Addmotor Electric Bike&Electric Trikes: Which Motor Works for You

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When we talk about electric bikes and electric trikes, one of the deciding factors everyone should pay attention to is choosing the bike with a motor that suits their requirement. Some motors are mounted on the rear wheel while some are on the front wheel. Both with their advantages and disadvantages. Some motors may have more wattage while some might be under the radar. These factors then contribute to increase or decrease in top speed and battery backup since a stronger and more power-hungry motor will chew through the battery quicker than the one which have lesser wattage.

At Addmotor, the electric bikes and electric trikes are fitted with top-of-the-line electric motors from a variety of manufacturers. One of the most notable brands is Bafang. Their motors have been used by Addmotor in a variety of their E-bikes and electric tricycles and for good reason. The motors are energy efficient, powerful, and versatile because they can be used by people with different types of workloads in their day-to-day life. In this article specifically we are going to discuss what type of motor is useful for what type of task but let’s start with a little introduction to the manufacturers of these motors. 

Chinese company Bafang seems to be possibly the largest producer of e-bike hub motors in the globe (although recently they made moves into mid-drives and even opened a mid-drive production plant in Poland to start serving the EU market). They are based in China and also have affiliate offices in the US, the Netherlands, and Japan. The range of motors they produce is enormous, as can be shown. Since they are from Suzhou, which is close to Shanghai, they were formerly known as Suzhou Bafang, and 8Fun was the name of their motors. The Bafang motors used by Addmotor in their electric bikes are the brushless hub motors. Over non-geared hub motors, this system of geared hub motors has two key advantages. Its weight is the first benefit. Simply put, the motor is much lighter and smaller than its non-geared predecessor. Your bike will feel more fluid and nimble as a result. Additionally, you won't experience the spokes coming free as frequently due to the heavyweight. Non-geared hub motors are very adept at handling this problem. The increased torque it has is another benefit. Compared to a counterpart without gears, you will have more torque. This will improve your acceleration and make it better suited for climbing hills. Now let’s talk about the different types of motors Bafang has to offer which you can get fitted in an Addmotor Electric Bike and Trike.

e-bike hub motors

Bafang has made powerful electric motors for Addmotor's electric bike and electric trikes range covering above a 500W-1250W power range.
Bafang’s very valuable 750W Electric motor which can be found on Addmotor's all-purpose Electric Trike Triketan M-350. The etrike motor is front-mounted and is also a geared hub motor which means it is energy efficient and most of all, lightweight, which makes their 3 wheel electric trikes for seniors a perfect choice. The motor itself dissipated 750W of electrical power and operates on 48V of DC Voltage supplied by the lithium batteries. The motor also includes a 30A controller and a control unit for throttle with variable speed control. Along with that the motor provides Pedal Assist which has 5 level Pedal Assist and the cadence sensor. Overall a very well versed Electric Motor which can be used for an all-purpose kind of E-trike.

Another motor that is to be noted is the 1000W mid-drive motor which is befitted in the hunting electric bike which is made for people who are interested in hunting and outdoor adventure. Rated power at 1000w, the mid-drive motor provides strong power constantly enough in continuous steepest hills. The mid-drive motor has a variable speed cutoff sensor that makes the shift smoother. The minimum ratio 1.125:1 helps the bike own a 160NM super high torque, any tough terrain never be a big deal.

Except for Bafang motor, Addmotor also has their own brand of electric bike motors. Addmotor Motors have been widely regarded as one of the most energy efficient Electric motors. They are the safest option when it comes to E-Bikes due to their low wattage and a balanced torque. Electric Bikes like Addmotor E-53 CityPro is the perfect example of these motors at work. The EB 2.0 48V 500W Electric motor is as energy efficient as it can get but can also provide a lot of juice to your daily commutes it can peak up to 907W of dissipated power to give your ride that extra kick. These motors are made for people who want to use the bikes for long rides as the motor is energy efficient and wont impact the battery. The motor comes with a battery controller which is responsible for throttle level detection. The controller built into the electric motor controls all headlights, sensors and the displays. In addition to the city pro series electric bikes, you can also find Addmotor motors on the M81 Addmotor cargo e-bike.

e-bike hub motors

All these different types of motors of course come with their advantages and disadvantages, the three different types of motor fittings i.e. the mid-drive, rear drive and front drive motors.
Because they can use the bike's existing geared drivetrain to benefit from higher gear reduction for low-speed climbing rather than supporting it as an increase in non-power source, mid-drives are able to climb steep slopes more effectively than hub-driven electric tricycles. A better-balanced ride is produced by the centered position on the bike. They are the preferred motor for e-mountain bikes because of this and their advantage when climbing.

The motor is mounted to the front fork in the front wheel of an e-bike that has a front hub motor. The bike has a nice weight balance because the battery is at the back and the motor is up front. Because of this, the bike is well balanced and simple to ride. When you begin pedaling and the motor is turned on, the motor propels the bike ahead so you may begin cycling right away. This stability results from the fact that a front wheel driven by a motor always "pulls" in the direction it is pointing, whereas a front wheel driven by a rear wheel (as in a conventional bike or rear wheel drive electric) can "plough" sideways rather than rolling in the direction it is pointed when "steered" to maintain balance.

As its name suggests, the bike's rear wheel houses the rear hub motor. Between the back wheels is where the motor on the rear axle is situated. These motors start working as soon as you start pedaling and are quieter than mid-drive motors, making it simple to begin going. Because the electric trike's back end houses both sorts of motors, this side is a little heavier than the front and provides the motor with a lot of pushing power that aids in forward motion.
Considering the advantages of each type of motor, it comes down to personal preference and what you want to get out of your electric bike or your electric trike. Addmotor trikes generally use front mounted motors because they bring balance and weight distribution to the game which makes up for an extremely comfortable ride.

If you are someone who likes to use your E-bike or E-trike for hunting or hiking purposes a trike like Addmotor GRANDTAN City fat tire electric tricycle because of its insanely powerful 750W Bafang motor. However, you have to be careful about the battery timings if you plan to use it for intercity traveling. If your interests lie in doing some intercity traveling or maybe your job requires you to travel long distances within the city or you just are interested in long drives in general you might need a bike or trike with a motor which gives you high mileage per charge for example Addmotor E-53 CityPro with its 500W electric motor. It gives you 125 miles per charge and is an overall excellent choice for this type of workload.
Last but not the least with all that is mentioned in the article we hope you find the best value for your money.

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