personal transportation. Whether you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly option for your daily commute or a powerful cruiser for adventurous rides, electric bikes have the capability to take care of everyone. In the world of electric bikes, the electric trikes have taken the main spotlight with their unmatched convenience and comfort for its riders.
With the exceptionally well stable 3 wheel electric bike frame designs, the electric trikes are the ideal choice for seniors and any individual who’d like a more stable option. Unlike electric bikes, you don’t have to balance an electric trike and it is also more convenient for people who are new to the world of cycling. Anyone can ride them with ease and replace conventional means of transportation with this innovative option. 
Not just that, electric trikes will also allow you to be more practical as most electric trikes come with extra cargo capacity and can be used as utility electric bikes. You can go shopping, deliver items, or haul any sort of cargo easily. With so many advantages over the two-wheeler electric bike options, the popularity of e trike is continuously on the rise. So, to cover this demand, many brands have introduced their electric trikes models to stay competitive in the market. However, with so many options and different brands claiming to be the best in the business, choosing the one that fits your needs can be quite a daunting task. So in this blog, we are going to make things easy for you by comparing two of the main players, Addmotor and with two of their electric trike options. So let’s get to it.

Addmotor Grandtan M-340 Electric Trike 2023

Grandtan is the most popular option in the Addmotor Electric Bikes and comes in Grandtan Plus option. With its durable and sturdy frame design, the most impressive feature of the Grandtan is its high-end cargo capacity. With this electric trike, you can haul up to 100 lbs of cargo easily. 
The Grandtan features a convenient step-through frame design that makes it a good option for seniors and people with mobility issues as they can mount it with ease and comfort. The electric 3 wheel bike has a 750-watt front-mounted hub motor that is capable of reaching up to 20mph, making the Grandtan a suitable option for both urban and suburban settings. The motor provides swift acceleration and top-notch performance with the help of two modes, throttle and pedal assist. As for pedal assist, there are seven different levels and you can change the PAS mode by using the buttons on the handlebar. The PAS mode will determine how much assistance you will get from the motor. In this way, you stay in total control of your ride and can change it according to your preferences. 
The task of powering this robust motor is handed to Addmotor's 48V*20Ah UL-certified powerful battery that is capable of providing 960Wh. The battery provides up to 85+ miles of riding range making it a suitable option for daily commuters. The range is probably the most standout feature of this electric trike. Moreover, by using UL-certified battery packs, the Addmotor Grandtan provides an edge over its competitors by reducing risks and improving the overall riding experience.
In terms of comfort, the Grandtan is equipped with fat tires and large and comfortable seats with backrests. The trike also has adjustable handlebars and a wooden footrest to accommodate the rider. The Grandtan also features a fully adjustable suspension system with up to 80 mm of suspension travel to make your rides more comfortable and smooth. The suspension system also helps absorb shocks and vibrations for a smoother ride. As another exciting feature of the Addmotor Grandtan electric trike, there is an intuitive display and EB 2.0 integrated light system.

Electric Fat Trike on

The Electric Fat Trike from is another option in the electric trike market. It features a low step-through frame design with 4-inch fat tires that can roll over anything that comes in your way. Its low-profile tread and lower center of gravity make it a suitable and stable option for both road use. The E-trike is available in 4 different colors to match the rider’s vibes. 
The task to power the Electric Fat Trike is on the 750-1000W Bafang front-geared hub motor that provides up to 84 Nm of torque and 320 RPM. The motor can be engaged in either pedal assist or throttle mode to provide maximum power and efficiency. The throttle mode provides smooth acceleration so the e-trikes can be conveniently ridden like a moped. For battery, the Electric Fat Trike relies on a 48V*11.6Ah battery that can be charged in 5-6 hours. In terms of range, the Electric Fat Trike can provide up to 12-26 miles per charge. The range can vary according to the rider's weight, terrain, and assistance level. 
For braking, the Electric Fat Trike relies on Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes for smooth stopping. Moreover, the powerful motor can also haul up to 275 lbs including cargo and the rider. There’s also an easy-to-read backlit display on the handlebar with large text. The display provides information about the battery, speed meter, and odometer on display. To make your off-road riding experience better, the Electric Fat Trike features a Mozo suspension fork with a lockout switch and a Promax suspension seat post. The dual suspension system allows the trike to easily absorb wobbles and hurdles and provide a smooth and comfortable riding experience.

Detailed Comparison Between Grandtan M-340 Electric Trike & Electric Fat Trike

Choosing between the Addmotor Grandtan and the Electric Fat Trike ultimately comes down to your choice. Nevertheless, doing proper research about electric trikes before making a purchase is important to ensure you make the right choice. It is important to consider the features, cost, and reliability of the trike. Additionally, comparing them side by side will also help you to finalize your decision. So, we are now going to do a detailed comparison of the physical features, mechanical features, and Electrical features of these two electric trike for adults.

Physical Features

The physical features of your electric trike will ultimately have a huge say in the comfort, convenience, and overall performance of your electric trike. Therefore, comparing the physical features of these two electric trikes is important to ensure which option is more suitable for your daily routine.

#1 Colors

Grandtan Electric Trikes: Neptune Blue, Pearl White, Army Green, Rose Gold, Starry Blue, Cyan Green, Red, Yellow
Electric Fat Trike: Red, Silver, Black, and Blue
Comment: Grandtan electric trike has 7 color options as compared to Electric Fat Trike which has only 4 colors. 

#2 Saddle

Addmotor Grandtan: Comfortable seat with adjustable backrest; 
Electric Fat Trike: Comfort seat with no Backrest;
Comment: Both have similar saddles, but the Grandtan offers better support with a backrest.

#3 Tires

Grandtan: 24” X 4.0” Front; 20 X 4.0” Rear Tires
Electric Fat Trike: 24” X 4.0” Front; 20” X 4.0” Rear 
Comments: Both the options have the same tire sizes. The design of a large front wheel and two small rear wheels can better ensure the stability of riding.

Mechanical Features

Just like the Physical features, the mechanical features of any electric trike will also play their role in the comfort and overall riding experience. So, here’s a detailed version;

#1 Fork

Grandtan: Oil Spring Fork with 80mm of Travel;
Electric Fat Trike: Mozo MTB Ride Fork Spring Suspension, w/ 80mm Travel.
Comment: Both the electric trikes will provide the same suspension and shock absorption..

#2 Brakes

Grandtan: Mechanical Disc Brakes w Motor Cutt off sensor;
Electric Fat Trike: Tektro Aries Mechanical Disc Brakes;
Comment: Both the electric trike provide responsive stopping power with the help of mechanical disc brakes, but the motor cut off sensor of the Grandtan will add to your safety. 

#3 Frame

Grandtan: 6061 Aluminium Alloy;
Electric Fat Trike: Aluminium Alloy Frame
Comment: Both the trikes rely on the Aluminum alloys which are known for their high strength-to-weight ratio.

#4 Cargo Capacity

Grandtan E-Trike: 450 lb carrying capacity  (Including rider and cargo);
Electric Fat Trike: 275 lb carrying capacity  (Including rider and cargo);
Comment: With the help of front and rear cargo and sturdy frame, the Grandtan has more carrying capacity than the Electric Fat Trike.

Electrical Features

The electrical features are the most important considerations when choosing any trike as they are responsible for powering the electric trike. The electric trike should have a reliable battery, motor, controller and charger. The battery needs to be powerful enough to provide adequate range and should be easy to recharge. The motor should be powerful enough to provide a smooth ride and the controller should be easy to adjust.

#1 Motor

Grandtan Trike: 750W front mounted motor with 1,400 peak wattage;
Electric Fat Trike: 750W-1,000 geared hub motor.
Comment: Both the electric trikes feature the same robust motors in terms of power as basic power, but the Electric Fat Trike also provides the option to choose an 1000W motor depending on your preference.

#2 Battery

Grandtan Electric Trike: 48V*20Ah UL-certified;
Electric Fat Trike: 48V*11.6 battery pack
Comment: The Grandtan has a more capacity battery pack. That’s why it can provide better range and performance as compared to the Electric Fat Trike. Moreover, the Grandtan battery is also safer and durable with UL-certification.

#3 Lighting System

Grandtan: Addmotor EB 2.0 headlight & 5-in1 tail light with Parking light, Safety light, and Turn Signals. 
Electric Fat Trike: Integrated rear light;
Comment: The Grandtan has a more complete lighting system for visible & safe riding at night.

#5 Pedal Assist Levels

Grandtan: 7 levels of pedal assist
RadTrike: 5 levels of pedal assist
Comment: The Addmotor Grandtan has more levels of pedal assist, which helps the rider to stay in more control of the ride and change the level according to terrain.


In conclusion, both of these 3 wheel electric bikes exemplify the innovation and versatility and a very good option for daily commuters and adventure enthusiasts alike. However, the Addmotor Grandtan has the upper hand in several key areas, making it a superior choice. Whether it’s the extended range ensuring that you can embark on longer journeys without the fear of running out of battery power or the need to haul more cargo, the Grandtan surpasses its competitors with ease. Moreover, the Grandtan is also more comfortable and convenient for riders with its backrest, footrest, and EB 2.0 lighting system. 

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