Why Should You Choose an Addmotor 750-Watt Fat Tire Electric Bike?

By Jamie | 08 July 2022 | 0 Comments
Electric bikes with a power output of 750 watts are ideal for efficient biking. 750-watts increase adaptability and offer enough power to ensure a smooth ride. Recent electric bike models are lighter and feature larger tires than previous e-bike models, which were heavy. As a result, you will have enough traction when riding.
We’d like to share Addrider Redwan Faisal’s positive experiences with our fat-tire, all-terrain, e-trike and popular cargo bike as an example of how fun and comfortable it can be to ride a 750-Watt fat tire e-bike. Faisal is someone who has had 6+ years of experience handling electric vehicles.

Addmotor Motan M-560 P7 All Terrain Electric Bike 

Motor: 750W BAFANG geared hub motor
Battery: 48V*17.5AH battery (Samsung cells)
Tires: 26″*4″ all-terrain heavy duty fat tires
Suspension: Front suspension fork
Maximum Range: Up-to 55-65 miles per charge (PAS1)
Max Speed: Up-to 23 miles per hour
Max load capacity: 300lbs

Redwan’s personal favorite type of bike is an all-terrain electric bike with fat tires as it can be useful in riding all sorts of terrains. Additionally, because fat tires tend to be bigger and has a deeper traction pattern, it can ensure safety and smoothness as you ride.
As Redwan is a mountain biker, the M-560 P7 was able to enhance his experience across the different Californian bike trails. The frame, fender, suspension, and build are able to hold up well with no signs of wear and tear.
According to Redwan, the motor complements the bike very well with little to no maintenance. Redwan also notes that the saddle was extremely comfortable. Despite sitting on the saddle for many hours during testing, Redwan states that they “didn’t get any pain in the bump” and wishes that other manufacturers look at Addmotor’s seat quality.

2. Addmotor Motan M-340 Fat Tire Trike

Motor: 750W BAFANG front-mounted hub motor
Battery: 48V*17.5AH battery (Samsung cells)
Tires: 20″*4″ KENDA heavy duty fat tires
Suspension: Front dual alloy suspension fork
Maximum Range: 55-60 miles per charge (PAS1)
Max Speed: Up-to 26 miles per hour
Max load capacity: 350lbs
The following statement is Redwan’s first impression of the Addmotor M-340 Fat Tire Trike. “At first glance, I was taken aback by the M-340 trike. It’s a large tricycle designed specifically for fun riders. Yet, it perfectly serves the necessity of daily commuting and shopping. Yes, its large rear storage rack can easily accommodate 2 to 3 days of groceries.” 
“I had excellent speed and acceleration control over the bike,” Redwan said,
“Thanks to its 750W Bafang motor delivered 80 N/m of torque and 48V*17.5Ah battery, M-340 could easily reach 26-MPH top speed and delivers an impressive 50+ miles mileage with such a large body.”
The M-340 trike is designed for both fun and utility. For Redwan, he loves riding the tricycle through the neighborhood and his neighbors kept staring at me. It brought him back to his childhood days on those smaller tricycles. The difference is that M-340 is a bigger, better, and more-performance-oriented electric trike than the ones he used in my childhood.

3. Addmotor M-66 R7 Cruiser Electric Bike

Motor: 750W BAFANG brushless geared hub motor
Battery: 48V*20Ah removable battery (Samsung cells)
Tires: 20″*4″ KENDA inner tube fat tires
Maximum Range: Up-to 80 miles with PAS 1 and 30-40 miles on throttle
Max Speed: Up-to 20 miles per hour
Max load capacity: 300lbs
M-66 R7 has a classy retro look of the early 1970s. Thus, you will find it unique and attractive. Activated by a 750W motor and powered by a 48V*20Ah battery, this cruiser e-bike won’t disappoint the adventure lovers at all.
These were some of Redwan’s thoughts with the M-66 R7. “The large, anti-skid tires with puncture resistance and anti-skid treads on this vehicle are designed for the most challenging off-road conditions. The bike performed admirably on my brief journeys uphill, thanks to the robust 750W motor.”.
For those that are doubtful about the riding range of this e-bike, Redwan shared this about his riding experience, “Addmotor claims that the battery can last up to 80 miles on one charge. And they are indeed truthful. I rode the cruiser from Huntington Beach to Long Beach. It is approximately a 15 miles ride that discharged the battery by 13%. It was impressive by any means.”
Addmotor M-81 Cargo Electric Bike

Motor: 750W BAFANG brushless geared hub motor
Battery: 48V*20AH removable battery (Samsung cells)
Tires: 20″*4″ KENDA heavy duty fat tires
Maximum Range: Up-to 80 miles with PAS1
Max Speed: Up-to 28 miles per hour
Max load capacity: 350lbs

Boasting a long tail rear rack and a rugged step-thru frame, with a 750W motor at your disposal, this e-bike is ready for carrying a baby seat or for loading cargo. Especially this summer, the gas and fuel price has recently seen a surprising hike, a cargo e-bike can serve most of your travel needs and help you to skip some fuel costs.
“Nonetheless, it’s not the rack but the bike’s overall design that impressed me more,” Redwan said. “This cargo bike has a patented uneven button, bright headlight, and taillight with multiple modes. All these features take care of your safety and smooth riding experience.” 
In Redwan’s tests, they took it across different terrain and experienced no signs of wear and tear. They note that the 4” wide flat-free tires can offer a one-of-a-kind off-road experience for riders.
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