Addmotor Best Electric Trike Review 2023

Explore our 2023 review of the Addmotor electric trike! Discover the quality, comfort, and performance that defines every ride. Your e-trike journey awaits!
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If you are looking for a high-performance electric trike, check out Addmotor. As one of the top brands in the business, Addmotor has earned a reputation for reliability, flexibility, and overall ride quality. What sets them apart is their practical layout and emphasis on powerful electric engines that make commuting in and out of the city a breeze. What we love about Addmotor is their commitment to riding comfort. Unlike other brands that only offer one casing size, Addmotor offers 2-3 different sizes so you can find the ideal fit. With a price tag in the $1-3k range, you can be confident you're in for a great electric trike. So, assuming you're looking for a reliable e-bike, check out our top five Addmotor electric trike review 2023.

Top 5 Addmotor Electric Trike Review

1) Addmotor Soletri Two Seater Electric Trike: Full Suspension & Wooden Footrest Board
Dive into the realm of electric-powered transportation with the SOLETRI M-366X, a pinnacle of innovation and comfort in electric trikes. This marvel, crafted meticulously, isn't just a means to get from point A to B; it's an experience, a jaunt filled with ease and exhilaration, specifically designed for two.
Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun
The M-366X isn't your run-of-the-mill e-trike. Inspired by the classic M-66X, it is reimagined to accommodate two adults, ensuring every ride is a shared adventure. The full suspension, an ergonomic banana seat, and a cozy wooden footrest merge seamlessly, promising an unbelievably smooth and comfy journey.
Safety and Innovation Intertwined
Equipped with the groundbreaking EB 2.0 electrical system and reinforced with parking brakes, the M-366X is a beacon of safety and reliability. Every outing is not just a ride but a harmonious blend of security and leisure.
Accessibility and Convenience, Redefined
Step right in with no hassle! The step-thru frame is a nod to accessibility, while the three-wheel design doesn't just offer stability but also features an additional rear basket, making every trip – be it a picnic or a grocery run – a breeze.
Light the Way
Night rides are transformed with the 5-in-1 multi-function taillight, ensuring you're not just seen but can signal, warn, and illuminate your path with poise and clarity.
Power Unleashed
Navigating cityscapes and conquering elevations is effortless with the robust 750W front-mounted motor. With a top speed of 20mph, it's not just about reaching destinations but relishing every moment of the journey.
Smooth Sailing
Every bump and jolt is mitigated with the integrated full suspension system. Your rides are not just stable but a harmonious dance between machine and terrain.
Endurance That Speaks Volumes
The world's first UL-certified 48V*20Ah battery pack - the EB 2.0, is the heart of the M-366X. Offering a range of 40 to 85 miles, it's not just about distances covered but horizons expanded.
Light, But Mighty
The EB 2.0 Light System epitomizes the blend of visibility and durability. Every adventure ride is illuminated with precision, ensuring you're not just seen but remembered.
  1. Motor: 48V*750W
  2. Range: Up to 85+ miles per charge
  3. Battery: 48V*20Ah
  4. Payload Capacity: 350lbs+100lbs
2) Addmotor Citytri Folding Electric Trike: 2.4-Inch City Tires & Differential
Are you ready to redefine your commuting experience? Meet CITYTRI E-310 - a folding electric trike that's not just a ride but a blend of style, power, and innovation, all under $2000!
Efficiency Meets Elegance
Imagine a world where every journey is a melody of ease and style; that's the promise of CITYTRI E-310. With its powerful motor encapsulated in a foldable frame, it isn't just about reaching your destination - it's about transforming every journey into an experience of effortless elegance.
A Statement of Style
But wait, there's more. E-310 isn't your everyday trike. With sleek lines and a design that speaks the language of sophistication, every ride isn't just travel but a statement, a manifestation of elegance that makes you not just seen but remembered.
Unleashing Power
Hold your breath, for the E-310 is a symphony of power and performance. Whether it's the buzz of city streets or the serene call of nature trails, this e-trike is a companion that not only meets but exceeds your expectations effortlessly.
Safety and Endurance in Harmony
With a 48V*20Ah high-capacity UL-certified Samsung cell battery, every ride is a blend of endurance and safety. Imagine touching horizons with up to 90 miles of uninterrupted, safe, and secure rides. It's not a feature; it's a promise.
Performance Unparalleled
Step into a world where every ride is powered by a 750W rear-mounted motor, delivering not just speed but acceleration that adds a touch of thrill to your everyday commutes. With a max motor torque of 90Nm and peak motor watts of 1,400W, it's not just about moving but soaring.
Control at Your Fingertips
But what's power without control? The half-twist throttle and 7-Level PAS mode ensure that every ride is tailored to your preference, offering a personalized journey where comfort meets control.
User-Friendly Interface
And just when you thought it couldn't improve, the integrated button and user-friendly LCD on the handlebar ensure that customization and safety are always at your fingertips, making every journey not just a ride but a narrative of unmatched convenience and safety.
In a Nutshell
CITYTRI E-310 isn't just an e-trike; it's a statement, a companion, and a testament to a world where elegance, power, and innovation coexist, making every journey memorable and iconic, all under $2000!
  1. Motor: 750W, Rear-Mounted
  2. Max Motor Torque: 90Nm
  3. Peak Motor Watts: 1,400W
  4. Battery: 48V*20Ah, UL-Certified Samsung Cell
  5. Range: Up to 90 miles per charge
  6. Throttle: Half Twist
  7. PAS Levels: 7-Level
  8. Special Feature: Integrated Button on Handlebar with LCD Display
3) Addmotor Grandtan Electric Fat Trike: Fat Tires & Wooden Footrest Board
If there was ever a time to rethink the traditional approach to commuting, it's now, and the Grandtan M-340 e-trike is leading this revolution with grace.
A Splash of Colour, A Dash of Style
From the get-go, the Grandtan isn't just a vehicle; it's an art piece. Each e-trike is a canvas painted with unique colors and unmatched style, promising not just a ride but a vibrant journey through the cityscapes and beyond.
The range that Redefines Freedom
With a whopping 73% extended range, offering up to 85+ miles per charge, the Grandtan M-340 isn't confined to city limits. It's an open ticket to exploration, turning every route into an adventure and ensuring that the thrill of long, uninterrupted rides isn't a luxury but a standard.
Comfort – The Core of Every Journey
Every aspect of the Grandtan M-340 speaks the language of comfort. The wooden footrest is a homage to elegance, the ergonomic saddle a testament to comfort, and the adjustable backrest a signature of versatility. It's not just about reaching your destination; it's about enjoying every moment of the journey, now made 30% smoother.
Conquer Terrains with Kenda Fat Tires
What's power without control and a ride without the freedom to explore? The 4-inch Kenda fat tires are wheels and your passport to varied terrains, including inviting sandy beaches.
Power – A Silent Force
Nestled within is a 750W front-mounted motor, a silent warrior offering stability and acceleration at every turn. With a max motor torque of 80Nm and peak motor watts of 1,000W, the Grandtan isn't just about moving forward; it's about propelling into a world where every journey is a narrative of power and grace.
Endurance, Personified
Including the world's first 48V*20Ah UL-certified Samsung cell battery isn't just a feature; it promises safety, reliability, and endurance. Each charge, offering a range of 40-85+ miles, isn't just about covering distances but expanding horizons.
A New Dawn with Grandtan M-340
Combining the quintessence of Addmotor electric trikes, the Grandtan M-340 stands as a monument where elegance, comfort, and power converge. It's not just an e-trike; it's a companion in your every exploration, a silent observer of your every joy, and a reliable ally in every journey.
  1. Motor: 48V*750W Bafang Brushless, Front-Mounted
  2. Max Motor Torque: 80Nm
  3. Peak Motor Watts: 1,000W
  4. Battery: 48V*20Ah, UL-Recognized Samsung Cell
  5. Charging Time: 9-10 hrs
  6. Range: 40-85+ miles per charge, up to 85+ miles with PAS1 at 8 MPH
  7. Tires: 4.0 inch Kenda Fat Tires
  8. Payload Capacity: 350+100lbs
4) Addmotor M-360 Semi-Recumbent E-Trike: Semi-Recumbent Frame & Fat Tire
The M-360 isn't just another electric trike; it's the world's first semi-recumbent e-trike, blending innovation with comfort and style, ready to transform every journey into an experience of leisure and elegance.
A Kaleidoscope of Choices
With nine captivating color options ranging from the classic pearl white to the vivacious rose gold, every M-360 is a personal statement, a blend of personal taste and unparalleled quality. It's not just about choosing a trike; it's about selecting a companion that mirrors your style and vibrancy.
A Journey of Comfort
What sets the M-360 apart is its groundbreaking semi-recumbent design. Every ride goes beyond traditional boundaries, offering an unmatched comfortable riding position that turns even the longest journeys into a delightful experience. The meticulously crafted design ensures that every journey is a tale of comfort, even across uneven terrains and sandy beaches.
Power at Your Fingertips
Including a Bafang 750W front-mounted motor isn't an addition; it's a transformation. With the power to carry 100lbs, ascend steep terrains, and accelerate with grace, every journey is not just a movement but a dance of power and elegance.
Endurance That Speaks
A 48V*20AH Samsung cell battery is embedded within, a silent guardian offering 960WH of capacity. Every charge isn't just about covering distances but unfolding narratives of exploration, ensuring that every horizon is not a limit but a beginning.
Conquer Every Terrain
With Kenda 20" X 4" tires, the M-360 isn't confined to the monotony of paved paths. It's an open invitation to explore, to venture into the city, the wilderness, and the inviting allure of the beaches. Every journey, every terrain, is not a challenge but a playground.
Safety, A Silent Companion
Each M-360 is armed with Tektro 180mm disc brakes, offering stopping power and a balanced, controlled, and safe riding experience. An unwavering assurance of safety underlines every journey and exploration.
  1. Motor: 48V*750W Bafang Front Brushless Hub Motor
  2. Battery: 48V*20Ah Samsung Lithium-ion
  3. Range: Up to 85+ miles per charge (estimate)
  4. Tires: Kenda 20" X 4" Fat Tires
  5. Payload Capacity: 300 lbs rider + 80 lbs cargo
5) Addmotor Triketan M-330F E-Trike: Foldable Frame & Fat Tires
In the bustling space of electric trikes, Addmotor's Triketan M-330F emerges as a harmonious blend of compact design and robust performance. Where most e-trikes scream utility, the M-330F whispers freedom, flexibility, and unbridled joy.
Compact Yet Unleashed
The first impression is a spectacle of engineering elegance – a folding electric trike that doesn't compromise stature for style. The head retreats seamlessly into the frame, echoing a design philosophy where every inch is a testament to innovation.
A Symphony of Power
As your journey unfolds, the 750W rear-drive motor isn't just felt but experienced. Every acceleration and climb is a dance of power and grace, eliminating start-up slippage and ensuring every ride is a narrative of smooth, uninterrupted elegance.
Safety and Precision Intertwined
But the M-330F isn't just about power – it's a narrative of control. The rear speed differential ensures each wheel's independent rotation, promising precise acceleration, cornering, and braking. It's not just about moving forward; it's about doing so with unwavering confidence.
The Future of Riding
As technology evolves, so does the M-330F. The 3rd Gen mid-axis torque sensing isn't an addition; it's a transformation. With 36 torque sensing points and a 20%-30% improvement in riding range, every pedal and turn is a symphony of precision and efficiency.
Convenience Meets Elegance
Every aspect, from the folding structure to the easy-to-use parking brake system, echoes a philosophy where convenience and efficiency are not features but standards. Parking on inclines or uneven terrains isn't a task but a breeze, offering peace of mind at every stop.

  1. Motor: 48V*750W Rear-Mounted
  2. Battery: 48V*20Ah Samsung Lithium-ion
  3. Range: Up to 85+ miles per charge (estimate)
  4. Payload Capacity: 350lbs rider + 100lbs cargo
In 2023, the Addmotor electric trike exemplifies a perfect blend of innovation, comfort, and performance. These trikes are not just vehicles but lifestyle enhancements characterized by advanced technology, comfort, and aesthetic design. With features catered to amplify the rider's experience, an Addmotor electric trike promises a journey marked by elegance, efficiency, and superior performance. Every ride blends art and technology, making every journey a delightful experience.

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