Mid-Drive vs. Front-Mounted E-Trike: Choosing Between Addmotor Grandtan and Grandtan Turbo

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Riding engages people to perform low-impact exercises without putting additional physical pressure and makes every ride joyful. The motor is the main reason behind every impactful ride. Everyone wants to make their rides impactful by exploring new places.      
Electric trike motors are often compared to the human heart. Whether an electric trike or a human body, both have similar roles in delivering power performance. Riders always check the motor type and its capacity to understand the potential of the electric trike. A motor delivers power and makes riding effortless on different surface types. 
This article will discuss the different motor types in the electric trike bike for adults and explain the features of two electric trikes having different motor types. So, let us jump into the world of Addmotor Grandtan and Grandtan Turbo electric trikes.  
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Exploring Addmotor Grandtan and Grandtan Turbo: Comfortable & Versatile
These two are one of the top models of the Addmotor electric trike brand. These ensure delivering a comfortable and relaxed riding experience to the rider. These are effective in different conditions and surface types. The advanced features help riders to enjoy effortless riding. So, let us move forward to know what makes Grandtan and Grandtan Turbo electric trikes efficient. 
Unique Features of Addmotor Grandtan Electric Trike with Front-Mounted Motor
#1 Motor of Addmotor Grandtan
The electric trike offers a super powerful 48V*750W Bafang Brushless Motor. Bafang is one of the well-known brands that provide high-performing motors. The motor effectively pushes the trikes and makes the ride effortless for the rider. It assists the rider based on the level of pedal assistance and enhances the overall riding experience.  
#2 EB 2.0 Lighting System
Addmotor Grandtan offers a highly efficient lighting system for the electric trike. The trike has a front Electric Headlight that supplies a brightness of 40 lumens, a visible distance of 200m, and a 180° side view, which increases the rider's visibility during low light conditions and makes riding safe. Also, the multifunctional tail light provides driving light, left and right turn signals, danger light, flashlight, brake light to keep the rider safe.
#3 EB 2.0 LCD Display
The EB 2.0 waterproof LCD Display of the Addmotor Grandtan provides information about the electric trike, such as charging status, PAS level, speed, lighting usage,  turn indications, etc. The information enables the rider to take suitable action on time and avoid inconvenience. 
Unique Features of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo Electric Trike with Mid-Drive Motor
#1 Motor of Addmotor Grandtan Turbo
The electric trike offers a powerful 48V*1000W Bafang Mid-Drive Motor. The motor helps the rider to visit any place efficiently and enjoy riding on different surfaces. The mid-drive motor ensures better efficiency of the electric trike because of balanced weighted distribution and interaction with gears and drivetrain. 
#2 Bafang LCD
Bafang LCD is an advanced display that shows all the required information and makes every ride joyful. It provides all the details, like speed, charging status, etc., to prevent the rider from inconvenience. The waterproof display plays an important role in enhancing the riding experience.
#3 Parking Brake
A parking brake is a feature that blocks the tires of the electric trike to prevent unwanted movement while the trike is parked. It is helpful for the rider to park the electric trike on inclined surfaces without any concern regarding the unwanted movement of the electric trike. 
#4 Differential
The differential makes riding smooth and safe for the rider. The differential makes the tires independent of each other. The tires can run in different directions at different speeds. It helps the rider by preventing skidding during the turn and makes riding safe. 
Common Features of Addmotor Grandtan and Grandtan Turbo
#1 Range of Addmotor Grandtan and Addmotor Gradtan Turbo
Both electric trikes have a range of more than 85 per charge (PAS 1). It allows you to travel anywhere using the electric trike and enjoy traveling to different places. Also, it encourages the rider to use an electric trike in their regular commuting activities. 
#2 Waterproof Storage Basket
Both electric trikes offer a large basket for the riders to carry all the required stuff and make their riding more joyful. The storage bag prevents the carried items from rain, dust, or mud. It keeps all the rider's belongings safe and secure. 
#3 Payload Capacity 
The payload capacity also plays an important role in making riding impactful. The higher payload capacity provides better satisfaction to the rider by allowing more storage capacity. Both trikes offer a payload capacity of 350+100 lbs.
#4 Tektro Mechanical Disc Brake with Motor Cut-off System
Every feature ensures riding is safe and comfortable. The Grandtan and Grandtan Turbo have a mechanical disc brake that provides instant stopping power and ensures better control on different surfaces. Also, the motor cut-off sensor blocks the motor assistance when the rider applies the brake to provide better safety.  
#5 Saddle of Addmotor Grandtan and Addmotor Grandtan Turbo
The saddle is an indication of comfort. Both electric trikes have an exclusive well-padded saddle with a backrest. The backrest helps the rider to relax while riding to feel more comfortable after completing the ride.
Know the Mid-Drive Electric Trike Motor and Front-Mounted Electric Trike Motor
Electric trikes are the most efficient trikes for those who want to enjoy a more stable and balanced ride. The trike has three wheels that provide better balance and have two motor configurations: a front-mounted motor and a mid-drive motor. These motor types have different capabilities and characteristics that make every ride effective. 
Electric Trike Mid-Drive Motor
,GRANDTAN TURBO Electric Trikes for Adults ,Neptune Blue
The mid-drive motor in the electric trike is mounted in the middle of the electric trike. It is situated in the frame part near the pedals. Because it is placed in the center of the electric trike, it ensures balanced weight distribution. Also, three wheels and a lower center of gravity provide better stability to the rider. The weight distribution makes hill-climbing capabilities and riding on uneven terrain effective. 
Mid-drive motors are more effective when we consider their performance. They directly interact with the gears allowing the rider to maintain optimal cadence. It makes riding efficient on challenging surfaces and delivers a better riding experience. Also, the mid-drive motor's maintenance cost is higher than the front-mounted motors. The reason for the high maintenance requirement is the integration of the motor with the drivetrain of the electric trike. 
Electric Trike Front-Mounted Motor
The front-mounted motor is placed in the front wheel hub. The motor placement makes the front part of the electric trike heavy, which impacts the riding experience because the front side weight makes controlling the trike tough during a sharp turn or riding at a high speed. 
It is hard to ride the front-mounted motor electric trike on climbing hills or uneven surfaces. The motor does not directly interact with the gears. So, it takes a bit of work to maintain the optimal cadence. Also, the maintenance cost of the front-mounted motor is comparatively lower than the rear-mounted motor. 
Key Differences Between Mid-Drive Motor and Front-Mounted Motor

#1 Placement of Motor
In the front-mounted motor, the motor is placed in the front wheel hub. On the other side, the motor of the mid-drive motor electric trike is placed in the center of the Etrike. The motor is in the frame part and near the pedals of the mid-drive motor electric trike. 
#2 Distribution of Weight
Weight distribution also plays a crucial role in the riding experience. The weight in the mid-drive motor is more balanced and stable because the motor is placed in the middle of the electric trike. 
On the other hand, Etrikes offering a front-mounted motor are less effective than mid-drive motors. The front weight is higher than the rear part, which impacts the riding experience. Also, it is hard to ride the electric trike effectively on inclined or uneven surfaces.
#3 Efficiency
Mid-drive motors are highly efficient compared to front-mounted motors. The motor makes riding effective and enhances the riding experience while facing challenging surface types. It makes every journey perfect for the rider. Direct interaction with gears helps to maintain the optimal cadence.
Front-mounted motors are less effective because the motor makes the front part of the electric trike heavier. It impacts the riding experiences of the riders because of the difficulties in taking sharp turns. Also, the electric trike with a front-mounted motor is not efficient enough to ride the inclined surfaces effectively.
#4 Cost
The cost of a mid-drive motor is higher than the cost of a front-mounted motor. The different cost of the electric trike is because the mid-drive motor is more complex. Also, the technology involved in the mid-drive motor makes it better than a front-mounted motor electric trike.
The front-mounted motor electric trike is more often pocket-friendly to the users. The complexity of the front-mounted motor is lower than the mid-drive motor. Also, the electric trike with a front-mounted motor is good for beginners who want to explore the world of electric trikes.
#5 Noise
The mid-drive motor produces more noise because it interacts with the chain and gears of the electric trike. Also, the noise depends on the motor type, model, and manufacturer. 
A front-mounted motor produces less noise because it does not engage with anything. It works silently without interacting with gears or the drivetrain. 
Pros and Cons of Mid-Drive Motor and Front-Mounted Motor
Mid-Drive Motor
Pros of Mid-Drive Motor Electric Trike
Excellent Performance: The mid-drive motor ensures better performance of the electric trike. The interaction with the gears and drivetrain allows the better optimization of the power.   
Balanced and Stable Riding: The motor is placed in the center of the electric trike frame. It ensures proper weight distribution and makes riding stable and balanced. Also, the lower center of gravity provides better control of the rider. 
Easy Tire Maintenance: The mid-drive motor is independent of the front or rear wheel of the electric trike. The maintenance, including tire changes or others, is simple for the rider.

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Cons of Mid-Drive Motor Electric Trike
Complexity: The motor of the electric trike requires more maintenance because it interacts with the drivetrain and gears. It makes the maintenance process costly for the rider. 
High Price: The price of the mid-drive motor is comparatively higher than the front-mounted motor. 
Front-Mounted Motor

Motan Electric Trike Grandtan M-340 Electric Tricycle for Adults Cyan Green and  Rose Gold 
Pros of Front-Mounted Motor Electric Trike
Simple: The front-mounted motor has a simple design and fewer moving parts than mid-drive motors. It is also free from the gears and chain of the electric trike. So, the maintenance cost is also lower for the rider.
Quite: The noise level in the front-mounted motor electric trike is very low. The independence of the motor from the drivetrain or gears. 
Affordable: The price of the front-mounted motor is comparatively less than the mid-drive motor. It is because of the less complexity and no interaction with gears or chains. 
Cons of Front-Mounted Motor Electric Trike
Inclined Riding: The weight on the front side of the electric trike makes riding difficult during the inclined surfaces and impacts the riding experience.  
Weight Distribution: The placement in the front wheel of the motor makes the electric trike's front part heavier. So, there is no proper weight distribution in the electric trike.  
Power Up Your Ride
The motor has the power to push the electric trike. The motor efficiently pushes the trike and makes riding effortless. It keeps the rider moving by providing pedal assistance and encouraging them to cover more miles. So, a good motor enhances the riding experience and makes every ride joyful. 


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