2022 Summer Exploring: Outdoor Activities with Your Electric Bike

By Jamie | 21 June 2022 | 0 Comments

Summer is undoubtedly the best season in the world ever. With lots of sun and heat, sunny days seem to go on forever. Mornings are so bright that it will make you excited to get up. With the sun setting later, you have more time to do what you want during the evenings. Summer is the best time of the year to get outside and do something different.
If you are an owner of an electric bike, what do you have in mind for this summer? Would you like to experience the adventure of e-biking? Once you’re ready with the helmet, you can take an awesome road trip around your city, head to the beach for cruising, go on a camping trip, or set out on a big adventure to one of America’s great bike trails.
Take a road trip around your city
You can start exploring your local area and enjoy the ease of riding your daily commuter or perhaps you could visit other places that you have never had the chance to see and enjoy in your city. Instead of being a local resident, be a tourist for a day or the entire weekend. Do some research and find the landmarks and places worth visiting in your city. Have electric bike range anxiety during the road trip? Check out the Addmotor CITYPRO series electric bikes which are specially designed for long range city commute. 48V*20AH UL-certified battery pack provides a sustainable power supply to the bike. According to the test results from Addmotor, CITYPRO series products (E-43/E-53) can reach up to 125+ miles on PAS 1, and 70+ miles on PAS 7.

Head to the beach for cruising
Fine white sand, sparkling blue waters, peace and quiet and clean, picturesque surroundings, beach cruising is almost dreamy and whimsical. Perfect for nature lovers, couples, and families alike, you can take a dip in the crystal-clear water to calm your senses, laze around, stroll or do anything you fancy! Cycling with the M-430 cruiser electric bike will provide a lovely experience this summer. Featuring 24” wheels and fat tires, it will make the electric bike feel like riding on the ground even on the sand beach.

Go on a camping trip
You’ll never beat the feeling of fresh air in the morning and the sight of the stars at night. There’s just something about s’mores and the smell of campfire that screams summer. Essentials include hot dogs roasted on sticks, spooky stories for the fire, and wide-open views. Take the Addmotor electric trike M-340 with you. 4.0-inch puncture-resistant fat tires will handle the gravel and grass roads with ease. The large rear basket offers ample storage for your necessities such as a tent, food, folding table, and chairs.

Go electric bike mountain climbing
For adventure seekers, electric bikes provide a more comfortable and enjoyable way to climb mountains during the summer season. When the day becomes longer and the temperatures are warmer, going electric bike mountain climbing is an option to explore this summer. Your mountain electric bike will help you reach all the heights and spots you never thought you would. You can easily switch between the pedal and the motor-assisted mode and enjoy the activity to the fullest.

Assisted pedaling allows you to travel longer, further, and faster. It opens the possibility for sightseeing, riding with friends and family, and much more. So, are you ready to explore this summer with your electric bike?

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