Addmotor Electric Tricycles Offer Unmatched Power And Reliability

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addmotor etrike M-350 and  M-340 ,M-360 Electric Tricycle for Adults
Are you familiar with the electric trike? Whether you're considering ditching your car and looking for a new way to get around the city or just want an option to make outdoor adventures easier, electric tricycles are the perfect solution. The Addmotor electric tricycle collection offers some of the most reliable models available on the market right now, allowing you access to powerful e-trikes that can help take you on any terrain. Check out our ultimate guide below for more information about what kinds of ebikes this company offers and why they are a great choice!

What Is An Electric Tricycle, And What Are The Benefits Of Owning One?

An electric tricycle is a three-wheeled vehicle powered by an electric motor. It combines the convenience of a regular bicycle with the power and safety of a car, making it ideal for commuters, outdoor adventurers, and anyone who wants to reduce their environmental impact. The Addmotor electric tricycle collection offers different models to meet your needs and preferences.

The benefits of owning an electric tricycle include the following:

1. Increased range. An electric tricycle has a much higher battery capacity than a traditional bike, allowing you to travel farther distances easily.
2. Improved speed. With powerful motors, the e-trikes in this collection can reach speeds of up to 20mph, making them great for short or long-distance trips.
3. Greater stability. The three wheels provide extra balance and control, reducing the risk of accidents on uneven terrain or slippery surfaces.
4. More practicality. An electric tricycle is a great option for those who need to transport heavier items, as most models have roomy cargo racks.
Now that you know what an electric tricycle can offer let's look at the Addmotor electric tricycle collection.

What does the Addmotor Electric Tricycle Collection include?

The Addmotor electric tricycle collection includes several different models designed to meet your specific needs and preferences. These etrikes come in various sizes, styles, and colors, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your lifestyle.

The Trike is a powerful e-trike perfect for those who want an efficient and reliable commuting vehicle. It has a maximum speed of 20mph, making it great for long-distance journeys or short errand runs. It also has a large cargo rack that can carry up to 100kg. Crafted with lightweight aluminum alloy frames, front suspension systems, extra-wide tires, ergonomic saddles, and advanced disc brakes, these electric tricycles offer superior comfort and control for navigating city streets and coasting down rugged mountain trails. Furthermore, the motor comes up to 750 watts of power, so you can blast through those hills effortlessly.

What Are The Most Popular Addmotor Electric Tricycles?

1) GRANDTAN M-340 Etrike 2023

Grandtan Plus electric trike bike for adults
This electric tricycle is the perfect companion for those seeking a leisurely ride around town. This breakthrough in personal e-mobility delivers a thrilling combination of power, performance, and an ultra-comfortable ride. Are you ready for the ride of your life? 

The M-340 is packed with innovative features that make it perfect for all types of terrain, from rugged mountain paths to quick trips around town. Fully equipped with a 48V*750W bafang brushless motor, you'll be able to cover up to 85+ miles per charge (PAS1). And speaking of recharge, the upgraded Samsung Battery will provide plenty of juice to last your journey - no matter how far or how long it may take. 

When comfort matters just as much as control and power, you can always count on the GRANDTAN M-340's durable Step Thru Frame - getting on and off is effortless! 4.0 Kenda fat tires provide more balance and support so you can confidently enjoy your ride like a professional.

2) GRANDTAN PLUS 2023 Fat Tire Electric Trike:

Grandtan M-340 Electric Trikes for Adult In Army Green
The GRANDTAN PLUS electric trike is the ultimate powerhouse for those looking to take on the most extreme terrain. Whether you're an off-road enthusiast or a city dweller, this electric tricycle offers superior performance and comfort on every ride.

You can easily conquer any terrain by offering top-of-the-line components such as a 48V*750W Bafang Brushless Motor. In addition to the powerful motor, this electric trike also features a Samsung 48V*20ah battery for extended range and fast charging capabilities.

Cruising on the Grandtan plus is comfortable and secure thanks to its adjustable stem handlebar, ergonomic saddle, and 4.0 Kenda fat tires for improved balance and traction. It also has both pedal-assist and throttle mode options, so you can customize your ride according to your needs. Whatever the terrain, this electric tricycle will always have you covered!

3) GRANDTAN CITY 3 Wheel Electric Bike

Grandtan M-340 Electric Trikes for Adult In Cyan Green

You can commute in style and enjoy the ride with intuitive controls and luxurious design. Whether you're embarking on a short cruise through the city or a leisurely ride through the countryside, this electric tricycle will take you there seamlessly and safely. 

The Grandtan city 3 wheel electric bike features a robust 48V*750W bafang brushless motor providing plenty of power for any adventure. With an impressive range of up to 90+ miles per charge (PAS1) thanks to its upgraded 48V*20.0Ah Samsung cell battery, you won't be stuck for miles with this bike! Furthermore, the 350+100lbs payload capacity makes it perfect for carrying extra cargo, such as backpacks and groceries. 

Equipped with advanced safety measures such as front disc brakes, a bright headlight and horn, anti-skid tires, rear shock absorbers, and a rear upright support bar that ensures stability even when traveling at higher speeds. With dual suspension spring shocks included at the front wheel allowing smoother rides on rough roads or bumpy trails -all your needs are taken care of! Versatile and reliability is what define this model in its class. 

No more waiting around thanks to the fast charging capability of four hours - so you can have fun without having to worry about running out of juice! An impressive combo of design workmanship plus excellent performance makes the Grandtan city 3 wheel electric bike nothing short of exceptional - offering convenience with superiority to surpass all expectations. 

4) M-360 Adult Semi-Recumbent Electric Trike 2023

m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults
If you're looking for an electric tricycle with superior comfort and power, the Addmotor M-360 is a great choice. This semi-recumbent electric tricycle is perfect for those who want to experience greater control and stability on their rides - regardless of terrain or distance. Luxury meets functionality with this stylish and mighty machine. With an impressive 48V*750W front brushless hub motor, it can easily tackle even the most challenging terrain.

With every single ride, you can enjoy up to 85+ miles per charge(estimate) thanks to its 48V*20Ah Samsung lithium-ion battery. This sturdy electric trike also offers a massive payload capacity of 350lbs +100lbs, so you can rest assured that you are well-equipped for any journey. Whether you're cruising around town or taking on more daring adventures, the ADDMOTOR M-360 adult e-bike has you covered! 

Designed for comfort and ultimate convenience on long rides, this smart machine features ergonomic handgrips and an adjustable seat, allowing you to reach new heights while keeping your body comfortable as possible. Your own ambitions set the only limit.
Plus, with its 7-speed Shimano gear system, you can make the most out of your ride and enjoy effortless shifting when climbing hills or speeding up. Experience greater control over any terrain - from pavement to off-road trails - with the Addmotor M-360 adult electric tricycle!


5) TRIKETAN M-330 Electric Fat Trike 2023

M-330 step-thru fat tire electric trike in white
Make your everyday commute an adventure with the TRIKETAN M-330 Electric Fat Trike 2023! The most powerful electric trike on the market! Our latest innovation in smart transportation takes you from point A to point B without breaking a sweat. Cruise along in relaxed comfort riding our sturdy, high-quality frame featuring a 20" step-thru and our signature fat tires that are extra gifts. Its 750W hub motor enables you to go up hills with ease and reach distances of up to 85+ miles per charge, so your next adventure will be worry free!

The battery, charger, and controller are all integrated and made with top-notch components to ensure maximum enjoyment during your ride. Our innovative 48V*20Ah Samsung Lithium-ion battery plus 350+100lbs payload capacity surely puts the TRIKETAN M-330 middle at the top of e-cycles available in today's market. Get ready for an amazing power trip! Try out the TRIKETAN M-330 electric trike today, and get ready for the ride of your life.


Is an electric tricycle easy to tip-over?

Some people are worried that etrike is easy to tip over and unsafe to ride. Yes, this problem can occur with some electric tricycle models if you don't shift your weight properly, especially when turning. However, regarding teg problem you are worried about, here are some important information we want to explain to you:

First of all, all 3 wheel tricycles will have this problem, while compared to others in the market, our wheelbase of the two rear tires has reached 850mm, which is the widest in the market at present, we have already noticed this problem because there are some in the market that are 600mm, 650mm, so we upgraded all our tricycles to 850mm, which is also the EB2.0 version as you can see from our web. 

Secondly, all the tricycles will require that the speed can not be higher than five miles per hour when turning. We have 7-speed settings on our tricycles. In the first gear, it is just at eight miles per hour; you can control it at a very low speed. Also, we have also added the riding tips to the user manual. As long as you do not make a turn too fast and follow our instructions, it is pretty safe. 

Thirdly, our wide-fat tires also ensure their safety by increasing the skid resistance and friction. Whether two-wheels or three-wheels, if used improperly, it would be easy to tip over, so the important thing is riding it correctly.

m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Orange

How to safely ride an electric tricycle?

Safety should always be the top priority when riding an electric tricycle. Follow these steps to ensure a safe journey:
Wear protective gear such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads
Avoid busy roads or areas with heavy traffic
Check brakes and tires before each ride
Pay attention to your surroundings at all times
Be aware of other vehicles and pedestrians
Never ride under the influence of alcohol or drugs
Obey all traffic laws and respect speed limits
By following these tips, you'll be able to enjoy your electric tricycle safely!

How to care for and maintain your electric tricycle?

Caring for and maintaining your electric tricycle is important in ensuring its longevity. Here are some tips to help keep your tricycle running smoothly:
Clean the chain, gears, and other components regularly with a damp cloth or brush
Check the brakes monthly to make sure they're functioning properly
Lubricate the chain and gears regularly
Tighten any loose screws, bolts, or nuts
Check tire pressure and adjust it accordingly if necessary
Inspect the battery periodically and make sure it is fully charged
Store your tricycle in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight
Do I need a license to operate an electric tricycle?
No, you do not need a license to operate an electric tricycle. However, it is important to obey all local laws and regulations when riding your tricycle on public roads or trails. For example, some states may require riders to be at least 16 years of age before they can legally ride an electric tricycle. Make sure to check with your local laws before taking your tricycle out for a spin!

Do electric tricycles require special insurance?
Yes, electric tricycles may require special insurance depending on the country and the laws in place. In some countries, riders may be required to purchase additional insurance coverage for their electric tricycle. It is important to check the local laws before taking your e-tricycle out for a ride to ensure you are compliant.

What is the maximum speed of an electric tricycle?
The maximum speed of an electric tricycle can vary depending on the motor, battery, and other components. Generally, the average electric tricycle tops at around 15-25 mph. However, some e-tricycles are capable of reaching speeds up to 30 mph or more! Be sure to check the specifications of your tricycle before riding it on public roads or trails.

Are electric tricycles safe?
Yes, electric tricycles can be very safe when operated correctly and according to the manufacturer's instructions. It is important to always wear a helmet when riding an electric tricycle and obey all local laws and regulations. Additionally, it is important to perform regular maintenance on your tricycles, such as checking tire pressure, inspecting the battery, and tightening any loose screws or nuts. Following these steps will help ensure you stay safe while riding your electric tricycle!

Why should you always wear a helmet when riding an electric tricycle?
Always wearing a helmet when riding an electric tricycle is important as it can help protect your head in the event of an accident. Additionally, wearing a helmet while riding helps improve visibility and increases your chances of being seen by other drivers or pedestrians. For these reasons, it is essential always to wear a helmet when riding your e-tricycle.

m-360 semi-recumbent fat tire electric trike for adults in Orange

Are all e-trikes limited to 20 mph?

No, not all electric tricycles are limited to 20 mph. Some tricycles may be capable of reaching speeds up to 30 mph or more! It is important to check the specifications of your specific e-tricycle before taking it out for a ride. Additionally, make sure you check with your local laws, as some areas may have speed limits in place for electric tricycles.

Are electric tricycles environmentally friendly?

Yes, electric tricycles are environmentally friendly as they do not produce emissions. Additionally, electric tricycles help reduce the amount of energy used compared to gasoline-powered vehicles. As such, electric tricycles are a great option for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint.

Are electric tricycles expensive?

Electric tricycles can range in cost depending on the features and components included. Generally, entry-level models can cost anywhere from $700-$3000, while higher-end models may be more expensive. When buying an electric tricycle, it is important to consider your needs and budget before making a purchase.

How stable are electric trikes?

Electric tricycles are generally very stable and designed to ride easily. The wide wheelbase provides good stability, while the extra wheels provide added support. Electric tricycles also have brakes on each of the rear wheels, giving you more control over your speed and stopping power. With proper maintenance and use, electric tricycles can be an incredibly stable, dependable option for transportation.


Electric tricycles are a great way to get around with ease. They offer riders a fun, eco-friendly way to get around and can often reach speeds up to 20 mph or more. Whether you're looking for an electric trike to commute to work or just want a leisurely ride around the neighborhood, Addmotor has the perfect bike for you. With our wide variety of electric tricycles, you're sure to find one that fits your needs. So what are you waiting for? Check out our collection today and find your dream trike! Do you have any other questions about electric tricycle? Feel free to reach out to us, and we'll help answer them! Happy riding!


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