Why differential on your e-trike is the key to a smooth and enjoyable ride?

By Addmotor | 14 November 2023 | 1 Comments
The storm that an adult 3-wheel electric bike brought to the automotive industry hasn’t calmed yet, and we think it is not going to happen anytime soon. People are enjoying the benefits and convenience e-trikes have brought into their lives, especially the adults who thought they wouldn’t be able to ride a bike anymore. An adult 3-wheel electric bike has provided everyone the freedom to travel regardless of age, disability, or health issues.

Ever since the popularity of electric trikes for adults, many automotive brands have come forward with their own version of e-trike. Addmotor has built a prominent name in the world of electric trikes for adults by introducing various models of top-quality electric trikes. The Addmotor M-340 adult 3-wheel electric bike has been a top-selling model of the brand due to its versatility, advanced features, and aesthetically pleasing design. Due to the immense popularity of the M-340 e-trike, Addmotor decided to upgrade their top-selling model to the latest Grandtan Turbo e-trike with new updated features that provide a smoother and more convenient experience to the riders.

With other key features such as the mid-drive motor, and parking brakes, the most prominent feature of the latest Grandtan Turbo e-trike is the differential. So let's see what a differential is and how it contributes to a smooth and enjoyable riding experience.

What is a differential?

A differential is a set of gears present between the wheels that transmit the torque from the engine to each wheel. The differential splits the power from the engine and allows the wheels to spin independently at different speeds, thus providing better traction and control. The differential is found in all four-wheel vehicles and is now also present in electric trikes for adults.

differential for Grandtan Turbo Etrike 

Why is a differential needed in an e-trike, and how does it work?

An e-trike has two wheels at the rear end and a single wheel in the front, so unlike a two-wheel electric bike, an e-trike requires something that connects the two wheels at the rear end. So an adult 3-wheel electric bike and other four-wheel vehicles have a solid axle which is a solid bar that connects the two wheels, which is present at the rear end in an e-trike and at the front and rear-end in other four-wheel vehicles. The solid axle is placed at the center of both the rear wheels and attached to the frame of the electric trikes for adults.

The solid axle allows the wheels to work in unison and spin at speed, which works fine when a vehicle is moving in a straight path. But the problem arises while turning an e-trike to the left or right, as the outside wheel has to cover a larger distance and move more quickly through the turn than the one that is inside for a safe turn. But when both the rear wheels of electric trikes for adults spin at the same speed on a single axle while turning, the outside wheel may slip or leave the ground, causing an accident. That is why a differential is needed in an adult electric trike to allow each wheel present at the rear end to spin independently at different speeds such that the outside wheel rotates faster than the inside wheel while turning an e-trike. The differential transmits power to both wheels but splits the power, allowing the outside wheel to spin more quickly.

How differential on an e-trike allow a smooth and enjoyable ride?

So we often hear riders complain about the struggle of turning an adult 3-wheel electric bike due to the low center of gravity, wider base, and presence of two wheels at the rear end. Even though electric trikes for adults provide more stability than two-wheel electric bikes, there’s some chance of instability while turning an e-trike due to the single solid axle, which often worries the riders. The riders fear slippage while turning the e-trike or riding it up hills, slopes, or uneven terrains. To prevent this and provide a fearless and comfortable riding experience, the latest model of the Addmotor adult 3-wheel electric bike, i.e., the Grandtan Turbo e-trike, has a differential that was missing in the previous models of Addmotor electric trikes for adults. The differential prevents slippage while allowing all the wheels of the adult 3-wheel electric bike to spin independently and makes turning safe and comfortable. The differential also enhances the trike’s stability and makes handling easier when riding it on different kinds of terrains such as hills, mountains, snowy surfaces, or muddy roads.      
You might wonder why doesn’t every e-trike have a differential. The answer is to make the e-trike affordable. The differential increases the price of an adult 3-wheel electric bike. That is why there is a difference in the price of the Addmotor M-340 and Grandtan Turbo electric trikes. 

Features of the Grandtan Turbo adult 3-wheel electric bike

The Addmotor has updated its top-selling model Grandtan M-340 adult 3-wheel electric bike and launched the new Grandtan Turbo e-trike, which has upgraded features that provide an ultimate riding experience to the riders. The newly launched Grandtan Turbo e-trike has key features designed to provide a safe, smooth, and comfortable ride. The key features of the Grandtan Turbo adult 3-wheel electric bike include:

Grandtan Turbo Etrike

#1.  1000 Watt mid-drive electric motor

The 750-watt front-mounted electric motor Grandtan e-trike is now upgraded to a powerful 1000-watt mid-drive electric motor in the latest Grandtan Turbo e-trike. This upgrade now allows you to ride the adult 3 wheel electric bike effortlessly on steep or inclined surfaces. The 1000-watt mid-drive motor generates more torque resulting in fast and smooth acceleration and easy handling on all kinds of terrains.    

#2.  Differential

The most prominent feature of the M-340 electric trike that was absent in the previous model is the differential. As we have mentioned above in detail, the differential allows a safe and comfortable riding experience. It increases the stability of an e-trike in all conditions while moving in a straight path, making turns, or riding on uneven terrains.

#3.  Parking brakes

Another great feature that was missing in the M-340 e-trike and other models of Addmotor electric trikes for adults is the parking brakes. The parking brake lets you park the e-trike anywhere, even on inclined surfaces, and it won't move from its place. Without parking brakes, the e-trike often rolls away from its place, which results in unfortunate incidents. So the upgraded M-340 e-trike has parking brakes that further contribute to the safe and smooth riding experience.
Now you know which key feature to look for when purchasing an adult 3 wheel electric bike. An e-trike with a differential will further improve your experience of riding an e-trike. The Grandtan Turbo adult 3-wheel electric bike can be the right choice when looking for an e-trike with a differential.

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