Best Electric Bikes for Your 2022, We Got All The Types for You!

By Ruby | 15 February 2022 | 0 Comments
If you’re having trouble picking out which Addmotor electric bike is good for you, this is your guide to finding the best fit. Whether you’re looking for the best commuter electric bike or the best electric beach cruiser, we got you covered.
2022 new released city pro E-43 / E-53

You don’t want to miss out on our 2022 E-Series, E-43 is low-step and E-53 is high-step. Everyone who wants an electric bike cares about how long it can last. Nobody wants it to be out of power in the middle of your day. With the upgraded 20AH battery capacity, this electric bike has reached 125 miles on PAS for a single charge. By prioritizing safety in its design, we have designed & implemented a brand new lighting system to further ensure your riding in a 360°visual range. It’s not just a common headlight and taillight, but there are also left and right turn signals, flashing lights, and hazard lights. One small back handle is added to the saddle for lifting the bike more easily, we know it’s not much in the design, but we want to do something thoughtful for you, the rider.

More features
  1. 48*500W rear brushless gear motor
  2. EB2.0 multi-function LCD display
  3. Electric horn included
  4. Pedal-assist levels increased to 7 speeds
  5. Come with hydraulic brakes
  6. Oil spring fork with 100mm of travel
  7. SHIMANO 7-Speed derailleur
  8. 26’’*2.3” inches durable tires
  9. 4 colors are provided for each model

Best vintage cruiser electric bike M-60

M-60 is your best “do anything” bike. Who can resist a long padded banana seat on a bike? The long bench seat always allows you to carry two people at a time. The M-66 is designed in a cool, stunning, retro style with a frame design that is eye-catching. Not only that but we now sell the M-60 in orange. There have been many customers in the past requesting this color option and now we have it!

  1. With 750W Bafang brushless DC hub motor
  2. 16 Ah large capacity battery ensures your long-distance ride
  3. Addmotor 5 inch LCD display with smart light sensor
  4. Adjustable U Style Curved handlebar making sure you have a comfortable riding position
  5. Integrated headlight controlled by the display
  6. Double shoulder spring 80mm suspension travel fork
  7. Suitable for a wide range of heights from 5’2” to 6’3”
Bring your vintage electric bike and go for a relaxing beach ride! We also have the classic black and white color for you!
Best lightweight Motan folding electric bike M-140 R7
Foldable electric bikes are the most portable ones without a doubt. No matter as a commuter or for your travels, it’s the best choice if you want to bring your bike anywhere. Just stick it in your car and start your journey! The M-140 is the lightest bike of the Addmotor electric bikes. It utilizes a step-thru design that makes it easy for you to get on and off. Don’t think of it just as your electric bike for daily use, with the powerful 750w motor and a 16ah Panasonic battery pack, and the marvelous 20’’*4.0” fat tire, it will conquer all kinds of terrains for you.
More features
  1. Net weight is just 56 lbs.
  2. Up to 65 miles per charge
  3. Addmotor 5-inch LCD display with USB port
  4. Integrated headlight and taillight
  5. Detachable rear rack with a payload capacity of 280 lbs.
  6. Full-cover fenders to keep your pants dry and clean
White is always a classic colorway and is beloved by our customers of all time, so we’re releasing a white color this time and we’re also releasing an orange colorway to brighten you up!
Best affordable step-thru fat tire electric bike M-50
Speaking of the step-thru design above, let’s talk about our M-50. Its step-thru frame design is clean and sharp just from looking at its appearance. It is a combination of power and classy. Thanks to the step-thru design, powerful motor, big battery pack, 80mm preload-adjustable front fork, and along with those fat tires, it combines into a bike that ensures your comfort and provides satisfaction for every ride!
More Features
  1. 6061 Aluminum-Alloy frame
  2. 7-speed Shimano Altus derailleur
  3. Addmotor 5-inch LCD display with USB port
  4. Mechanical disc brake
  5. 20-inch tires
  6. Suitable for riders whose height is between 5”2’ - 6’, weight under 280 lbs.
  7. Adjustable handlebar to ensure an upright riding position
We have 4 colors for this model. The special green colorway you can see from the picture is our latest new color which brings out a metal and hardcore style.
Best all-terrain powerful electric bikes
The M-550 has always been the powerful type of electric bike that many customers would choose. Compared to the others of this kind, it’s more reachable. The standover height is 29.5”, and the M-560 is 32”. The frame design looks softer which makes it more of an all-terrain urban electric bike. The M-550 is ready to conquer the deep sand, snow, and beaches with that 750w hub motor and its 4” wide tires, powerful enough for you to explore the world at the same time it got classy for the city ride.
More features
  1. 16Ah long-lasting Panasonic lithium battery
  2. Up to 65 miles per charge
  3. 7 speed Shimano Altus derailleur
  4. Addshox spring suspension 80mm travel fork
  5. Big 26”*4” fat tires
  6. Integrated brake taillight and headlight
  7. Fits a wide range rider whose height is 5’10” and 6’5”, weight under 300 lbs.
  8. New colors: Army green, khaki
M-560 and M-550 are both all-terrain electric bikes under the “power” category of ours. M-560 will be suitable for a bit wider height range of 5”10 to 6’6”, also with a higher standover height, this might be a key point for your decision-making between these two. Addmotor has upgraded the M-560 with a 17.5Ah battery so you will feel assured and don’t have to be worried about your bike running out of power on your trips. With the spring suspension 100mm travel fork, the big tires, and the full-cover fenders, M-560 is prepared to make your journey smooth like a breeze!
More features
  1. 750w brushless hub motor
  2. Twist grip throttle with power-cut switch
  3. Addmotor 5-inch LCD display with USB port
  4. Semi-invisible battery box, simple and clean
  5. New colors: khaki, army green, grey, blue
With that many colors and the affordable price, why don’t you pick up a powerful electric bike that suits you the most and hit the road!
Best reachable fat tire electric trike M-340
M-340 electric trike can always hit our best sale. You can see from its appearance that it is designed with a low step-thru frame which makes it easy to get on and off the bike, thus it fits a wide range of riders whose height is from 5’2” to 6’4”. The saddle is made to be extra wide with a backrest that gives you back support. Moreover, an extra wood board for resting your leg makes your ride even more comfortable. Equipped with a 750w motor and a 17.5Ah large capacity battery, this electric trike ensures power and length. It also includes dual rear brake rotors to guarantee balance and stability. The new color of army green is out now, bring this best-seller home and redefine your lifestyle!
More features
  1. Adjustable U style curved handlebar
  2. Estimated max mileage of up to 55 miles with pedal assist
  3. 80mm travel suspension fork improve your riding experience
  4. 4-inch puncture-resistant fat tires
  5. Tektro mechanical disc brake with motor cut off sensor
  6. Come with a large rear basket along with a storage bag
  7. Payload capacity is up to 350 lbs.
Best special-design ultimate comfort electric trike M-360
This electric tricycle is obviously different in design from other trikes of Addmotor. It’s a semi-recumbent electric trike that gives you the ultimate comfort, even the backrest can be adjusted to the perfect height you want. The handlebar stem can be folded which makes it space-saving. The seat tube can be adjusted back and forth to fit a wide range of heights.
More features
  1. 48V*750w front brushless hub motor with the ability to ratchet up to 1000w for the hill climbs
  2. 17.5Ah large capacity Panasonic battery
  3. Adjustable back and forth padded saddle
  4. 7A19 Aluminum Alloy extra study frame
  5. Large capacity rack
  6. Sensitive front horn
  7. New blue color is on
With the comfort provided by this bike, you will not be afraid of the rough terrains that make you feel bad, the M-360 will be there and fight them for you. Just chill and relax on this amazing electric trike.

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