What Kind of Range Can You Expect From An ADDMOTOR Electric Trike?

By Addmotor | 29 December 2022 | 0 Comments
Electric trikes are an efficient integration of many features found individually in tricycles, bikes, and cars. With a three-wheel design, a comfortable seat and backrest along with ergonomically designed pedals and handles, electric tricycles have all you can ask for in a commuting vehicle. What’s even better is that all these features are enhanced by the addition of an electric motor and a battery which makes your ride cost-efficient, fun, and environment friendly.
The ADDMOTOR E-trikes is one of the best in the market. These electric bikes for adults not only provide safety and security but also allow riding on tough roads with their fat tires. The long range electric trike bikes by ADDMOTOR also enhance the speed and distance range to let you ride greater distances. But the question is how to determine what kind of range can you expect from ADDMOTOR electric trike? Many things decide the range and speed of an electric tricycle. From battery efficiency to motor power, many technical components integrate to provide the best range on an e-trike.

Here are some important features that decide the range you can expect from ADDMOTOR electric trikes.

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Battery and motor power

The first and most important thing that decides how far an electric trike will go is the battery and motor size. Take this GRANDTAN CITY Electric Trike into consideration. The long range electric trike incorporates a 750-watt Bafang Brushless hub motor and 20Ah Samsung cell upgraded electric trike lithium battery. With the powerful motor and efficient batteries, the GRANDTAN CITY Electric Trike can provide a maximum speed of 20 mph and a distance range of up to 90 miles per single charge.

It should also be noticed if you are using any assistance to power up the motor of your e-trike. If you are using a hand throttle to boost the speed of the tricycle, you can increase the speed of the bike considerably. This will however drain the battery quickly and impact the distance range.

Payload capacity

The weight-bearing capacity and the load you put on an electric trike also play a major role in deciding the speed of electric bikes for adults. A long range electric trike will ride faster if the load you have put on it is less and if you put heavy weight on it, its speed will be affected. Moreover, heavy weight will also impact the energy and power the motor exerts on the bike, automatically using more battery in less range. This results in a low range with maximum weight and more range with less weight. The GRANDTAN CITY Electric trike has a payload capacity of 350 lbs. with an additional 100 lbs. that you can use to store luggage in the basket. This high weight-bearing capacity allows even heavier people to sit on the trike and ride it at a fast speed without having to worry about lagging and slowing down.


Another thing that determines the speed and range of an electric tricycle is the topography. The purpose for which you are riding, whether you are riding on flat grounds or hills and how steep those hills are, decide the speed of the tricycle. The terrain on which you are riding also impacts the speed and motor power of the tricycle. The trails such as pavement, woods, beach, snow, and hills have different obstacles, and the force you are exerting over the pedals also impacts the motor power and electric trike lithium battery life.

Weather conditions

Weather conditions can put up considerable resistance, ultimately impacting the speed of electric bikes for adults. The direction of the wind should also be considered. Heavy winds and snow can lower the speed of the bike.

The final word

Electric tricycles are used to ride conveniently and safely by people of all ages. These e-trike vehicles are used for many purposes from riding on mountains to daily grocery shopping. The electric motor along with comfort and convenience makes an e-trike the most preferable choice for commuting by adults. Many factors can impact the speed and range of an electric tricycle and if you want to get the maximum benefits out of your electric trike, you must consider proper maintenance.

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