Addmotor Electric Bike Deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday - Get Up To $400 Off

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There is something for everyone, whether it is sport road cycling or delivery bikes, from taking the kids to school to going on advanced technical descents at high speeds. Among the various bikes are city bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes, folding bikes, all-terrain bikes, cargo bikes, and family bikes. An electric bike from a particular manufacturer, such as Addmotor, is likely to appeal to you.

Over the past few years, electric bikes have become quite a trend. But these e-bikes are more expensive than non-electric bikes. Nevertheless, those who are considering buying electric bikes have good news, as Black Friday is just around the corner. Major brands will offer discounts on the Black Friday sale on electric bikes. That means that You can buy an e-bike with a big name behind it and all the benefits of the backup that entails.

Best All-terrain Electric Bikes on Sale

With a name like All Terrain, you know what you're getting. You can throw anything at the all-terrain e-bikes, and they'll handle it. No matter where you want to go, the bikes will get you there. From deep sand to fresh snow, the bikes will get you there. In addition to delivering traction on steep terrain, the extra-large tires glide easily over roots and rocks. These bikes offer a range of battery and motor options to meet all your needs.
M-550 All Terrain Electric Fat Bike
With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales approaching, the following all-terrain electric bikes from Addmotor will be on sale. So, keep checking out for Black Friday electric bikes for sale to save your money at Addmotor.

MOTAN M-5500 All-terrain Electric Mountain Bike - $400 Off

The M-5500 is the first electric bike with a 1250-watt motor from Addmotor. The powerful all-terrain e-bike with a strong and sturdy frame is your perfect partner for outdoor adventures. It is equipped with a 17.5Ah Lithium-ion long-lasting battery which can provide up to 60+ miles per charge riding range. The 4-inch tires attached to 26-inch wheels provide you with enough comfort to ride anywhere including rough terrains. With the Black Friday electric mountain bike sale, you can get the M-5500 for just $2,599.
MOTAN M-5500 All-Terrain Electric Mountain Bike

Wildtan M-5600 Electric Bike - $400 Off

If you're the kind of person who likes to go hunting or fishing, the Wildtan M-5600 can be your perfect partner in the woods. The M-5600 is equipped with a 1000-watt mid-drive motor which can carry up to 350lbs easily. It also provides a 60+ miles per charge riding range, thanks to its powerful 17.5Ah battery. It is also equipped with front and rear lights to keep you safe at night. The 4.5-inch-wide hard-wearing fat tires are strong enough to handle any kind of terrain. As a result of Cyber Monday e bike deals, the M-5600 is available for $3,099 instead of $3,599.
Wildtan M-5600 1000W Mid-drive Bafang Fat Tire Electric Bike

M-550 P7 Electric Bike - $200 Off

With its 750W power, the AddMotor Motan M-550 P7 fat tire electric bike has been engineered to easily ascend challenging trails. This bike is equipped with a fast 750-watt Bafang motor, a Shimano 7 Speed TX55 gearbox, Panasonic lithium batteries, and a suspension fork for a thrilling ride. This bike is suitable for both road and off-road use thanks to its durable components. The estimated riding range of the M-550 P7 is up to 65 miles per charge. During the Black Friday sale on electric bikes at Addmotor you can save 200 dollars.

M-560 P7 All-terrain E-bike

With its adjustable spring suspension fork and large tires, the Motan M-560 P7 makes the ideal city bike, but it also performs well on rough trails. The 750-watt rear-mounted motor can carry up to a total of 350lbs with its durable payload capacity. For those who like to ride on roads as well as trails, this seems like a good choice. There is a $200 savings during the Cyber Monday ebikes sales.

Final Words

Cycling is an expensive hobby, so e-bikes may be out of reach if you're shopping at the wrong time. For the best Black Friday deals, purchase an e-bike, upgrade your gear, or prepare for the upcoming cycling season during Black Friday sales at Addmotor.

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