Addmotor Electric Bike: A More Unique and Meaningful Valentine's Day Gift

By Kacey | 14 February 2022 | 0 Comments

In the countdown to Valentine's Day, are you still worried about not finding a unique and memorable gift? If you happen to shop here, then it’s likely that this problem will be solved today.
A combination of romance, creativity, meaning and practicality, an Addmotor electric bike can redefine your relationship with something even more than a gift.
With today's advanced transportation, an electric bike can reduce unnecessary waiting time, easily escape from traffic jams and travel through every street of the city anytime, anywhere.
What is more significant is that cycling can help reduce pollution to the environment. Carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfide SOx (SO and SO2), nitrogen oxides NOx (NO and NO2), and HCFCs emitted by cars make atmospheric environmental problems such as the greenhouse effect, and ozone layer depletion, and acid rain more serious.
Each of your rides is not only relaxing for your body and mind, it is a relief for the planet. Wouldn't it be romantic and meaningful to give an AddMotor electric bike to roam with your couple?
The first one we would recommend is one of Addmotor's affordable M-430 Cruiser E-Bike. Its step-thru design and 24" wheels and tires make getting on and off this fat tire electric bike quick and easy. The rugged frame design, big fat tires, and spring suspension fork make this a perfect comfy bike for quick trips and longer adventures.
With up to 6 special colors to choose from, this Valentine's Day will be full of different colors!
If you want to make it easier to travel with your couple, the M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike would be a better choice!
The M-66 R7 is the most distinctive e-bike on the market. Strong, solid, practical. The bike is everything YOU thought it would be. You can ride the bike as a commuter to work daily, cruising through the city, uphill, conquering uneven roads, beaches, snow, etc. Pedal-assist or just cruise using juice, it's up to you.
A noteworthy feature is the small platform on the M-66. The small platform pedal offers you multiple uses such as a moped, placing a package, using it as a footboard, or whatever you can imagine.
To celebrate Valentine's Day 2022, get $200 OFF and GIFTS of any two e-bikes purchase.
The gifts that will make your ride more enjoyable include:
1 Bicycle Rear Rack Backpack Bag ($109.99) + 1 Cell Phone Holder Bag ($39.99)

Perhaps you would like to see more styles? Click here!

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