Addmotor leads the way in electric tricycles in the U.S.

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There's no doubt that electric bicycles were and are still regarded as the most efficient means of transportation. The return to normal life after the COVID pandemic and quarantine is leading to a variety of healthy habits, one of which includes cycling. Bicycles, however, have also changed over time with innovations in each field and now come with an electric motor to make them more comfortable and easier to ride.

Riding an electric bike can be a great workout and can allow you to have fun while traveling from one point to the other. Various types of electric bikes can be found on the road, but today we are going to focus on fat tire electric trike and one of the top brands in the industry.


Addmotor leads the way in electric tricycles in the U.S.

Having an electric adult tricycle allows you to switch between a good workout and a relaxing ride. With aging, you lose the energy and health you used to have. Therefore, staying in shape is crucial to maintaining your health. But the challenging workouts that you used to do when you were younger may not be an option anymore. In this type of scenario, having an electric trike can be the ideal solution for you.

With a fat tire electric tricycle, you have the option to either engage the pedal-assist mode and minimize your effort or use the trike as an electric bike by using throttle mode. Ease of use is one of the most attractive advantages of a 3-wheel electric bike. You can ride these bikes however you want. In this blog, we are planning to discuss one of the leading brands of electric trikes in the U.S.


#1 Addmotor electric trikes for adults

Addmotor is an amazing electric bike company that is based in the United States and was founded back in 2011. Their primary goal is to provide the finest quality electric bicycles for adults. Since 2021, we have become an industry leader in the electric bicycle industry by producing high-quality electric bikes and electric trikes for adults.

We have around 20 different e-bike models including a handful of tricycle bikes. Each of our e-bikes is excellently designed and well-made. The company aims to lead the way forward to a greener and more sustainable way of exploring the world with the help of Addmotor bikes.

The Addmotor electric trike collection includes some of the top-rated electric trikes on the market with the Grandtan series, Triketan series, and Semi-recumbent electric trike models. These models aren't only the finest from Addmotor but also stand quite high in the electric trike market as the leaders of electric trikes for adults in UAS.


GRANDTAN E-Trike Series

Grandtan electric tricycles for sale, suitable for people of different needs!

The electric tricycle has long been a preferred option for parents, older riders, and anyone who wants the stability and cargo benefits of an electric trike or for those who can't ride two-wheel e-bikes. That being said, Addmotor is lifting the game for electric trikes with the introduction of upgraded GRANDTAN series etrike models equipped with an EB2.0 electrical system, wooden footrest, and upgraded mechanical parts.

The GRANDTAN series includes M-340, GRANDTAN PLUS, and GRANDTAN CITY 3 wheel electric bikes. We will get to know these electric trikes one by one and examine why they are the finest in the business.

GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike

Grandtan M-340 Electric Tricycle for Adults Neptune Blue
Grandtan M340 electric trike, with an footrest, best for throttle mode riding!

The Addmotor GRANDTAN M-340 Electric trike is an amazing electric adult tricycle. It has a step-through frame that makes getting on and off easier and makes it more adaptive to the unpredictable traffic. The frame also allows the rider to be safer and offers a more spacious solution for daily commuters. There's also a wide, butterfly-like, eco-friendly wooden footrest in the frame of this fat tire etrike to keep your feet on while using throttle mode. The throttle can reach a top speed of up to 20 mph. The three-wheel design makes it far more accessible, particularly for individuals with some or no experience riding a bicycle, thanks to its user-friendly layout.

The improved M-340 shines brighter with Addmotor's enhanced EB2.0 technology, which was first featured on the City Pro commuter electric bicycles. Thanks to this updated power plant in this electric trike, the versatility and long-range cargo-carrying capacities of the M-340 are second to none. The energy-efficient motor and long-range battery on the M-340 have extended the range by approximately 73% to expand your adventures. It is also capable of carrying up to 350 lbs of cargo without any trouble.

A closer look at the updated powertrain reveals that the battery capacity of this UL-recognized battery pack of 48V has been increased from 17.5 Ah to 20 Ah. The powerful lithium ion Samsung cell battery pack is combined with a 750W motor to propel this electric trike through a variety of terrain including snow, parks, hills, and city roads. With the all-new powertrain, Addmotor promises a whopping 85+ miles of range per charge.

The trike isn't only a symbol of excellence in terms of power and range. It is also quite comfortable, thanks to the adjustable handlebar, ergonomic saddle with backrest, and 4" fat tires that provide effective shock absorption. The Kenda 4-inch Fat Tires offer improved rollover capability and durability while enhancing riding comfort. In comparison to rare ones, the front wheel on the e-trike is larger, making it suitable for all types of terrain, including sand and snow.

Overall, the M-340 is an ideal electric trike that can handle anything from rough terrain to hauling extra cargo which makes it to be one of your go-to etrike on daily riding for shopping, commuting, and running errands of any time. With all these rich features and excellent performance to offer, the GRANDTAN M-340 is the best-selling electric trike at Addmotor. In terms of performance and utility, this electric trike surpasses your expectations, and it is worth trying. So what are you waiting for? Visit Addmotor and order one for yourself right now!

GRANDTAN PLUS Fat Tire Electric Trike

grandtan-plus Electric Tricycle for Adults Army Green

The Addmotor GRANDTAN PLUS is another noticeable electric trike model by Addmotor that combines all of Addmotor's electric trike advantages to provide you with the most exciting battery-powered tricycle. The redesigned version of GRANDTAN, the GRANDTAN PLUS is your trusted companion for outdoor adventures.

You'll love this electric tricycle thanks to its easy-to-use controls and powerful 750-watt front-mounted hub motor. The motor is capable of providing up to 1,000 peak watts for hill climbs and faster acceleration. The 48V*20Ah rechargeable and removable powerful Samsung cell battery pack will provide enough juice for long rides.

Similar to GRANDTAN M-340, GRANDTAN PLUS is also available in 6 different colors for you to try out. The colors include Pearl White, Starry Blue, Army Green, Rose Gold, Cyan Green, and Neptune Blue. Among these aesthetically pleasing colors, Army Green is a customer favorite.

To provide more balance and control, the GRANDTAN PLUS comes with bigger tires. It allows for better riding in adverse weather conditions and can fit taller riders. The 24-inch rear wheels not only lower your center of gravity to provide better stability but also increase traction and grip. The extra 4-inch wide tires make you roll over any surface with ease.

With an ergonomic seat, wide backrests, and butterfly-like, eco-friendly wood footrests, the upgraded GRANDTAN Plus model is a full favorite. There is also an adjustable handlebar and an ergonomic seat with a backrest. At least 30% more riding comfort has been added to this model than in the previous model.

GRANDTAN CITY 3 Wheel Electric Bike  

grandtan-city  Electric Tricycle for Adults Cyan Green

The GRANDTAN CITY electric adult trike is another great option from the Addmotor electric trike collection. For commuters and roaming around town, the GRANDTAN CITY electric trike is best suited for adults. It is equally elegant and stylish as the other models from the GRANDTAN series for city riding.

Similar to other GRANDTAN series models, it is also equipped with a 750W brushless front wheel-mounted hub motor. This makes it even easier to maintain balance while accelerating. It can reach a top speed of 20 mph. The 48V*20Ah Samsung cell lithium battery pack is also capable of providing 90+ miles per charge range which is enough for long rides and roaming around the city.

With 3-inch Kenda mini fat tires, the electric trike provides a unique way to get around the city and do some urban cycling. On city streets, roads paved paths, and in an urban environment, you can go faster and smoother. It has a low step-through frame and adjustable backrest to offer comfort and stability to the rider. The riding experience is more comfortable than ever as it is designed for people of all abilities to reap the benefits of this 3-wheel electric bike.

The e-tricycle is compatible with the latest EB 2.0 electrical system, G5 head tube, G5 seat post, and G3 controller protector to offer the most comfortable riding experience. It is also suitable for riding in snow, parks, and hilly areas. If you are looking for the perfect ride to commute to work or for shopping while enjoying the stability of three wheels, you can trust this electric adult tricycle.

TRIKETAN E-Trike Series

Electric bikes are an amazing way to relax, have a workout, or simply enjoy yourself while roaming around town. However, people with limited mobility due to an injury or simply due to aging can't enjoy the perks of riding these bikes. This is where electric trikes are ideal to utilize. The TRIKETAN series from Addmotor focuses on that. The TRIKETAN M-330 and M-350 are two trikes in this collection and both focus on comfort and ease of riding which makes them ideal for elders.

TRIKETAN M-330 Electric Fat Trike

M-330 step-thru fat tire electric trike in white

The TRIKETAN M-330 electric fat trike is a very stylish and comfortable electric trike. If you are looking for trikes that can handle big loads while being stable and providing a cool and modern look, the M-330 is an ideal choice for you. As compared to the previous generation, it offers 3 more colors to choose from. The colors include Cyan Green, Black, Rose Gold, and Pearl White. M-330 e-trike comes with a lower-top tube. This can be easier to get on and off.

The e-trike is equipped with a 750W front wheel-mounted brushless hub motor that can reach up to 20mph. In terms of battery, it features the same upgraded 48V*20Ah Samsung battery as the other Addmotor electric trike. The battery combined with a powerful motor is capable of transporting up to 450 lbs of rider and cargo weight. It is also equipped with front and rear baskets.

With the stability of 3 wheels and fat tires, the M-330 is ideal for riding on any type of terrain including sandy beaches, muddy paths, scenic green hills, and paved bike lanes. The etrike isn't only powerful and capable enough to take on rough terrain but also focuses on comfort and stability with 4-inch fat tires.

An accessible lower step-through frame enables the M-330 to be used by people of all ages, genders, and especially the elderly. With a single charge of 10 hours, this trike can take you 85 miles using PAS1. Overall, the M-330 is an ideal option for electric tricycles.  

TRIKETAN M-350 Electric Tricycle

Triketan M-350 Electric Tricycle In Pearl White

The Addmotor TRIKETAN M-350  is the second option in the TRIKETAN series. M-350 trike electric bike comes with a traditional step-through frame with a low-top tube. This ensures better resistance to bending. It is a battery-powered tricycle that is easy and fun to ride. It is ideal for adults who have balance issues or simply want to get around town easily and enjoyably.

Powered by a 750W brushless front wheel-mounted hub motor, the M-350 is capable of producing 1000 peak watts of power for quicker acceleration. The motor is powerful enough to provide 80Nm of torque which helps you climb hills effortlessly. In terms of battery, the EB 2.0 UL-certified Samsung battery is quite handy and provides 960WH from this 48V*20Ah lithium-ion battery.

The electric tricycle is also equipped with large cargo baskets to accommodate plenty of space for groceries and pets alike. Thanks to its strong and durable aluminum alloy frame, this electric trike is one of the most durable and stable trikes available. It is ready to handle any terrain and provides more comfort than a two-wheel bicycle.

M-360 Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike
m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Sky blue

Featuring a semi-recumbent frame for added comfort, the M-360 is a heavy-duty cargo electric trike with a host of features. With their comfort, stability, and emission-free characteristics, trikes like the M-360 are convenient for fun riding and getting around town.

Designed to accommodate physically handicapped riders and back pain sufferers, the M-360 allows you to ride in a relaxed position. With 750W of power, the Bafang motor of the M-360 can tackle a variety of terrains while providing a peak power of 1000W. As a class 2 electric trike, it can reach a top speed of 20mph thanks to its motor.

The M-360's payload is 450 pounds, which is enough to carry a lot of cargo and carry weight. It is available in a wide range of colors to suit your personality. Per charge, the battery can provide up to 85+ miles of range when in battery mode on PAS 1. Moreover, the M-360 comes with 4" fat tires, which makes it an ideal choice for a variety of terrains. In addition, the utility trike has a comfortable seat with a padded backrest, so you will have a very comfortable ride since it is easy on your body. Overall, the M-360 is a fun fat tire electric tricycle that you can use to go almost anywhere without having to worry about anything.

#2 Plus Features of Addmotor Electric Trikes

These Addmotor bikes feature several top-notch features to make each ride on an etrike more enjoyable for all types of riders. By adding the enhanced EB 2.0 electrical system, Addmotor was able to extend the maximum ride range by approximately 73%. This helped promote adventure riding and enabled the frame to be more comfortable and convenient. Let's discuss these features in detail.

EB 2.0 Electrical System

Many electric trike brands on the market claim to offer more stability and comfort than the competition, but Addmotor's EB 2.0 electric system is what sets it apart from the rest.

Enhanced electrical battery and power system
The EB 2.0 electric system used in the new models of electric trike by Addmotor is powered by the world's first 48V*20Ah battery pack that comes with UL certification. This battery pack has UL certification, meaning that it meets the proper safety standards and has been thoroughly tested to ensure there are no fire or electrical hazards. Therefore, the 3-wheel electric bikes powered by lithium-ion battery packs with UL-certification have better overall safety of batteries. Additionally, this battery pack is compatible with Bafang 500W and 750W motors.

Integrated lighting system
The EB 2.0 electric system also includes head and light lights. Both are powered by the main battery pack and are controlled by uneven buttons. This integrated lighting system provides a 40-lumen headlight with adjustable light brightness so the electric trike works every time, day or night.
Furthermore, it provides a 180-degree side view and can make the road visible up to 200 meters. Furthermore, the multi-functional taillight employs a MUC chip and ultrasound welding technology to deliver driving, danger, flashing, braking, and left and right turning signals.

Display system
The EB 2.0 electric system also offers an integrated display system that consists of an Addmotor patented button layout and a multi-functional display that ensures safer and better rides. Different riding information is displayed on the LCD screen such as battery usage, the riding range, PAS mode, lighting system, riding speed, and current. The safety and convenience of your electric tricycle are enhanced by this display system.

Control system
Lastly, the EB 2.0 electric system has a 25A chip-based control system. The system simplifies various circuit designs, eliminates short circuits, eliminates overheating, and improves system stability. With this high-performance process and control system, the etrike can achieve fast, efficient & accurate command control.


#3 Why Addmotor electric trikes are the best in the U.S.?

The electric trikes by Addmotor are of top-notch quality and offer plenty of features and benefits. Some of those advantages are:

Plenty of options

Not all electric trikes are indeed created equally and different riders have different riding styles and preferences. Luckily, with the Addmotor bike collection, no matter what kind of rider you are, you will be able to find the appropriate electric trike that fits your needs.

Enhanced comfort & stability

The main objective of electric trikes is to provide maximum comfort and stability for riders of every age. The electric trikes from Addmotor are designed to fulfill this notion. They are convenient, easy to ride and offer a lot of comforts. The frames and components of these trikes are designed ergonomically to provide the safest and most enjoyable ride.

UL-certified battery packs

Addmotor's electric trikes come with UL-recognized battery pack EB 2.0 that provide a longer riding range and improve battery safety. The updated battery pack is an improvement over the rest of the market's options. It will undoubtedly add more value to Addmotor electric tricycles and benefit customers to a significant extent.

Price tag

Electric trikes are usually a bit more expensive than two-wheeled e-bikes. Addmotor electric trikes are not cheap since they are made from high-quality materials and the parts are designed to provide high performance. However, in the long term, they are quite cost-effective and worth their price.


There is a wildfire spread of popularity among electric trikes. They are easy to use and offer a lot of handy features. There is always something fun to do with them, no matter what age you are. One of the top e-bike companies, Addmotor, has designed & manufactured a range of electric tricycles, including the Grandtan series, semi-recumbent trikes, and the Triketan series. All these models offer top-notch performance and superior comfort in terms of the riding experience.
Aside from these models, Addmotor will introduce more electric tricycle models for those who want stable and comfortable rides. So, no matter what type of rider you are or what are your preferences in terms of riding, you can find an e-trike to explore the world in a green way with Addmotor!

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