What is Pedal Assist for Electric Trike?

By Addmotor | 13 January 2023 | 0 Comments
With the popularity of electric trikes arises questions about unique features and components that make them different from manual bikes. So when it comes to the best and unique feature of a motorized 3 wheel bike, we always mention its pedal assist feature that differentiates it from manual bikes. After hearing so much about electric trikes with pedal assist, you might wonder what is pedal assist in an electric trike, how it works, and its benefits. In this article, we have included all the necessary information about electric trike with pedal assist.

What is pedal assist?

All electric trikes have an electric motor that works on a battery. This electric motor is responsible for the lighting system, display, and pedal assist mode. As you switch on a motorized 3 wheel bike and start pedaling, you will feel an extra push or assistance in pedaling that allows you to ride the electric bike more easily and with little effort. The extra push you feel or pedal assistance is provided by the power output from the electric motor. Unlike traditional bikes, in which the force is solely applied by the riders during pedaling, the electric motor contributes to the human force in an electric trike with pedal assist.

How does pedal assist work?

You may wonder how does electric trike with pedal assist works. So electric trikes have some internal sensors called cadence sensors and torque sensors. As you start pedaling your e-trikes, these sensors measure the cadence and torque produced and send signals to the electric motor to provide pedal assistance during the ride according to the level selected. Don’t worry! We are going to talk about the levels of pedal assistance. The sensors stimulate the pedal assist system when it has to start its function and tell the electric motor how much power is needed, according to the level selected.  

What are the levels of the pedal assist system (PAS)?

Generally, the electric trikes have levels of PAS ranging from 1-5 that you can select from the buttons on the handlebar. The PAS level you select then allows the electric motor to generate the power output accordingly, needed for the required intensity of pedal assistance. If you don’t want any pedal assistance and want your motorized 3-wheel electric bike to function in a manual tricycle mode, then you can select level 0. Then comes levels 1-5, providing the lowest level to the highest level of assistance. PAS 3 is recommended when riding your electric trike with pedal assist on terrain or hill. It is important to remember that the higher the level of assistance, the more the battery consumption, and the lesser the distance covered. Addmotor electric trikes for adults cover up to 90 plus miles on PAS 1 per charge, and it is also equipped with 7 PAS level choices.

What are the benefits of pedal assist for an electric trike?

As a new rider, you might be unable to figure out if the pedal assist system is helping you during the ride. But time and riding at different levels would help you differentiate the efforts you have to put in while using an electric trike. So let’s see some of the benefits an electric trike with pedal assist has to offer.

• Helps in uphill riding

Imagine pedaling a manual tricycle on a terrain or up a hill. The huge amount of force needed in pedaling to climb up a hill makes it an impossible task for many of us who have a sedentary lifestyle. But with an electric trike with pedal assist, you can easily and smoothly ride on terrain or up a hill with minimal effort.

• Reach your destination quickly

While commuting to work or university, our main aim is to reach on time, which sometimes gets difficult when riding a manual bicycle or due to traffic when traveling in a car. But with an electric trike you can reach work or university early or on time as the pedal assist system increases the speed of a motorized 3-wheel bike.

• Great for workout

The electric trikes for adults may have an electric motor that assists in pedaling but still requires you to pedal continuously for the pedal assist system to work. So just like a manual tricycle, it may strengthen your leg and core muscles when you ride it consistently. It is a great medium for a workout if you don’t want to do a strenuous activity to maintain fitness but a low-impact activity to remain fit. You can choose the level of the pedal assist system depending on the intensity of the workout you want to do.
So pedal assist in a motorized 3-wheel bike is a great feature that has brought convenience to everyone who owns it. Once you start riding on an electric trike with pedal assist, there’s no going back. 

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